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Koree (Chapter 7) - Tue 05 Jun 2018

Love the story so far , I wonder what happenthe d to Sesshomaru during Kagome’s 6 year absence 

Tatorr (Chapter 7) - Mon 28 May 2018

I'm really enjoying this story. Please update soon.

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 6) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

I love this story!! She's back!! update soon!

Blommie8 (Chapter 6) - Tue 27 Feb 2018
glad there's a new chapter here

Toni (Chapter 6) - Wed 14 Feb 2018

can't wait for more

Sessygurl (Chapter 6) - Tue 13 Feb 2018

Oh man! This is getting good.

Cheyanna (Chapter 6) - Mon 12 Feb 2018

Can’t wait to read more!!!!:) Totally looking forward to the next update!!:)

Cathy (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 Nov 2016

Absolutly in love with this story, i have been waiting to see when you are going to add more chapters but i havent seen any in a while and i am a little sad about it because i want to see where things will go. I really hope you start updating again soon!! It is the best story i have read by far. I am not sure how much longer i can wait lol :P Great Job!!!

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 5) - Mon 24 Oct 2016

ahhhh don't stop there!! i want the 6 years later!! i'm dying here!! Update soon please!

Blommie8 (Chapter 5) - Tue 11 Oct 2016

watermarkit (Chapter 5) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

Holy crap - how are you turning out so many chapters? Looking forward to more!

cece star (Chapter 1) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

This was amazing please keep writing. It flowed well but things moved a little fast but I think you should definitely keep writing please please please.

Blommie8 (Chapter 4) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

Amber (Chapter 1) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

I adore your story so far. I have never seen a plot line like this. So it will be interesting to see what is to come in the near future. What I am personally hoping is Sesshoumaru will take Kagome with him to his time because I personally do not like the way her "friend"(Inuyasha) and sister(Kikyo) treat her(Kagome). I personally do not see them staying in the house for all of the story anyway. And I am also wondering if Kagome possesses her miko abilities in this story.

Jean (Chapter 3) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

Such a sad chapter, I'm glad Sess was there for her. Looking forwardto the next update!

cherry20052 (Chapter 3) - Sat 08 Oct 2016

This is very interesting! I cannot wait for the rest of the story.

LittleRin (Chapter 2) - Sat 08 Oct 2016

Your dates are off. States had various sets of laws for a while after 1776 (at which time it was by majority indentured servants of all skin colors and they were set free after a preset number of years), but slavery (the more profitable alternative >.<) was at its worst once they were federally declared property by the color of their skin in 1857 and no longer (relatively) easily able to escape by crossing state lines or able to live freely with the many who had been treated as indentured servants and set free. Many free people were captured and forced into slavery at this point with no other reason but skin tone. (Thanks supreme court. .... With an extra note of good riddance to the racist jerk scalia who set a few laws back about 100 years...) the amendment that overturned this and abolished slavery was set in 1870 and though many of the horrors that happened in that 13 year span had changed many people into hatred of slavery,  many other people only cared about money or feeling superior and so southern states spent years fighting against equal treatment and rights. The average people were bombarded with propaganda and fear so they didn't really fight against the rules. You know.  Statements like Mexican people are rapists (Trump) and the stupid belief that all Muslims are terrorists. >.< why can't we quit repeating past stupidity?  Ugh.... 

XxUnknownXxXEntityxX (Chapter 2) - Fri 07 Oct 2016

I must say that I am intrigued after reading these first two chapters. The plot line is original and I can only guess at what all could be coming. Obviously there will be some kind of confrontation with mean little Kikyou! Love the little *hint hint* of Kagura's interest in Sesshoumaru.

I find it interesting that you chose to make Inuyasha and his father (and Kouga) human while making Sango a demon. I can totally see little 10 year old Kagome being a sweet and loving child who has pefect acceptance towards all she meets but like most people, seems to accept things for the way they are.

My only semi-complaint is that Sesshoumaru is so OOC. While i can absolutely find it believable that he would vow to protect sweet little Kagome with his life, I just have a hard time imagining Sesshy being... "broken" as you portray him. This is just my opinion and in no way affects the fact that I am going to have to see how this plays out! Hope you update soon!!!


zodiak023 (Chapter 2) - Fri 07 Oct 2016

Wow I love truly love this story. It is refreshing to read a new plot line. U MUST update very very soon.

Nicole (Chapter 1) - Thu 06 Oct 2016

You caught my attention so far. Added to my list to follow. :-)

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