Reviews for Past Meets Present by Chie

TamashaToko (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Mar 2018

UMMMMMMMMMMMM s'cuse u!  Chapter 1 implies there will be a chapter 2 now I will never know what Sesshoumaru thinks of the hot dog, or let alone corn dogs!!!! Where is Shippou?  jk

It had everything I would assume that would come from a newcomer visiting Kagome's world.  Interest in the box that shows things as Sesshoumaru seemed quite content just playing with the remote, and would probably be an issue in a libaray able to just keep going while everyone else becomes hungry and closing time could be upon them, but the question on my mind is could Kagome check those books out for her?  Does she have any outstanding fines as a result of probably losing a book or two in the fuedal era?  So many questions. 


I thought I saw InuYasha eat dog in the manga once and Kagome being grossed out, but that could have been Ranma or Mermaid Saga not sure, but yeah it wouldn't be an oddity to Sesshoumaru at all.  


Nice story even if it has to be a one shot!  Also nice addition of Souta as well.  In other fics or rps I've played with this kind of thing most take the easier route of making up an excuse for the family to be absent to not write Kagome having to explain her situation and you didn't.  Cheers!

Carice (Chapter 1) - Thu 06 Jul 2017

Really good! I hope you are planning on writing more because this was amazing :)

Misao (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

Sooo sad that is a Oneshot T_T it realy make me want more T_T are you sure that some day (soon) you could try and make a fic fron this oneshot, I feel that this one have a amaizing history to tell.. so I beg you keep that in mind please?... pretty pretty PRETTYYYY please???? I have to say that I really love it and I wish that I can read what could happen in future for them... since Sesshomaru is taking everything so calm, and that he is learning and have opend mind makes me wonder.... so


pelase I love it and I really wish to see mor about this some day (sssoooooonnnnnn pleaseeeeeee????)


sorry for my bad in can read english just fine but I'm a mess writing it since this is not my first language XDDD



Nicole (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

Poor Kagome. I wanted to strangle Souta for her :)

Eryn (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Jun 2017


Natalia (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

The thing with dog meat cracked me up! Lol! It's meat like any other! Does he eat dogs?! Like literarily dog eats dog world? And he certainly is curious! And I laugh how us authors are dressing him in kagome's dad clothes that just happen to still be around! Why not grandpa? A very enjoyable read as everything from you! I wonder how he'll react to internet? Maybe some pop ups with some girls in bikini! Poor souta will have to explain! Lol! Will you be writing more? Hope you will cause it's awesome! Thx for posting!

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