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Sleeping_lullabies (Chapter 17) - Sat 22 Sep 2018

When you think the story will go one way, and then in the most unexpected pleasant ways goes another. Rereading this fic just emphasis that fact for me. You did well Author-san. 

The ending for their first story might have gone well, a tragedy really, but heres to hoping that their second or numberous chances goes better. 

- My heart weeps for this tragic characters.- 

Koree (Chapter 17) - Tue 11 Sep 2018

When I’m telling you I am crying puddles:( I really cannot believe Sesshomaru did not believe her , I also can’t believe her mom went along with it yes she tried to help but it was clearly way to late . i thought the last chap was dad this was... wow I literally shook & at a lost for words amazing chap but terribly sad

R (Chapter 1) - Mon 10 Sep 2018 good gracious. Are you trying to kill me? ... cuz, OMG - ANGST! ;) In all seriousness though, kudos to you on this great piece of writing! It's so refreshing to read a complex, well-written story with such a unique plot. Like everyone else, that last chapter was simply heartbreaking. You could feel your heart breaking for her and your heart also breaking for him, knowing his current state of desperation. I had a couple of thoughts - (please disregard if I somehow missed this information in my excitement to read!) but I was kind of shocked in trying to reconcile how purely evil Kagome's father truly was. Although his character development shows his hatred / disdain for peace with demons (and Sessh), I don't know that I really felt how conniving he was because in the 100+ years that Kagome and Sessh fell into friendship and then into love, he never once tried to railroad the connection - why? Was he fearful that curbing their connection wold reflect poorly on his outward image as a representative of peace? Was he blinded by his narcissim (e.g. his egoic obsession with the power of his lineage and its infallibility) so that he never believed that the two would fall in love? I guess I was left wondering why they were given such time to develop together, only to have her father freakout (almost as if surprised) when they consumated their very obvious connection. At any rate, your story is wonderful and it's obvious you've taken such time and care. That I've sat down to write this review tells you how connected I felt to it! Thanks for all your hard work and I am really looking forward to the updates.

Nazma (Chapter 17) - Mon 03 Sep 2018

I just binge-read this. And I’m lyinng in bed, sobbing uncontrollably. You just shattered my heart and I wanna keep reading so I can just cry more. This is so amazing. Not at all what I thought it was gonna be from the summary. Ugh, I just love this story so much. please post another chapter soon! 

Jamie (Chapter 17) - Mon 20 Aug 2018

Omg... how absolutely heart shattering!!  



I have to ask, because I'm that impatient: does she ever remember their shared past?

Pep (Chapter 17) - Mon 20 Aug 2018

You just killed my soul.... I can't stop crying...  Kyoshiro....I will forever hate that man... I can't... ...  I can't wait for the next chapter... Q_Q

Miladyknight (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 Aug 2018

I am glad your were sensible enough to note the flavor would not be for everyone but judgment MUST BE reserved.  The ball, as they say, is firmly in your section of the court.






Skylar (Chapter 17) - Sun 19 Aug 2018

My heart hurts for them!

Angelus Ulquiorra (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2018


Sessygurl (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2018

That was gut wrenching. Oh my poor Kagome. I can't wait to see what happens next. I mean she is obviously not dead, but I'm still wondering how this gets to the present. Plus, damn Sesshoumaru. Now we know why he is so broken and desperate. I'm sure he regrets not listening to her. Plus what about the stupid jewel. Ugh. Thank you so much for the update.

Hexxe (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2018

Ok, I just stopped crying over this chapter. O. M. G!

If Kagome ever remembers, maybe she can forgive him betraying her. But I doubt she will be able to forgive him betraying their child. She did everything she can to flee from her father, who was a very real danger, and he just left her there.

I don't know if there is a similar expression in English, but we have something, that goes like this: The opposite of good is not bad, it's well-meant. And though what Sesshomaru did was well-meant, it was everything but good.

Toni (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2018

uhh! I can't tell the last time I cried this much from a story! Dang it,  that was soo sad. Definitely didnt plan on crying @5am. Hopefully, you are working on a book because u r an awesome writer!  PLEASE update soon.. I might have to wait until 2 new chapters.


That waa intense

Jean (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2018

This chapter was one of the saddest that I have ever read. I'm so upset that Sesshomaru didn't trust and believed in Kagome, she had been through so much I'm sure he could have seen something was wrong and she didn't want to go back to that hateful man that was her father. 

I look forward to the next chapter update to find out what happened to Souta, her mother and see what develops in this fascinating story.

Gee (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2018

Omygod. I knew it. Siwiwhddb i can't even make a comment that makes sense anymore

Natalia (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2018

The pettiness and hurt inside me wants to say he doesn't deserve her. He didn't trust and believe in her and she and their child payed the price. I know who is actually guilty but she reached out to him. Its too late to cry over spilled milk. 

I know he suffered and that he really loves her but..... 

Curious to see how you will spin this. I am one of those people who once losing their trust never give it again

Will eagerly wait for the time when Kagome will remember  

Thx for updating  Only in your fics Sesshomaru is not as strong perfect and infallible. He  makes mistakes and is earthy. 

kagomesirene (Chapter 1) - Sat 18 Aug 2018

OMG....poor Kagome...poor Souta...poor Baby...

I`m so sad right now...and livid for a holy man to roture and literally rip a new live apart and for what? I hope he get` s his eternity...but in hell....he should be incarcerated in some damp filthy cell with no light and nothing but his damned dirty soul to talk too.

Please update now...or even sooner if possivle ;3

But about now!

Lorena (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2018

Can one be sad and livid at the same time, lol... I can faintly understand all the terribleness from Kagome's family, souta excluded, but not Sesshomaru. This absolutely broke my heart- From the very moment he didn't believe her to now, I just don't understand it. I understand the title and position her father held, but does their past mean nothing?! I don't even think I was breathing the moments where i read Kagome's pic, like misty-eyed disbelief- I imagine Souta was killed, which  I think I knew was going to happen, but I feel like a monster for hoping her mother died too, this could've gone so differently had she just not lied...i don't think I've ever flipped on my emotions so crazily, like literally bouncing from each emotion until that damn dream sequence. I swear that was bittersweet in the way that it wouldve normally been sweet to me, but I was just upset that all the hard work Souta, baby Taisho, and Kagome tried to do went down the drain

Koree (Chapter 16) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

Wow when I say this was a intense chap !! Soooooo much happened & sooo much was revealed Kagome‘s father was really crazy . Then for Sesshoumaru of all people not to believe he :( Great but sad chap , can’t wait for the next update 

AuroraDarlene (Chapter 5) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

I don't know whether this makes me a bad person but I'm secretly loving Sesshomaru's desperation for Kagome<3

AuroraDarlene (Chapter 16) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

I really love your way of writing and setting of the characters:-)...this story has been stuck in my head ever since I read it and I really hope you  continue updating it ...

I usually don't read unfinished stories but after reading your story,“The Accidental Housekeep”, I fell in love with your writing and your characterization/dynamic of Kagome and Sesshoumaru. I couldn't read enough of your stories and read all your finished and unfinished stories in one night(T_T)....I really hope you continue your wonderful stories and keep in good health:-) of luck:-)

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