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Created On: 06/19/2015 04:41:09

Thank you for the review on The Otome game! Hehe yeah I couldnt help making it angsty, I just enjoy putting the characters in tough situations too much...does that make me mean? O well XD I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far, the next chapter will be a more lighthearted one
Thanks again!

Duchess Of Darkness

Down in the valley where nobody knows....
Created On: 03/06/2012 05:47:26

YUSH HOOZAH IVE DONE IT....Ive finally deflowered the miko. May I burn in smut hell....*ahem*

Thanks for the reveiw. Its always smuttastic to know a fellow lover of the dark smut -nods-.

-tackle glomps smoosh nuzzle cuddle huggle-
You have been loved to death by the infamous D.O.D

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