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andreana (Chapter 47) - Sat 06 Oct 2018

OMG!!!!! amazing story so far i love it cant wait for the updates and conclusion!!!!!!!

Walter205 (Chapter 47) - Fri 05 Oct 2018

 A very nice and sordid tale, looking forward to what happens next.

KyraTekak (Chapter 47) - Sun 08 Jul 2018

Hope for more updates 

SammyJams (Chapter 47) - Thu 24 May 2018

Oh no! I hope she makes it in time to save the pups!

Slayersgurl35 (Chapter 46) - Thu 24 May 2018

Ahhhhhh no I need more

chevonne knowles (Chapter 45) - Tue 22 May 2018

I know certain things are supposed to happen in the story but it makes absolutely no sense for the powers-that-be to expect them to save the world but did not tell them just a little bit so they can get there. It just seems like to me that whoever's in charge of wants them to fail. I know that you cannot be told everything in the Journey of life but it is cruel to expect them to do all of this but get stupid riddles in return. It just seems like to me the gods want to make them as miserable as possible they can't possibly want them to win if they continue to hide everything from them. It just seems like a game to me.  let's see how miserable you can make them. let's see how much they can suffer next. I'm just not a fan. But I do love your story and I can't wait to see what happens next.

SammyJams (Chapter 46) - Sun 20 May 2018

Oh no! The poor pup! Hopefully Kenta makes it in time!

SammyJams (Chapter 45) - Thu 10 May 2018

So happy this was updated! I love all of your stories!


Apple phone and watch. Don’t care about tablets or computers. 

Saphira17 (Chapter 45) - Thu 10 May 2018

I really like this story because of how you’ve painted sesskag & via another reader, I too am wondering if Riku will make an appearance to show he’s made that final plunge into the depths of madness. 

Poll: I have an iPhone 6s, I used to have android phones but switched when I found that iPhone was more user friendly & could do what I needed it & could hold all my music

Eternity1225 (Chapter 45) - Mon 07 May 2018

Happy to see another update to this story. I’m curious as to what the threat to Kagome and the baby is.

Poll: I happen to have an apple phone. I don’t really have a set preference for who’s products I use. If I like the look and size and if it works for what I want then that’s all I care about :p.

Kendra (Chapter 1) - Thu 29 Mar 2018

I cant wait till the next chapter your my fav sesskag writter. Keep up the great work.

SammyJams (Chapter 43) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

Anxiously awaiting another chapter!

Kanda (Chapter 37) - Tue 30 Jan 2018

sorrow, huh? and before, it was mentioned that sesshoumaru and kagome would go through the devastation. welp, i can only assume that riku would force her to go through an early miscarriage.

Kanda (Chapter 35) - Mon 29 Jan 2018

mmmmm, i get what yer saying, but you also said (well, guinevere anyway) that she would have liked to get to know her son (or raise him) since that would have been the only thing in her life that she would have loved. but i guess since guin and inuyasha bonding, that’s now moot. *shrug* now i just wanna see shippo and kagome bond because right now it just seems he’s just there.

Kanda (Chapter 30) - Mon 29 Jan 2018

ok? but how does guin feel about that? i don’t think i have read her and daichi hashing it out as yet. and then there’s sango and miroku. i really would like to know how they are in their relationship. though we know that theyre married and love each other, what about their feelings on being alive again and their thoughts on their children who are dead but have children of their own that also have children of their own. would it be weird? and shippo! we’ve only been allowed into his head once so far! he’s my second fave character after sess in the series, im kinda disappointed we haven’t seen more of him even though he’s in the pack. but who am i kidding, i haven’t read far enough yet to know what’s up or if you have. i’ll come back to these issues if i notice them missings, however.

Kanda (Chapter 29) - Mon 29 Jan 2018

i mean... i would have preferred guin and shippo, but i guess i’m alright with inuyasha and guin, just that it was a little obvious to see that they would from time they met, lol. it would have been interesting to see shippo and guin’s personalities meshing together, especially all the pranks he would have taught her and she with her sight making them even greater, lmao. anyway, hmmm, i dunno i feel like sess opening up is great but imo, it was kinda quick. then again, the pacing of the story overall is kinda quick (but not in a bad way, so don’t mind me). overall, the story so far is good. keep up the good work, fam.

shalisa davis (Chapter 43) - Tue 03 Oct 2017

I loved the story but the past few chapters have me confused.. I. Thought she considered shippo her son but now it's like he don't exist to her.  And I thought kenta was sesshomaru dad not touga.

Mia (Chapter 42) - Fri 29 Sep 2017

Although I liked this chapter and the emotion it brings, you have not included Shippo. You had him call her mother and her call him son in previous chapters. I think chapter 32 and maybe a small spot in 36 is the last I recall their relationship being referred to. And I have always felt they had a mother/son relationship. Yet, in this chapter he is left out of the family dynamic, that they are a family of 3 becoming 4, when it should be 5. I have enjoyed reading this story though. I just felt it needs a little clarifying on whether he is considered her son and part of their family or not and if he, is than a little of his reaction to Kagome and Maru's news. I'm looking forward to reading new chapters!! ????

Natalia (Chapter 43) - Sat 05 Aug 2017

Congratulations!  Take care of yourself,  and write at your own pacing.  

The for updating. It was nice seeing the full story of satori. 

Leticia (Chapter 43) - Sat 05 Aug 2017

Congratulations on the pregnancy and I hope you start to feel better the further along you get. I'll wait patiently for the next update.

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