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Kanda (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Jan 2018

sesshoumaru is a sarcastic prick in this one and i love it. XD normally i wouldnt but this story seems very interesting. all the sarcasm. wonderful. and inuyasha’s devious, too, tf. lmao.

Natalia (Chapter 28) - Sat 23 Sep 2017

Hm maybe it's because I don't like long season dramas and when the plot just gets dragged...  But I get confused at so many characters and what is happening with them. Too many parallel arks... I must admit the character I like more is sesshoumaru. Others not so much... And I am certainly not a fan of kagome which is unusual. Her character as a strong stubborn individual is contradictory since she was born and raised as a slave or maid or Whatever who should be submissive and used to lower her eyes and listen when she is told to do something. You can't just change overnight because of something that changes her body not her individuality. So I am not convinced and she isn't even sorry.

Something is missing in this plot, aside from the closeness between main characters but I don't know what. 

I compliment you on writing this I can see how your writing evolved.  My opinion is just my own and not meant as disrespect,  but I don't feel satisfaction while reading it it's just like dragging on, with issues that don't get resolved even when they work at resolving them. Like going in circles. 

Wishing you good luck! Take care and keep writing.  

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Thu 21 Sep 2017

LOL! Inukimi is a hot mess! This is moving right along. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Tue 19 Sep 2017

Well, good on you Kagome and I would love to see Sesshs capricious mother take a liking to her. So did they send Ayames servant back to her pack? Or is she staying at the mountain? Interesting...Interesting. 

Crimson Rose (Chapter 27) - Tue 19 Sep 2017

So I've been literally thinking over the whole Sess/Kyra thing and I'm not too sure if it would fit the flow of your story. Maybe because how Sess wouldn't be with Kag if she was human and later he made that choice again with Kyra when she became human. So I don't think he really could be with Kyra to have an affair. Which wouldn't make complete sense cause he's so adamant to not be with a human throughout the whole story. BUT in a way it does make sense if they do have one because of him taking Kyra with him and everyone else on the quest for Naraku so I can see them potentially becoming close and possible feelings to happen??


Idk lol it makes sense but yet it doesn't and  honestly I'd be so confused if he's keeping Kyra with him but THEN he doesn't have an affair with her or at least attempt to. Because otherwise there really isn't any point for him to keep her cause she technically she isn't "pack" regardless if she saved his life or not. Either Kyra does something meaningful)  for him that no one else has been able to do for him before to make him want her enough to have an affair (more meaningful than saving his life apparently lol)


I just need some clarity honestly cause it's bugging me so much that I don't know! Lol please update soon!!


Mona (Chapter 27) - Tue 19 Sep 2017

I wonder what is wrong with Sesshoumaru, I am really starting not to like him again.  What is his obsession with Kyra?  What's with the whole everyone must conceive a child thing to?  His ruling actions are terrible, hopefully you can shine a light on what is going on with him.  So far it just seems to me like he and Kagome are going to get divorced at this rate.

Natalia (Chapter 27) - Tue 19 Sep 2017

Well honestly I don't see kagome's love for sesshoumaru sorry! She seems detached to me and sort of go with the flow.

Also the way you show sesshoumaru's possessiveness toward Kyra I felt like he wouldn't mind having an affair with her, cause she is his, sort of way.

I am confused at this point honestly and don't know what to expect. I don't see their closeness at all in the late chapters , and no sex is not being close.

I am glad I found out about the magic in dragon creation, but I still am not convinced since I never ever encountered this sort of hybrid in inuyasha canon or legends or mythology in any country, especially Japan, but that's just me. I will accept it since it's a au and your fic so yes I will go with it!

Thx for the speedy update!

Crimson Rose (Chapter 27) - Tue 19 Sep 2017

The whole thing about keeping Kyra around seems a bit odd unless you're going to have Sess and Kyra have an affair in the later chapters? It seems like it could be heardng in that direction. Because of Kags and Sess's attitude toward the end of the chapter, who knows lol. Maybe I'm reading too much into this! :D 


but the whole part of it being odd, is because of the similarities of what happened to Amara and you'd think Sess wouldnt want that to happen to anyone else.

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Sun 17 Sep 2017

Very interesting premise. Downtown can I resist? Since I am in severe DA withdrawal, this will be fun. Sessh is not going to be happy! That was quite devious. 

