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Skylar (Chapter 15) - Thu 13 Dec 2018

Oh wow

ponpiri (Chapter 15) - Tue 11 Dec 2018


Eliona (Chapter 15) - Tue 11 Dec 2018

Curious... introducing a new element (character). Interested to see what you are plotting now :) great job.

Blommie8 (Chapter 15) - Tue 11 Dec 2018
i forgot whote the women was? i'll read it again. i miss sesshoumaru. but the tension between kagome and kohaku make me worried. that kohaku finally found out what kagome's hiding. really good story!! next please

ponpiri (Chapter 14) - Wed 05 Dec 2018

Aw, man. Kagome, what are you doing? Funny how I said in your other story that she was Inuyasha's rock, but in this story she's losing it because she lost him and her bro-in-law is a real, for real serial killer.


I'm tense wondering how this will all end.

Alison (Chapter 14) - Mon 03 Dec 2018

Honestly, I get that she's grieving hard. But her anger and bitterness is making her really unlikable as a character. 

Eliona (Chapter 14) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

Oh no! D: poor kags, seems like she just can’t catch a break. I admire how strong you’ve made her though :) keep up the great work, and I hope you have a happy holiday.

Blommie8 (Chapter 14) - Sun 02 Dec 2018
i like the drama between all of's all make sense. i don't know what would happen when they knew it's all sesshoumaru thing. the conflict between kagome and kohaku is great. only a few author make the relationship into story. i know maybe it's hard for him to move on cause he had crush on her for a long time. the story worth to read. great!!!!!!

Cheyanna (Chapter 14) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

Whoah there Kagome has become a quite the tyrant. Manipulating the elders and now her friends? I wonder when they’ll start to question her sanity. If they haven’t already. She makes some good points though.

Mysheeki (Chapter 14) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

Oh the tension! Nicely written!!! I could feel it from over here! Please continue!

The-infamous-one (Chapter 14) - Sat 01 Dec 2018

 Does kagome not see that shes tuning into a bit of a monster herself?  Not the kind of monster Sesshomaru is, but one still the same. Disregarding  everyone else's wants and desires, using people for her own gain, no matter how altruistic she thinks shes being?  Just because she preceives herself  as a champion of safey doesn't give her the rights to become some tyrannical dictator.  Shes upset that who she was becoming infatuated with was a beast, mad at herself and scared because how could she attraction  to someone so heinous? Honestly all in all I love your stories I always have, but  I  just cant get behind this kagomes  skewered line of thinking.   She acts slighted  and jilted.  And I'm wondering if its mix of shame  for wanting sesshoumaru,  jealousy  becomes her "affections" were places upon others like a scorned lover. 

  I also wonder what sesshoumaru will do to kohaku when he realizes th "passion"  he shared with kagome.  I have no doubt he  will  ask for advise or to even just rant.


  Best regard 


Skylar (Chapter 13) - Sun 25 Nov 2018

Oh boy

ponpiri (Chapter 13) - Sat 24 Nov 2018

In a way, she's not really protecting the villagers... More like insulating herself from another perceived failure.

Alison (Chapter 13) - Sat 24 Nov 2018

Poor Kagome. And Rin chill no one wants your boy and your boy didn't want you so. 

Eliona (Chapter 13) - Fri 23 Nov 2018

Great chapter, hope you’ve been having a good holiday season so far! <3

SammyJams (Chapter 12) - Sun 11 Nov 2018

Awesome update! Can’t wait for the next one!

Eliona (Chapter 12) - Sun 11 Nov 2018

I am so excited for what is going to come next! Things are starting to get really into depth, so very intriguing! Looking forward to your next update :)

ponpiri (Chapter 12) - Sat 10 Nov 2018

Interesting. For a second there I thought you were going to throw a 2004-fanfic-era curveball and say that their father's spirit was trying to regain control through his sons. LOL!

Anyway, so that's why Tetsusaiga was speaking to Inuyasha. Just a warning that his brother is about to go HAM since the swords are connected. What happened to Tenseiga? And idk... seems like Kago is missing a piece of the puzzle. Seems like she's his taste, not these random broads that happen to have dark hair, fair skin, spunky personalities and latent miko abilities.

Also, somehow this exchanged reminded me of Clarice and Hannibal.

Alison (Chapter 12) - Fri 09 Nov 2018

More More More!!!!!

Blommie8 (Chapter 12) - Fri 09 Nov 2018
does it means why sesshoumaru prefer human because of kagome? maybe he wanted her all a long?before inuyasha died? maybe the beast need kagome so he begun to sleep with human but he never satisfied?so he kill them because they're not kagome. he only wanted kagome all this time. please forgive him kagome....

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