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AimeeKisuragi-Sama (Chapter 25) - Sat 05 Jan 2019

Please finish this fic!!!!! Its killing me!! I have to know what happens now!!!!!! Peace love and Inuyasha!!!!

Fire Inu Princess (Chapter 25) - Tue 12 Sep 2017

I loved the story, this one and 'Her Eyes' I'm curious, how will Inuyasha adjust in the mordern world and how quickly can he form a 'father-son' bond with his son? anyway, looking forward to more XD

candace peaches (Chapter 25) - Sat 10 Jun 2017

wonderful ending to a wonderful story. keep up the great writing. c'ya'

Seluna Maru (Chapter 25) - Mon 05 Sep 2016

Ahhhhhhhhhhh ???? I cried so darn hard!!! Not giving spoilers but damn what a moving story!!

Seluna Maru (Chapter 20) - Sun 04 Sep 2016

Yass Kagome Yass!!

Seluna Maru (Chapter 16) - Sun 04 Sep 2016

Yea I couldn't cry since I so saw this happening! Please don't get offended, it was sad but I felt like they were totally being stupid! Thos was the day, they new it but they left on the day smh! Taro felt something wrong he is an empath for goodness sakes and they still didn't heed the warning sighs. Like I saw this coming a mile away shm. And Sess wtf men u aint told Kagome really dude? Lol thats how much emotion this one chapter brought out in me. Smh I was super pissed!! Lmao

Seluna Maru (Chapter 11) - Sat 03 Sep 2016

You are very good at suspense! Will Yasha die? Will he survive? All these things next time on the KB series

Seluna Maru (Chapter 6) - Sat 03 Sep 2016

LOL I love the light hunor of Kagome and Sesshomaru's antics. It not too crazy and weird like those humor fics I avoid!  I love this........

Seluna Maru (Chapter 3) - Sat 03 Sep 2016

Nooooooo is he really gonna die?? :'( Wahhhh Inuyasha sama!!

Deana (Chapter 25) - Sun 14 Aug 2016

Awesome story! I thouroughly enjoyed it.

snow (Chapter 25) - Sun 14 Aug 2016

wow both stories are awesome inuyasha has a SON!!!! AWW SO CUTE! honestly i wish there was more xD but its cool thank you for two wonderful stories.

Selenityhyperion (Chapter 25) - Fri 12 Aug 2016

Okay I'm going to point out a couple errors in the code situation but that is the only criticism I have for the entire story. 


We we don't shock asystole. Defib pads aren't used manually anymore - they are just stickers about 6"x8" we stick on the middle of the chest and on the left side. We just charge the zoll then state 'all clear' and once everyone has their hands up, we shock and immediately resume compressions. No waiting to check for a rhythm. Also, we typically don't put a catheter in until after the code is over because draining the bladder is the least of the worries. KUDOS TO MENTIONING RESPIRATORY THERAPY!! We would intubate him after we gain back a pulse in a human. Epinephrine would be given quite frequently, nice call. 


Okay so now. I LOVED this story. Absolutely loved it!!! I think you are a great author and I cannot wait to read more of your work!!!

roberta. (Chapter 25) - Thu 11 Aug 2016

What a wonderful story thank you

cynthia (Chapter 25) - Thu 11 Aug 2016

Beautiful story. I loved it though I would have liked a bit more.  U r amazing. Can't wait for ur next story

channing (Chapter 1) - Thu 11 Aug 2016

NO, I need more.  Love story even last chapter is short.  

roberta. (Chapter 24) - Thu 11 Aug 2016

Am so happy

roberta. (Chapter 20) - Mon 08 Aug 2016

Short be good thanks. Hope your little one feels better soon

witchy_woman (Chapter 19) - Wed 03 Aug 2016

I love that you have the Band of Seven as the baddies behind the War and assasination attempts. Cannot wait for more.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 19) - Wed 03 Aug 2016

Awesome chapter. You did well in writing it. So far, everything seems to be falling into place and it seems that every one in Sessho's pack/family will survive into the future because so far we have seen or heard of all three of Sessho's children being there at the moment Inuyasha arrives with his injuries. We have also heard of Kagome tending to Yasha's wounds at the hospital. One of the twin's mentioned earlier, when Kagome first came into the hospital while pregnant with Taro, that they had younger siblings at home with their mother, so obviously, so does Sessho. Rin was mentioned by future Taro indicating that she also survived and found her happiness which I assumed will be with Yasha, if he survives, that is.

This leaves what will be going on with the pack/family during the next 3 to 4 hundred years until that moment in time. Excellent writing and I will be of course looking forward to the next chapter.





Mutnodjmet (Chapter 18) - Tue 02 Aug 2016

Nice exciting chapter. Does Taro have the ability of teleportation now that he went through his first transformation sooner than expected? I agree with the previous reviewer that Taro went back to the well, retrieved Kagome and made it back to the battle in such a short period of time for one so young and inexperienced. Did he gain the ability of teleportation during his premature transformation? The ability of telekinesis and teleporting would make for a powerful being at his young age. I know Sessho is extremely proud of his first born son.

So the band of seven has made their appearance it seems. The plot is thickening. Keep up the good work. Update soon and you did an outstanding job of writing this piece.

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