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KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Tue 09 Oct 2018

Very nice update. Oh boy! That’s going to cause a ruckus! I think Sesshomaru’s Beast is going to make him crazy. LOL

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 7) - Tue 09 Oct 2018

Great story, please update the next chapters quickly!

Toni (Chapter 7) - Tue 09 Oct 2018

so glad you updated this story really enjoy it  hope to see more chapters soon  keep up the great work

Sesskagaddict89 (Chapter 7) - Tue 09 Oct 2018

Ohhh I can tell this is gonna be AMAZING! 

Alesia (Chapter 6) - Mon 02 Jul 2018

So far I am liking it please keep going

Fallingyuki (Chapter 6) - Sun 13 Aug 2017

I love the fact that Kagome stood up to him.

KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Sun 06 Aug 2017

Wonderful update! Looking forward to finding out who this evil doer is. Thanks so much. 

Valasaurus (Chapter 6) - Fri 04 Aug 2017

Oh sess... you'd think he of all people would listen to his beast

REDWOLF (Chapter 6) - Thu 03 Aug 2017

Glad you're the best. Sesshoumaru acts so clueless sometimes. Please update soon :)




REDWOLF (Chapter 5) - Mon 13 Feb 2017

HaHa! I like little Shippo being so brave! A Fantastic Fic  :)

chevonne knowles (Chapter 4) - Sat 28 Jan 2017

I have read this story before. did you decide to edited an updated it's been a long time I hope you do finish it this time

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Sat 28 Jan 2017

This was a very touching and emotional chapter concerning Kagome's reunion with Shippo. It was very nicely written. 

I like how you are developing Shippo's character. Hm, I wonder what Sessho's trying to hide from Kagome already. I also am wondering if Shippo married Rin???  In the feudal era, Shippo would never had gotten away with talking to Sesshomaru the way he did let alone giving him a vailed threat like the one he just gave. Ah...the plot thickens. lol

Your overall writing style, in my opinion, has been developing nicely. Keep up the excellent work you are putting into your stories. I am enjoying reading this story and can hardly wait for the next chapter to come and the next, and the next and the next, etc., etc. you get my  :)



Valasaurus (Chapter 4) - Mon 23 Jan 2017

Glad that she got to reunite with Shippo. I wonder what they're keeping from her though...

FayeMegan (Chapter 4) - Sun 22 Jan 2017

pretty interesting~ I'd like to see where it goes, please update soon!

LadyFugue (Chapter 3) - Wed 26 Oct 2016

Oh my gosh! More please! 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 3) - Tue 25 Oct 2016

So Shippo finally makes his appearance. Now the fun begins. I had to start over again from chapter one to catch up. Both chapters two and three were nicely written.

You would think by now, into the 21st century, that Sessho would have some kind of manners and not just drag Kagome off somewhere without telling her where he is taking her. He could have said something like 'I have a suprise for you or there is someone who would like to see you' instead of being a barbarian. I think he did it to get a rise out of her - teasing her. He knows how to push her buttons and deep down he missed and loves her. lol  :)

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 Oct 2016

ahhhh shippo!! awww. This story is adorable. I can't wait to see where it heads! Update soon!

roberta. (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 Oct 2016

Just found your story its good loking forward to reading more.

Violla (Chapter 2) - Sun 02 Oct 2016

Finalmente  una Kagome  forte , non vedo l'ora per il prossimo capitolo. 

Eva (Chapter 2) - Fri 30 Sep 2016

I would love to see Kagome upend Moon towers and Inuyasha and give them a good shake.

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