Kagaku-sha (Chapter 8) - Wed 20 Sep 2017

Well I guess if I read the author's notes I'd have seen your definitions and things! LMBO! Disregard!

Kagaku-sha (Chapter 10) - Wed 20 Sep 2017

First let me say that this is a really great story from what I've read so far! Very interesting concept and a great 'page turner' (mouse scroller?) I just find myself confused about who's talking (specifically when I see the itallics), what's going on and what certain things mean. I suppose I'm not very familiar with some of the Hebrew words used in the context they're used, and the beings you describe... I'm imagining this is like a fantasy video game universe mixed with some Judaism and your imagination? I'm trying to follow but I find myself re-reading certain paragraphs after moving forward and goinig, "wait what?" lol I think I understand what you're doing with the foreshadowing and what not... so I suppose I should just hold my horses and finish reading what you have and wait for your future updates to serve as explainations...

A glossary of fonts, punctuations and terms at the end or beginning of a chapter would be extremely helpful and allow me to follow much better. I really like the summaries you've done. That has helped clear up a few things for me as well. (My reading comprehension is lacking at 1AM when I'm half sleep but can't stop reading lol! You know how you doze off infront of your laptop... wake back up... fight the sleep... ? No? Just me? Okay lol)

Okay... Happy Humpday!

Great story!

Delcena (Chapter 11) - Fri 15 Sep 2017

I'm impressed. I don't usually admit to being. You have created an amazing story that is different from what I typically see. Can't wait for you to update!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 7) - Sun 27 Aug 2017

I find this story very intriguing and interesting. It is very, very confusing. I read your author's notes and I am trying very hard to make some sense out of it. I know you said things will fall into place later but a little background history on Kagome and Sesshomaru would be nice also a little meaning to some of the words used would be nice too.

Other than that the story is nicely written and I will continue to read to get a better understanding. Looking forward to updates on this unsual tale.

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 7) - Fri 25 Aug 2017

Very very interesting....

Crimson Rose (Chapter 7) - Thu 24 Aug 2017

This story is intriguing but confusing. 

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