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Created On: 04/19/2020 02:20:53
Edited By SHORTFRY On: 04/19/2020 02:21:07

Thank you for reading and reviewing Close Quarters! I'm glad you enjoyed that chapter and reference! This story is my first attempt at a drabble series (or drabbles in general), and that chapter was my favourite so far Hope you're enjoying the story!


Created On: 11/16/2013 02:11:23

Thank you for your review! As for the minor characters- they might pop in from time to time. I'm trying to make this as SessxKag centric as possible so I doubt they'll reappear. We might see a bit more of Miroku though!
I hope you like the rest of the story just as much!


Created On: 08/27/2013 23:20:56

Hey there! Thank you for your review! I hope you had time to read the rest and tell me what you think!


Created On: 08/05/2013 10:24:02

Thank you so much for your review! Really, it helps that you're a psych minor! Do let me know if you see any problems later!
Feedback from Riccie4: Ok not a problem

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