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marisel (Chapter 38) - Mon 03 Sep 2018

Ohh!  So soon  how are they handling kykio.  She hates yokai yet she sleep with them,  what a hipocrite.  

Poor kouga he got can because loving his obsession.   That was harsh.  they don't have jails for yokai.


It sound to me that your close to end the story???

marisel (Chapter 36) - Mon 03 Sep 2018

That was a though trial.  Kouga was demented.  Nice seeing kagome trying to help eito. Poor kitty.

marisel (Chapter 32) - Sun 02 Sep 2018

Poor kouga, his gotten coming thoigjj.  So...fatal a traction if you my meaning.  I am glad nobody else has to be kill out of the stoty.  Hope you update soon.

marisel (Chapter 16) - Thu 30 Aug 2018

Your view of pack dynamics is very kinky but the story has really good bones to call your interest and attention.  I like good stories that don't focus so much in sex but in these case their interactions shows the facets of each individual.   Your re a great written , all stories are good to enjoy it.   


Keep them coming. 

Mimiru (Chapter 1) - Tue 28 Aug 2018

I have been following this beautiful piece of work since the beginning and man it's been a WILD ride! I can't wait until the final chapters to come out! I hope you return to finish this Caedus!

SammyJams (Chapter 38) - Mon 30 Jul 2018

Just read this again for the 5th time - really want to see the final parts of this amazing story!!!

Zinhle (Chapter 38) - Tue 03 Jul 2018
highly anticipating the epilogue

Emu (Chapter 38) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

I fall in love with this story every time I read it. Can't wait for the epilogue to go up. Please update soon.

Koree (Chapter 38) - Thu 05 Apr 2018

Taichi had me scared for a sec :/ i was like noooooo Taichi how could you but then i remembered his ability & i had a mental war with myself as i was reading lol anywhoooooo amazing chap

SammyJams (Chapter 38) - Mon 26 Mar 2018

Please please please finish this story! It is my favorite fanfic!!!

maricela (Chapter 38) - Tue 20 Feb 2018

love this story please update.

Reba Lynn (Chapter 38) - Tue 05 Dec 2017

More please!!! I’m dying to see what happens next!

Puneeti bhomia (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Nov 2017

Please update new chapter its been months waiting for like checking every time when new chapter will.update i m like going mad for this story plz do update

SammyJams (Chapter 38) - Fri 17 Nov 2017

EXTREMELY sad the last couple chapters of this was not put up - I’ve read thousands of Inuyasha fanfics and this is by far my favorite 

Chandra (Chapter 38) - Sat 14 Oct 2017

I love this story and I keep checking for an update. Please don't have given up on it! You are a talented writer and Stronger is an amazing story!

Lillydale (Chapter 38) - Thu 05 Oct 2017

Please update soon. This story helps me so much . I love this story so please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

BriAnne (Chapter 38) - Thu 07 Sep 2017

As I patiently await a new chapter I have been re reading this frequently. Please update soon 

SnowSphynx0083 (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 Aug 2017

Please update! I miss this story. It is such a wonderful story! 

lilone152 (Chapter 38) - Tue 08 Aug 2017

please please please please update!! :) I love this story, the suspense is killing me. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 38) - Mon 24 Jul 2017

Love this story its so good....  The action and drama it was good to kill off Naraku early but what will happen with Kikyou?  You have to update soon.....

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