Lauren (Chapter 1) - Sat 28 Jul 2018

Interesting. This would be a good origal story.

thelittlegerman (Chapter 1) - Sun 15 Apr 2018

I loved this. Seriously. Good work :)

Ankoku (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Apr 2018

I honestly really enjoyed this so much. Love the back story between Kagome and Sesshoumaru. She is literally me if I were a character. I also feel a Hela vibe as well which I am totally digging. I really enjoyed Sesshoumaru as well and honestly didn't feel him too OOC - he always had a soft spot for Rin. It is still nice to see Kagome and Sesshoumaru back together and you can feel the chemistry between the two. I am honestly surprised this is a one shot because I see some awesome potential as a one shot fic and its so unique. I haven't really seen or a story like this or if I have its been YEARS. Excellent job! Can't wait to see more of what you come up with and who knows, maybe you'll continue this one? Take care!

LightoftheWest (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Apr 2018

Awesome first chapter.. is this set in another reality where Kagome is an elemental demon instead of human ? 

Toni (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Apr 2018

sorryits  on shot 

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