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Osiris Mongua (Chapter 17) - Sat 05 Dec 2020

Lovely! Thank you for another chapter, each update of this story makes my day <3 Bless! 

Shastuhh (Chapter 17) - Wed 02 Dec 2020

A beautiful chapter! Thank you for the fluff! I love how they're progressing in this relationship. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 16) - Fri 20 Nov 2020

Oh so hot and steamy.....  At least she got most of what was bothering her off her chest....  And she said the L word......  I wonder what he thinks now....  Oh I bet he's a happy inu.....

Sora-chan (Chapter 15) - Fri 13 Nov 2020

Yes! Toss a coin to your witcher! You would do this plunnie justice.

Sess needs to give Kags a reason to stay, yeah she's already thinking to but some serious incentive can't hurt

Mecca (Chapter 15) - Thu 12 Nov 2020

Curious to see how Sess will convince her to stay with him in the Feudal era. Oh and I love the Witcher! I would soooo read an AU based off of that Sesskag style! Will 

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 15) - Thu 12 Nov 2020

Love the witcher DO IT!!!

Mecca (Chapter 14) - Wed 11 Nov 2020

You tell her, Sess! I'm excited to see whether or not his mom will fall in line - perhaps once she sees how happy he finally is, it'll change her mind ;) And picturing Sess with a baby Rin... *swoon*

Shastuhh (Chapter 14) - Wed 04 Nov 2020

Ohhh well dayumm. He certainly told her hownit would be. Thanks for the update!

LovemeUsui (Chapter 13) - Mon 02 Nov 2020

More PLEASE More. I'm so invested in this story.

SmilingFool (Chapter 13) - Thu 29 Oct 2020

OMG.....  Kagome put Sesshomaru's mother in her place.... Ha ha ha oh she must be simmering with anger or she just may have been impressed with how Kagome acted by erecting the barrier....  That's Kagome's nature...  And now he found a way to finally kiss her...  Wonder what is going through Kagome's mind right about now....   Oh I love the story each chapter is amazing can't wait to read more....

Ahrin (Chapter 13) - Thu 29 Oct 2020

This is a lovely story you have going! For the most part, it has been an enjoyable read with unique twists. I would like to point out, however, that the word 'Eskimo' is actually a derogatory term. I felt very uncomfortable to have found it--especially as a plot-device for intimacy. I know the term has been commonly used in the past. Yet moving forward with the understanding that colonization has had a harmful impact upon civilizations such as the Inuit and Yupik people, it's now also understood to be very insulting to them. I would urge you to read up a bit on it. May I suggest instead to use Butterfly Kisses for this plot point? To showcase Kagome's worldly knowledge, perhaps she could have learned such a custom from a foreign friend or from a television program that discussed greetings from around the world. Please do consider changing this part of your story and removing the derogatory term--your story is too well done to be stained in such a way! Please keep writing!

Neelixonee (Chapter 13) - Wed 28 Oct 2020

Omg what a sweet chapter!  Gon get it, Sesshoumaru!

ScarletPegasi (Chapter 13) - Wed 28 Oct 2020

I have no words



I had to stop myself from squealing out loud at the end!

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 13) - Wed 28 Oct 2020

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! This chapter was amazing! From Kagome getting her bow, to both of them blushing, and to Sesshomaru being smooth -ths is perfect. 

Chelsea Harris (Chapter 13) - Wed 28 Oct 2020

LISTENNNNNNNNNNNN your cliffies really be having me ready to throw my phone when I realize there isn't anymore lol it was getting juicy and you just cut me off. I simply adore your writing <3

•☆Leah☆• (Chapter 12) - Thu 22 Oct 2020

Please update soon loving this story 

Stefanie (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 Oct 2020

Ugh my heart. Just kill me know, I can already feel the happy ending

SmilingFool (Chapter 11) - Fri 09 Oct 2020

Oh that was a great chapter loved it....  Sesshomaru finally notices what he's been missing...  Good question how could he keep them with him...  hmmm interesting.

Mecca (Chapter 11) - Fri 09 Oct 2020

Aww!! I love how they're one happy little family! They need to get a family portrait done lol Sess holding a baby Rin must be so swoon worthy! ;)

Mecca (Chapter 10) - Fri 02 Oct 2020

Ummm yeah, I'm sure Sesshoumaru would sooo rock the dad bod lol jk... I love picturing him with a baby in the crook of his arm, makes me melt! I have a 5 week old newborn and so baby Rin is just oh so adorable to me. Love Kagome being assertive and moving on, you go girl!

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