LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 1) - Sat 23 Feb 2019


Raven (Chapter 1) - Sun 11 Sep 2016

This was just too perfect! Well written and has me wanting more. Will their trist remain a secret? Will they cross paths again? Does this turn into love or is it just mutual spite for Inuyasha? Please come back to this!!!!

jazz (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Aug 2016

Wow I kind of wish there was more

roberta. (Chapter 1) - Mon 18 Jul 2016

Great start. Looking forward to next chap

Debra (Chapter 1) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

Great story! I just wish you had decided to make it more than a oneshot.I would have loved to haveread about Sesshoumaru's continued visits to her. And see how long it took before her friends and Inuyasha figured it all out.

Emerald LockHeart (Chapter 1) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

I really hope this isn't it and that you will continue this i would love to read more.

Elizabeth (Chapter 1) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

Your stories are some of the oldest on here.  It's good to have you back with such a great, steamy story.  Hope you've broken that block and there is more coming!

Deana (Chapter 1) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

So good to have you back. Awesome one shot!

kat (Chapter 1) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

Oh my steamy story first thing in the morning i like it! Lol awesome story definetly has me wanting more! 

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