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Drosselmeyer (Chapter 19) - Mon 24 Jun 2019

Okay, I’m so hooked on this it isn’t funny. I can’t wait for you to update again. This last chapter was heartbreaking, but I love how you managed to show a broken Sesshoumaru without killing his character. Beautiful. But I’m going to ugly cry if Kagome never gets to see Inuyasha again. I’ve really liked how their friendship has been portrayed. Awesome job!

Koree (Chapter 19) - Mon 24 Jun 2019

Awww I know that cry :( when you’ve held it in for soooo long & it just comes out . Sad to see Inuyasha stay but it’s for the best he’ll do great 

Faith (Chapter 19) - Mon 24 Jun 2019

The angst is bearable when it's so well written. I never mind crying along with characters as they grieve. It's necessary if you're going to have a truly fulfilling ending after tragedy. Otherwise it just feels false. 

Barredwindows (Chapter 19) - Mon 24 Jun 2019

I loved this chapter (I've loved all the chapters, but this one in particular). Sesshomaru finally grieving and releasing all that stress that he has had to live with all these years really made me cry. I'm hoping against hope Inuyasha somehow makes it to the modern world alive. What was really intriguing was the way Kagome provided Sesshomaru a way to vent his emotions without him having to speak. 

Many a times people forget that people grieve in different ways and speaking is not the only way to begin the process. Everyone has different ways of opening up and I loved that you projected that in this chapter.

Eagerly awaiting your next chapter.  

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 19) - Mon 24 Jun 2019

Poor Sesshomaru. Really just shows how the mighty have fallen. It gives me hope though that he is obviously in the future and better. I also hope she can find a way to intertwine their lives because after everything they’ve been through...Geesh! Thank you for the chapter <3

Sessygurl (Chapter 19) - Mon 24 Jun 2019

Loved it.

Quvonda (Chapter 19) - Mon 24 Jun 2019

I get so excited when you update ! Sad chapter. I can't wait for the angst to be over. I feel  so bad for sesshy and all he's gone through. Bye Inuyasha 

CookieAsylum (Chapter 19) - Sun 23 Jun 2019

Ugh!!! Who told you that you could make me cry?!? This was such a good update. Sesshoumaru and Kagome confronting that grief and loss. He’s crying! I’m crying! And Inuyasha!! Taking his place as leader! Ughhhhh! It was all so good! 

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 2) - Sun 23 Jun 2019

Him painting her face was ALL the things! Loved it.

Neelixonee (Chapter 19) - Sun 23 Jun 2019

What a sweet and sad chapter.  Beautifully written.  Thank you.

Misunderstood Maiden (Chapter 19) - Sun 23 Jun 2019

Can't review well. Busy crying. Maybe next chapter.

KayAkuma (Chapter 19) - Sun 23 Jun 2019

Another BEAUTIFUL chapter. Made me cry a bit not gonna lie, lol. But it was a good cry. This story has completely stolen my heart and I am always happy to see a notification that it has been updated. Thank you for this story, you are an amazing writer!! <3

Orotami (Chapter 19) - Sun 23 Jun 2019

Beautiful. It flowed wonderfully. I can't wait for the next chapter! I have to know what's going to happen next!

Koree (Chapter 18) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Such an emotional couple of chaps I just read , sighhhh to have someone as loyal & faithful as Sesshomaru in my life I can only dream lol amazing chaps 

Bernadette (Chapter 18) - Wed 29 May 2019

Yes! An update, I've had this tab open since the last time I read it. I am super stoked for the meeting they have, the one where they become mates the first time. I expect we have some before that yet, till then:3 

Mari (Chapter 18) - Fri 24 May 2019

another fantastic chapter. Well done. Can’t wait for the next. 

guest (Chapter 18) - Thu 23 May 2019

this fic is sooo good, i just started and went through the whole thing and it is lovely:)

DemonicAngel91 (Chapter 18) - Wed 22 May 2019

Love the story! hope to read more soon!!

Quvonda (Chapter 18) - Wed 22 May 2019

Ahhhh. An update! Yes!!

Faith (Chapter 18) - Tue 21 May 2019

I have to admit I was hoping for this chapter to be the jump to when Sessh mates her, but this was an acceptable replacement...;)

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