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Wynter89 (Chapter 24) - Fri 13 Sep 2019

Wow.   You keep on throwing one curve ball after another!   Its thrilling to read.     I cannot wait for another update.      

Koree (Chapter 24) - Sat 22 Jun 2019

Great story 

VS (Chapter 24) - Tue 11 Jun 2019

Sesshoumaru being all territorial about his things and his half of the shed was more than funny! Kagome waa right though, the one who didn't even like to have a roof over his head is defending it now.  I guess he's getting layz. XD 

The we-can-communicate-through-telepathy-part is kind of cool. They can  make fun of Sesshoumaru while he is in the same room and he wouldn't even notice! Ok he would notice them giggling but he wouldn't know why! LOL!!! It's time for him to accept that Kagome is a Magi too and he has ro accept too that there is not much he can help her with in this regard. Miyori will come in handy not only concerning Amethyst, but Kagome too.

Miyori and Sesshoumaru are bickering like siblings, haha. Deep down though they held some sort of respect for each other I'm sure. I don't know what kind of relationship Miyori has with her father or what happened between them. But I think that she will learn a lot from Sesshoumaru, things too that here father was not able to teach her. I think Sesshoumaru is going to play the part of a big brother. ;) She will get to know what benefits it has to be a member of Sesshoumaru's pack. 

Kagome the storyteller. XD I'm glad she get her shiny moment too. And yes Sesshoumaru fled, there is no need for sugarcoating!

I was suprised about the Inuyasha part. You had made it clear that Inuyasha is not going to be a part of this story, I'm glad you changed your mind. And this whole seal business got even more interesting... and mysterious. It surely is a way to explain why only Kagome was able to pull Tessaiga out.

Though there are still a lot of questions regarding Tessaiga's powers. Which of them belong truly to Tessaiga and which are part of the Earth Seal? Why are tye seals showing now? And does that mean that Inuyasha will be able to travel through the well?

Lol so many questions! But it's time for the date now.

Purple Rain (Chapter 23) - Thu 06 Jun 2019

Don't be too hard on yourself. The fight scenes were pretty good. I don't understand how Sesshomaru got so injured though. Yes he was fast but 1. I don't think he would let an opponent get him from behind. Chalk that one up to underestimating his opponent due to arrogance but he seemed less so at the end of the original story. 2. Once he learned her magick burns him like purification, why not use his acid cloud to melt all the icicles. He was able to hold Kagome's purity arrow so why is he so susceptible to Magick? Isn't his youki and Kagome's reiki a type of magic? 3. Does the Magick halt his bealing abilities? Like because it's a new world some things are different ? 4. I just realized that other than Kagome and her mom, I was actually cheering for all the other female characters to die. Which is properly sad. 5. I think how Kagome was able to help him was boss. I love that she is clever enough to circumvent his control and just be her. 6. I love the uniqueness of this story and am greatful it's not predictable .

Thank you for adding the end note. I think I'll have to check out the other story for some background context and also about the connection to Rin. I also believe I picked up on a spoiler in the end note but I don't wish to spoil it for other readers if I'm right so with that said I really enjoyed the Hojo scens because that truely shed some light on poor hojo. I appreciate the update and can't wait to see where this story goes. Great work, please keep it up and I look forward to reading more soon. 


CarmMeldoll (Chapter 23) - Thu 06 Jun 2019

who is Reimei?  You used the  name twice in the fight scene.  Other than that I like how the fight ended and Sesshoumaru was able to use her as a tool for his side.

LovemeUsui (Chapter 23) - Thu 06 Jun 2019

Ah man. I really need to catch up with your other stories. I LOVED the chapter. Especially the fight seen. It was long and kept me from working today hahahaha.

VS (Chapter 23) - Thu 06 Jun 2019

Kagome's memory was super sweet!!! Her dad is the best!  His rules though are epic, especially the no-boys one, and she's 5. XD I guess the butterfly was again Miyori's doing? Seems she wasn't very successful.

I think you did well with the battle! And I have a better idea of what kind of powers Magi have, at least Miyori. I will have to reread the Reimei part again, there are ringing some bells in my head...

The aquarium attack was just hilarious! Fishy-Softy-Maru it is now. Though I guess he will have to eat now. Let's see how you are going to deal with that problem.

