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Marie (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

Well hot damn. I dont know weather to be repulsed or turned on. How long will Sesshomaru remain tame is the question???


Blackberry (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

"In her benevolence, allowed it." ROTFLMFAOOOO This chapter just got me HOOKED. AND he kissed her toes??? LOL Yessss, I love when Kagome isn't so submissive. I can't wait for the next chapter. I feel like this chapter is THE turning point. I love it!

Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

Wow. Just wow. That came out better then I though it would. One could feel the demanding g aura flowing off of her and how he relished in it. I can't wait to see how things go from here.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

In her benevolence, allowed it! What a plot twist. Geesh! I honestly hope, pray, can’t wait for the moment that she possibly allows him to touch her. I know he’s gonna lose it.

Quvonda (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

That. Was. HOTTTTT!

Tilayha (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

Best chapter yet! Worth the wait????????????????

Chiikyuggi (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

Wow. WOW. I didn't expect that. AT ALL. XD

I admit, I was reading this story without really getting where it was going and this chapter surprised me.

I hope you continue to surprise me.

Fingers crossed for a happy ending!

Cheyanna (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

That was intense!! I was on the edge of my seat wondering how she was going to tame him. Thanks for updating and I can’t wait to read more!:) 

Mysheeki (Chapter 17) - Sun 21 Apr 2019

Holy heck! This fic is fantastic! Please continue!

Nilee1 (Chapter 17) - Sun 07 Apr 2019

How can she be so blind? This will not end well.

Silverfurred (Chapter 17) - Sun 07 Apr 2019

God, these chapters are absolutely simmering. I love every second of it. I'm just waiting for her to crack... Because I know it's coming...


Well done. Can't wait for the next update.

ponpiri (Chapter 17) - Sun 07 Apr 2019

Jack off. Really? Do you watch the ID channel, wondering? I feel like Kagome is going into this with most good intentions (side-eye), but she's gonna end up complicit in his derangement. 

Eliona (Chapter 17) - Sat 06 Apr 2019

Omg now THAT is what you call a cliffie! You left me at the edge of my seat xD great job, very excited for the next chapter.

Quvonda (Chapter 17) - Sat 06 Apr 2019

I've waited so long! This story has me hooked

Quvonda (Chapter 16) - Mon 04 Mar 2019

I am DYING for an update! This is a great stoey!

Tanii (Chapter 1) - Thu 14 Feb 2019

It's been soo long. I'm guessing this is why you said read at your own risk  :/

DemonessMegan (Chapter 16) - Tue 15 Jan 2019

I'm dying without an update but I'm sure when it comes out it will be worth the wait!

katrina (Chapter 16) - Fri 04 Jan 2019

This got dark... and I like it! Oh no!!! 

Mysheeki (Chapter 16) - Fri 28 Dec 2018

Wow, I’m at the edge of my seat! Please continue?

DemonessMegan (Chapter 16) - Tue 25 Dec 2018

Oh shit! My anticipation for the next chapter is at an all time high! ????

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