Ree-san (Chapter 1) - Sat 16 Sep 2017

It really doesn't seem that Kagome cares about Sesshomaru. Past instinct or whatever links them together. Inutaisho is the same, he has never taken responsibility for what he has done to Sesshomaru or apologize, only justify his actions and be defensive. Perhaps he should leave and travel. It's so obvious that he just wants someone who accepts and loves him, not trying to manipulate him into whatever they envision. He grew up with that and Kagome continues it. I'm sure she's going to use this information to get him to instantly be how she would want with Blythe. The PTSD he has is amazingly bad, but he's supposed to instantly suck that up I guess. Yea, I vote for him leaving on a quest by himself and Rin secretly follows him. Really enjoy your writing but, perhaps all the Sesshomaru targeting has added up too much over time? And how could he mate with a reptile? Hatching a half-dog? I would think as a couple they wouldn't have been able to conceive and that would keep them from being accepted as a mated pair?

Natalia (Chapter 25) - Sat 16 Sep 2017

Well I feel confused.... Even though magic and all that, a dog egg so to say rubs me the wrong way. If born I would probably be more inclined but dogs and hens don't breed! Its not possible! As well dog youkais and dragons. Shivers.... It's simply my opinion no offence but I just can't stomach it! I can't wrap my head around it! No matter the evolution... The magic... I won't talk about genetics  a d how breeds of the same family only canines with canines yada yada, humans would be exception since they don't have animal dominant traits. I am not trying to annoy you sorry, just stating my opinion.

In rest sesshoumaru's temper tantrums were good! I literally felt his emotions while lashing like a rabid dog.

Not sure I would be able to read further since the issue with DOG EGG is not my cup of tea, but I will give it a try only because it's your fic.

Thx for updating!

Crimson Rose (Chapter 25) - Sat 16 Sep 2017

So did Inutaisho want Sesshomaru to name Blythe as his heir because "You either name your first born as your heir or the child of your choosing." What would have happened if he did say that?

or does Blythe not count because she's a bastard? 

Please update soon!

Skylar (Chapter 24) - Sat 27 May 2017

Loving it!

Darknessqueen0789 (Chapter 24) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Oh wow. So Sesshomaru's long lost daughter is kagome's lady maid. Oh that is going to be one big reveal when Kagome finds out. Especially it was by a woman he did love once. Personally, I really like the Luna arc and the way it was written. Though it was sad to see the females suffer due to one beliefs, it did in the end, make them stronger. That's how I interpreted. I really enjoy your writing style. Keep the chapters coming. I wanna see if Sesshomaru and Kagome turn into a loving couple from all this mess.

Eroviaa Hunter (Chapter 22) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

*face palms* Kagome pretty much has failed in her position as the 'prefect mate'. Even with all the posturing ( I say that now after completely the chapter) she did with Sesshomeru, in the end she got face rolled.  I hope she has some redemption otherwise she is more mouth than strength. SHe needs to stiffen up that backbone and accept wholehearted that she is a demon and act like it. 

maria (Chapter 22) - Wed 12 Apr 2017

Hola, me gusta la historia, como estas llevando los personajes, van evolucionandocon la trama y si quedan occ no importa! Prefiero eso antes que una historia repetitiva! 

Espero el próximo capítulo


Toni (Chapter 21) - Sun 09 Apr 2017

Great story and thickening plot however I'm confused about Aimee. In earlier episode didn't Aimee said that Inukimi locked her in the dark dimension numerous times in her toddlers here? Shouldn't she not be affected by the magic then?

Eroviaa Hunter (Chapter 21) - Fri 07 Apr 2017

Luna is a acrazy bitch of a villian that slithers around playing 'nice'. Sesshomeru's family is so disfunctional it's crazy. Poor inu papa is just trying to keep his head up. Inu is on the path of revenge, and now this to poor Rin.  I hope there is some good to come of this and that Luna gets her ass HANDED to her by an enraged full dog formed Kagome. Kovu is a lovely character that I can see coming around every so often to raise a little trouble and ruffle the dogs but still is an allie to them. I look forwards to the next installment :) 

pinky (Chapter 20) - Wed 05 Apr 2017
will inukimi plans come to pass Co's she's just speaking as if luna won't fight back, I hope she survives and be a proper mother to sess even if it's late

Mrvc (Chapter 7) - Sun 02 Apr 2017

Hmm, dont want to furthee read anymore, i dont like kagome's character here, full of insecurities, and there is no character development, no depth  , the mother is insane, ciao!

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