You did it AGAIN, you did something totally unexpected! He is her ALPHA now??? Oh boy. At least he has a new Jaken then. XD I guess it wouldn't have hurt, if Kagome had tried a command on her too... :P

What is Miyori going to do now? I don't really see her running to daddy and ask for help. At least they know now that Miyori is really a kid since she has no control over her powers even though she was trained. Kill da butterflies it is then. And oh will Miyori get pissed when Kagome will have no need to create somethings similar to her butterflies! XD

And I think it was soooo sweet, how Sesshoumaru expained to Kagome that she will always be above Miyori and that he didn't really bring her into the pack. *sighs* That was kind of romantic.

So Hojo's a Magi too? And I guess the stolen Seal is that on Tenseige? Lol. What a mess. XD

Seems that there is still a chance that Souta is going to get his excitement. Stupid runt.

Looking forward to your next update!




VS (Chapter 22) - Thu 06 Jun 2019

What is he doing right now? What is he doing right now??? Haha, I just like this whole vampire Sesshoumaru biting Kagome and her getting the stalker virus kind of thing. XD It was sweet.

The whole magick thing was super interesting! And I'm enjoying it as hell that there is something in this world Amethyst doesn't even know!

Papa Higurashi is cool as fuck!!! And Souta's decription...working at days and stoned at night...XD And him smoking his cigarettes behind the well and paying little Kagome to keep his secret and throw the stumps away!!! LOL!

I hope Kagome will be able to read more of his diary, his last entry about how his favourite band is turning to shit was hilarious!

Souta is ... I don't know what to say...That little runt will wish to be normal again should Soounga indeed come to possess him. And here I thought it would be Hojo, lol. You can't stop surprising me now, can you?

That Miyori girl is annoying. I just can't stand here. Guess she's the Kikyou version of this world. XD Speeking of Kikyou. It turns out she was useful after all. Since she didn't train Kagome at all, Kagome is used to figure her power out by herself. So she will be able to handle that magick power soon! ;)

I'm excited for the next chapter, since it's hard for me to imagine what kind of powers they have. Other than her making some bit of rain, there wasn't much.

I can't wait too see how Miyori gets her ass handed to her. XD

And then it's time for Kagome to lay down on the freshly made bed. XD

Great chapter!

Purple Rain (Chapter 22) - Tue 04 Jun 2019

I'm really enjoying this story and I honestly thought I would hate the magi stuff but it seems to be working. I just hope this isn't a harry potter cross over. I'm glad two pig tails isn't a push over but please don't make Sesshomaru a push over either. To reiterate, I get how purple hair was able to bluff him into thinking she is stronger but I'd like to see the fierce warrior we all know him to be. He has super speed so I hope the fight will be realistic. 

As for souta, I do sympathize but I'm not sure why he is asking his sister about their dad if he died when she was 4. Is it because the mother never wanted to talk about him? Then he is being resentful that kagome got to see his face and he was too young to remember? She may have been too young to recall too, it doesn't seem like she would have been droning on about their dad to sota in their youth to make him resentful. I do like bow you are making the characters real though. That is a great angle and I didn't see it coming. Also, if they are 4 years apart does this mean Kagome is only 19? It's supposed to be 5 years total since Naraku so she should be in her 20 or at least turning twenty. I thought I read she was in her 20s but I could be wrong. 

I'm intrigued as to who was in their bed and I did catch purple chick's slip up insinuating that she is related to sesshomaru as a sibling so perhaps she is the Inuyasha of a different world where the mother was unfaithful instead of the father.???? I definitely can't wait to read more so please update soon.

Finnaly, I can't express how much I enjoy Sesshomaru's point of view or how he reasons stuff. Into the starlight, the pen, trying to figure out technologies seem so organic and realistic of someone from the feudal era into the modern age????.

Please keep up the good work.


VS (Chapter 21) - Mon 03 Jun 2019


this chapter had me squealing like mad! I love all the gentle touches, Kagome's nickname, Sesshoumaru's letter to Rin and their bonding at the end. They deserved a quite moment.

They both have developed so much, it's incredible! Especially Sesshoumaru. Him accepting that he has no chance against death itself and trying to leave his father's shadow and live his own life, is truly a milestone!

