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SammyJams (Chapter 16) - Sat 09 Mar 2019

I just devoured this from chapter 1 today - this story is by far one of the best I’ve read. The flow of the story is written well, characters are written well, and an awesome storyline that keeps me interested! Keep it up!

u2pias (Chapter 1) - Fri 08 Mar 2019

Wow..... So many questions.

Was Sess giving her a way out with an incomplete mating?   No way he was previously mated right?

how many more time travel artifacts? Was the tassal the last one?

please update.....Can't wait to read how their first meeting in modern times turns out.   Will Sess reveal all mysteries to Kags?


   (\ ~~/)

   (='. '=)


Mari (Chapter 16) - Thu 07 Mar 2019

I felt it in my heart. Can’t wait for the next one!!!!

Saphira17 (Chapter 16) - Wed 06 Mar 2019

Poor Kagome, she had to leave Sesshomaru injured and alone. What will happen when Kagome is back in her time and is hurt herself? Will Shippo still be there? Will the future Sesshomaru be there when she returns as well? How much will Inuyasha have healed since she's been in the past? Will Koga find Sesshomaru and help him? So many questions, will they be answered in the next chapter?

KShadeslady (Chapter 16) - Wed 06 Mar 2019

There she goes again and again! Nice update. It had a breathless feel to it. Thanks

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 16) - Wed 06 Mar 2019

Kouga!!!! This is one hell of a ride! Happy my favorite people are safe and alive though. And that whole thing about Sesshomaru having a first mate, possibly!!!! I need some answers!

Misunderstood Maiden (Chapter 16) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

Slow clap. Transition into fast clap. Once again. Grand update. Just levels to how awesome it is to read your work. Gold. Just flawless gold. I am curious as to what the next jump will bring among many other things!! Just cant wait. Thank you again for putting so much time and effort into such a wonderful story. Your number ???? Fan -M.M.

Skylar (Chapter 16) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

Come on Kouga! Go get Sesshoumaru!

Isha (Chapter 16) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

16 chapters  and  still as hooked to this story as I was on the first. Love the concept of time jumps but I don't know how I feel about a 2nd mate. Who am I kidding I already hate the idea of a second mate. I can't wait for a proper talk between Sess and kagome.  Eagerly waiting for your next update!!

Sessygurl (Chapter 16) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

Ahhhhhh! So good. Thanks for the update. 

Orotami (Chapter 16) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

OMG, WTF. I'm going to cry and beat something up. That was not very nice to leave us there. Holy moly. I need more! 

hazel (Chapter 16) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

ACK! Cliffhanger! 

Great chapter! 

Love your story and I look forward to your next chapter! 

=3 =D

Annie (Chapter 16) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

OMG. This is so awesome. I'm happy that Kagome came back to save Sesshomaru from the priest. Can not wait for the next update. 

Calile (Chapter 15) - Wed 27 Feb 2019

Oh. My. Gosh. This is way better than I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a semi descent smut fic but dang this is good. Keeping my eye out for this one and hoping for a happy ending

Misunderstood Maiden (Chapter 15) - Tue 26 Feb 2019

Dang it all hit the fan super quick!

Skylar (Chapter 15) - Tue 26 Feb 2019

That was unexpected. What are they going to do now?!

jk (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Feb 2019

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Please tell me there is a point to her going back and forth through time. Whats the point if the things have to happen the same way again. All that heartache all for nothing, if you can go back in time but don't change anything. Please tellme it has a happy ending.

Neelixonee (Chapter 15) - Mon 25 Feb 2019

How heartbreaking

KShadeslady (Chapter 15) - Mon 25 Feb 2019

Wow! That was quite a chapter! I did not expect  Bokuseno to be attacked. I’m hoping that his essence will be saved in another portion of his being or roots. This story is breaking my heart. 

Sessygurl (Chapter 15) - Mon 25 Feb 2019

Wow. Just wow. You are so talented. I was hanging on to every word but wanting it to end. Thank you for the update.

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