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Eliona (Chapter 21) - Sun 07 Jul 2019

Kagome has so much disdain and hate for sesshomaru yet the relationship is erotic,  it's pretty interesting. It's a Kagome I've never seen before. I'm excited to see what's next.

Koree (Chapter 21) - Sat 06 Jul 2019

Way to hit his already wounded pride , all FOURS !! Kagome is no joke , amazing chap

Blackberry (Chapter 21) - Fri 05 Jul 2019

Was looking forward to this update and of course it did NOT disappoint! Kagome is literally one bad bitch in this story and I... am... HERE FOR IT!!!

Slayersgurl35 (Chapter 20) - Tue 02 Jul 2019

Ohhhhhhh that beast wants Kags and I think he marked her as his mate with that bite

Koree (Chapter 20) - Wed 26 Jun 2019

Was Kagome getting off to Mayuri ? I was confused lol anywho great story

ponpiri (Chapter 20) - Sun 02 Jun 2019

Kagome's really hard up, sheesh. Interesting, because on top of feeling guilty because of the "purity" thing and her friend dying, there's also the apprehension that any widow may feel re: moving on.

Sophtt (Chapter 20) - Mon 27 May 2019

I think the whole point of this will be when kagome starts to accept her dark desires And to accept sessh's own deadly ones. She might be the only one who can tame him for good and he might be the one to fulfill her fantasies. I wonder if she will be able to escape the ghost of InuYasha and the life they sould've had, and the ghosts of every girl sessh has killed. Wonder what kind of development we'll see from his part too since we haven't had any insight on what he's thinking or feeling now. I guess it'll be too much to hope for some fluff but one can only hope i guess. Thank you for your story

Eliona (Chapter 20) - Sat 25 May 2019

Awesome update, great work.

Cheyanna (Chapter 20) - Fri 24 May 2019

Thanks for updating and I can’t wait to read more!!:) 

Blackberry (Chapter 20) - Fri 24 May 2019

Wait... so Mayuri and Kagome had a thing???? WOOOOW This is getting mad spicey! So unexpected but I'm here for it lol

SeiryuuAi88 (Chapter 1) - Tue 14 May 2019

Hi! Just read your story titled Control, and I really like it! The story have twist and dark. Really wanna know Sesshoumaru true motive and plan altogether! He really like insane person who lust after something he cannot have. Each time I read the chapter, I cringed especially when he (I mean Sesshoumaru) came and make contact with Kagome. He really after something, and his plan is cruel, but in his condition; it seem 'appropriate'.

I will waited for your next chapter. Thanks! 

marisel (Chapter 11) - Tue 07 May 2019

Wow just to think that the stoic demon is the worst killer or is  he not?  The story has a lot of anguished in it.  She should killed him and get it over.  I believed in his twisted mind they are all her....

Quvonda (Chapter 19) - Sun 05 May 2019

More more more!!

Eliona (Chapter 19) - Sun 05 May 2019

I'm intrigued in the feelings sesshy is developing, perhaps this tale can develop something romantic after all? Great chapter though, you are doing wonderful. 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 19) - Sun 05 May 2019

Very interesting turn of events. To think he’s killed everyone he’s slept with, wow.

Blackberry (Chapter 19) - Sun 05 May 2019

I'm getting hella antsy! The moment she realizes why he acts towards her the way he does will be GOLD LOL This story is getting juicier by the chapter. You're doing so great with this story!

Mysheeki (Chapter 18) - Sun 28 Apr 2019

Oh. My. Word. Every chapter you upload is absolutely amazing! Please continue!

Marie (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

Well hot damn. I dont know weather to be repulsed or turned on. How long will Sesshomaru remain tame is the question???


Blackberry (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

"In her benevolence, allowed it." ROTFLMFAOOOO This chapter just got me HOOKED. AND he kissed her toes??? LOL Yessss, I love when Kagome isn't so submissive. I can't wait for the next chapter. I feel like this chapter is THE turning point. I love it!

Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 18) - Wed 24 Apr 2019

Wow. Just wow. That came out better then I though it would. One could feel the demanding g aura flowing off of her and how he relished in it. I can't wait to see how things go from here.

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