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Eliona (Chapter 9) - Mon 22 Oct 2018

Im stunned! What a reveal xD great job, can’t wait to see what’s next!

Blommie8 (Chapter 9) - Mon 22 Oct 2018

KyraTekak (Chapter 8) - Sun 21 Oct 2018

Awesome story so far 

Blommie8 (Chapter 8) - Mon 15 Oct 2018

Eliona (Chapter 8) - Mon 15 Oct 2018

Nice to see the calm after the storm, great update. Keep up the fantastic work :D

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 8) - Mon 15 Oct 2018

Very nice chapter.  I think you did a wonderful job in writing it. 

It shows how Inuyasha has come to terms with his feelings about Kagome and the realization that they cannot be together as a couple because that time has come and gone.  It seems that he has accepted that their relationship will be just as best friends and possibly brother and sister if she accepts Sesshomaru as mate.

I think Sesshomaru should be straight forward with Kagome and let her know of his feelings for her instead of being like 'I'm alpha and I will mate you whether you like it or not'...that would be a bad move and I think he knows this but somehow he will probably fuck it up anyway.  lol  :)

I also think that Kagome, if she accepts Sesshomaru, should be open and honest with him and tell him everything about who and what she is instead of being all 'Kagome' by keeping secrets because she thinks it is best to keep the burden on herself as per usual.  :(

Loving this story and looking forward to more updates.

Great job!!!


KEdakumi (Chapter 8) - Sun 14 Oct 2018

Interesting. He keeps talking about ignoring the others opinions, but he isn't really giving her a choice either.

Can't wait to see what happens next 

Pamelamoores (Chapter 7) - Sun 14 Oct 2018

Yay!! More chapters to enjoy!

Eliona (Chapter 7) - Thu 11 Oct 2018

Oh my goodness! Your writing is great! I couldn’t even stop once I started, I had to read it all xD hope to see an update soon :) keep up the great work.

SammyJams (Chapter 7) - Tue 09 Oct 2018

Happy to learn more about Kags! Can’t wait for more from you!

VS (Chapter 7) - Tue 09 Oct 2018


finally some answers about the creature Kagome! Thank you. :)

Though I can imagine that it must have been really disappointing for Kagome to learn that such an important part of her personality  (the acceptance of every living being may it be hanyou or youkai) is only the work of the kami so that she can fulfill her job...

I'm curious to read about how Naraku's mark is going to affect her! And if she will tell her friends about who/what she is.

I'm looking forward to your next update!


Mutnodjmet (Chapter 7) - Tue 09 Oct 2018

Awesome chapter.  Very nice writing.  Love this story and the changes you made.

Looking forward to more of this fascinating story!!!

Great job!


VS (Chapter 6) - Sun 30 Sep 2018


that was an intense chapter! Naraku is really clever, and I'm sure he will find a way to come back! It's not over yet! So Kagome is half human half god? She was referring to herself as the "chosen one" and I was all the time like "come spill it out"  :D The Meidou was really unexpected. And I'm not quite sure if Naraku or the gods are involved here.

I'm looking forward to your next update!

andreana (Chapter 6) - Fri 28 Sep 2018

great story full of suspense and thrill cant wait for the conclusion!!!!!!

SammyJams (Chapter 6) - Tue 25 Sep 2018

Awesome chapter! Poor Kags - can’t wait to see how she’s rescued!

Lauren (Chapter 6) - Tue 25 Sep 2018

Well that was different! I live the way you revised the battle. Far more engaging and there was more play by play. I do feel bad for the army though. They came to fight and barely took part in the battle before being flattened to the ground. LOL


Who was that youkai who cut Kagome though?? And how did a meido open up when Sesshomaru's mother has the stone and the well has been sealed? What will everyone do now? Can they track her 'I'm sure they'll try either way)? So many questions... 

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 6) - Mon 24 Sep 2018


Mutnodjmet (Chapter 6) - Mon 24 Sep 2018

Awesome chapter. I have to admit that I like the little changes you made to this battle scene although both were good.  I like the twist you added in the end with Kagome disappearing into the portal. I was not expecting that.  Great job!!!

I bet Sesshomaru is beside himself about now...not only not being able to get to Kagome while she was fighting Naraku but more so now that she has disappeared.  Everyone is probably thinking that she is dead or forever out of their reach never to see her again.  I wonder what surprises you have in store for us now that Naraku is dead.  lol  :)

Looking forward to another update soon, btw, I like the length of the chapters.  ;)

Excellent writing!!!

Katrina Kee (Chapter 5) - Wed 19 Sep 2018

Wow Kagome’s got several hunky hunks after her and she doesn’t even know lol!!! My my I cannot wait to read about the battle and what Naraku plans to do. I am going to hazard a guess that, from the way he is attacking villages in his path on his way to meet up with the Inugang, he might  be making Kagura use her dance of the dead power to create an undead army, so to speak. It would be a good way to tire out your enemy while not actually losing any living soldiers he has.

(Chapter 1) - Wed 12 Sep 2018

Thank you for the reviews, they always keep me on the right track. 

@VS: I understand the confusion, and I am truly sorry about that. My plan was for Kagome to talk to Sango about her time at the castle as they travel. I didn't want to do an info dump all at once at the beginning of the story, also mention the fact that it took Kagome a month to get there, but the Southern Lord did not receive the missive to join the others until she had already been gone for 3 weeks, I suppose I should have put it there. At times I forget that everyone cannot read my mind. Don't worry though, things will be explained as I go. Sesshomaru will have to work for his prize of course. 

@Mutnodjmet: I am working on the battle scene now, and it has changed a little bit. It will be revealed what she really is, but in a different way from the original. I have the plot laid out, and as you know as you write, sometimes things tend to get moved around and changed. 

@ Lauren: Thank you for your input with the first version of the story. It really helped me a lot. I do not have a beta reader so it is difficult at times. I appreciate your honesty. 

@Everyone: Thank you for the reviews, they mean the world to me. As a writer trying to hone their craft it is most helpful. Writers tend to be very hard on themselves thinking that their work is crap, and not even worth reading. If you don't like something or find it confusing, please let me know. If anyone is interested in being a beta please send me a PM. 

Looking forward to your thoughts. 



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