wonderbug (Chapter 1) - Fri 08 May 2020

Omg you've torn out my hearttt. That was so beautiful. As tragic as it is, I love the idea of Sesshoumaru being a touchpoint for Kagome's past, and you conveyed this so beautifully. The short scenes packed a real wallop of emotion. Love how you told this story - I could see it happening so vividly. A truly lovely tale <3

milomai19 (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Apr 2020

Wow, that was stunning and absolutely heartbreaking. I love the way you write - it's very romantic. Makes my heart ache. Well done!

silence (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Apr 2020

Now this is my type of reunion fic! So heartbreaking and so well done!


Drosselmeyer (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Apr 2020

If this posts twice, I apologize. Dokuga is being weird.

I loved this! It broke my heart, but it is so, so good! I really like how Sesshoumaru came to appreciate Kagome, even if he didn't realize it fully until he was too late. So many good moments put into poignant little snippets. I love how Kagome wedges into his life and he begrudingly comes to accept and then embrace that.  I think my favorite part was when she called him flawless and he points out that no one is. Very, very asute! Well done, and thanks for a great read!

If my other review happens to pop up eventually, I apologize for redundancy! <3

susie (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Apr 2020

funny, i was totally thinking of Resmiranda the whole time i was reading it.  Poetic and engrossing.  Sad, but i was expecting it this time, so i was prepared lol.  great job!!

Kairou Watoshimi (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Apr 2020

I KNEW IT - I KNEW IT- When you said this was a vignette on discord, I JUST KNEW MY HEART WAS GOING TO HURT- But I didn't expect you to rip it out, stomp on it, and THEN shatter it. Whyyyy??? 

But on a more serious note - Silly miko. You weren’t supposed to be a hero. Not anymore. - THIS SENTENCE. MY HEART- IT HURTS. Kagome sacrifices so much and she just keeps sacrificing and my heart hurts at the thought. And then Sesshomaru is just withering.... and the regret. and the pain. Ahhh, you have such a way with words. Imma go wash my face with tears now.

Goodbye. T_T


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