And they finally trust each other enough to open up and stop hiding things from each other. Also yay to Kagome's action at the end, I think it was hilarious that she took matters into her own hands and knelt down...him being unprepared was just funny. Though he really would have written down a script for her to follow? XD

I don't what's with him and his pen. He was really observing Kagome if she would break it and he was concerned that she would waste the ink!!! XD He's practicing with the pen being a dad or what? :P

I think Tenseiga's story is so interesting, you could probably what a whole fic about it.

Looking forward to your next update!


Bernadette (Chapter 21) - Sun 02 Jun 2019

Woot! Another chapter! Not quite mates yet, but she is a part of his pack now. His beta, also it looks like the commands of the alpha may play a fun roll if she enjoys how it feels somewhat to disobey 


Black star, we have a new magic user. Wonder when that will show. Till the next one!

Bernadette (Chapter 21) - Sun 02 Jun 2019

Woot! Another chapter! Not quite mates yet, but she is a part of his pack now. His beta, also it looks like the commands of the alpha may play a fun roll if she enjoys how it feels somewhat to disobey 


Black star, we have a new magic user. Wonder when that will show. Till the next one!

Mili Herrera (Chapter 21) - Sun 02 Jun 2019

Hola!  Me encantó que hayas actualizado tan pronto,  desde hace una semana comencé a leer tu fic, como te das cuenta solo hablo español y leo la traducción de tu trabajo, sigue adelante, me encantó. 

LovemeUsui (Chapter 20) - Sat 01 Jun 2019

I am glued to this story. Can't wait for more!

rini (Chapter 19) - Fri 31 May 2019

I just hope we will be able to see the ending,  so all the best. 

rini (Chapter 19) - Fri 31 May 2019

As much as I am enjoying this story and your creativity,  why are you making it complicated,  I wonder..?

VS (Chapter 20) - Fri 31 May 2019

What a chapter again! Some fluffy moments, Miyori and maybe a new curse, Tenseiga's new ability, the demon's death. Uff. Your storys sure never get boring! XD

This might sound strange but I do believe Sesshoumaru's offer to make her pack was really sweet! It's more than just Kagome handing controll over. And the way he explained everything to her was really sweet. It was a tender moment.

The vending machine part was just hilarious!!! How you come up with these strange ideas is just beyond me. I see myself laughing like mad every time I put in some money, thinking of the wind tunnel reference! :'D

I'm wondering why Sesshoumaru was not able to see the star? I guess it was wrong from Kagome to not tell him, 'cause I'm sure she will forget about it. And that rabbit demon's offer...I will let you rape Pathetic. But the best part here was when Sesshoumaru told her to not talk about her superiors and she was talking about Kagura, Rin and Kagome...that's Softy-Maru!!!! Awh.

I guess they deserve a quite moment now. XD Don't be too hard on them in the next chapter.

Courtney (Chapter 19) - Sun 26 May 2019

Your writing isn’t horrible at all. I’m enjoying this story and can’t wait to see how all of the plots resolve..especially since this worof had something like reincarnationa of Inu and Sess. Also is the little girl  related to them the reincarnation of Rin?

Sally (Chapter 19) - Fri 24 May 2019

I enjoyed Kagome standing up to Amethyst, honestly I want to punch the woman.   She seems to be becoming slightly self aware, at least in the moment she thought abt being entitled.  Literally the only reason someone does what she and Eclipse are doing is due to a false sense of entitlement.  Its nice watching Kagome and Sesshoumaru grow and become stronger, I look forward to seeing how they overcome the stuff people have decided to throw at them.

Purple Rain (Chapter 19) - Tue 21 May 2019

Fascinating chapter. Funny, the look alike's niece is the so called protector but is oblivious to takemaru and his evil doings. And the saunga. If they been monitoring the higarashi, then they should be aware that they had been targeted. But I guess I can see why they remain in the dark if no one but Kagome was of interest.

I still think they can get privacy from purple haired B by using a tent or blanket and possibly passing notes while under there. (Folding and burning up the notes with sesshomaru's poison). It's creepy that she watches ALL aspects of their lives. Not even being that helpful but I guess her starting to figure out that she is a douche is something. 

Poor Kagome looks like she will have to fight another jewel but I still feel there should be a way to extract the essence from her or for her to use it to her own advantage. 

If they all helped sesshomaru to adapt it would be faster and easier but I must admit that his logic is very amusing X). I'm wondering if they get rid of this sesshomaru, will our Sesshomaru take his place????

Loving this story so thank you for updating. 



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