Reviews for Dinner Service by SHORTFRY

Kathy (Chapter 5) - Sun 26 Sep 2021

So i powered through. I really like the story. I want to see where it goes. Can't wait for the update

Tai (Chapter 5) - Sun 19 Sep 2021

Love this story!! How fresh and unique! Please update soon :)

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 5) - Sat 18 Sep 2021

This story is so horrible it's perfect. Especially the suffering/overall concept, and the way you weave them both together is just so intriguing and beautifully written. I'm curious if she'll ever learn to actually wield her power. I mean, the thing that's  attracting them to her is the very thing that can harm them. Also, I see a potential lust plot unfolding between her and Sessh, though I make no mistake of thinking its romance driven. I'm interested in seeing what 'ways' he decides to have her, considering she came in on a platter first and foremost.

Notsorandomnreader (Chapter 4) - Wed 30 Dec 2020

Wow! This is something else! I came across one of your stories on and i love your writing style. it guides my imagination really good with the way you narrate your stories, it doesn't require much effort! Such a picture you paint. This story has gotten me hooked and i ccan't wait to see what happens next! Great work! hoping to see an update soon. You just gained a loyal fan! Advanced happy new year!

Niomi (Chapter 4) - Tue 07 Jul 2020

Omg!! I didn't expect an update! I thought it was complete after the last chapter, I'm not complaining though! Wow, Kagome can regenerate?? That changes everything! I think? Can he just taste her ... intimately? Like, please? Haha. Because he clearly doesn't need to sustenanc. I'm totally ok with a little vampire blood play. >.< look forward to more! What could you possibly have in store.. do I even want to know?!

trinity3000 (Chapter 4) - Mon 06 Jul 2020

Why would he finish her off so quickly.  He can drink her blood and other fluids in moderation without killing her.  Why wouldn't he just do that and keep her around for when he wants her instead of only getting to feast one time.  Seems like it would be a waste.


And Kagome needs to start meditating and get her shit together so she can at least attempt to put up a fight.  One sided stories where one character is so overpowered are boring.  Let her fry something.  If she can only get 1 hit in, I suggest it be his balls.

Tai (Chapter 4) - Sun 05 Jul 2020

This may be dark for some people but I love it! thanks for writing! We all need a bit of DARK stories once in a while

Niomi (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 May 2020

Wow! Considering all the other work of yours that I loove, cant believe you ventured here Lol this definitely made me feel yuck!! I rarely ready dark fics that is truly, seriously DARK. Not like.. smutty dark. My god. Obviously, everyone has their limits and taste for the dark arts (like the previous review), but I totally see where you were going. Stories don't always go on the direction we want and the writer has no obligation to give us, even if it's a hint, of satisfaction. Hence the warning of this story: DARK!! I definitely had to cleanse my palate, pun intended, after this one. But good job! Very well written

Letty (Chapter 1) - Sun 24 May 2020

I like dark fics if they have a decent plot and are written well. I'm not a big fan of stories that merely depict gore as slavishly as modern gore films. Is chapter three the end or will she at least vaporize some of her tormentors with her reiki before she dies? 


I get it that humans are vastly weaker than youkai, but there's no payoff to a reader if Kagome just lies there like a lump to get sexually assaulted by her own body parts then sliced off into pieces for Sesshoumaru to eat. I don't understand the way you linger on the assault either.


I'm sorry but this left a bad taste in my mouth.





Marquisha (Chapter 3) - Sat 23 May 2020

So freaking gruesome, but I can't stop reading it.  People with holy powers are a delicacy?  I don't know about y'all but Naraku the chef and Bankotsu the butcher sounds sexy to me!  Another chapter please!


SmilingFool (Chapter 3) - Sat 23 May 2020

Wow, never thought Naraku would cook her hand to give it too Sesshomaru.   I though about coating her in her juices and having them eat her raw for a savory taste bbq human doesn't look like it tastes so well....  Anyways, I like where this may go.  Update soon.

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