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Hm? Something about me? Let's see...

I eat souls. They're yummy.


All right, fine. That's not true.

They're a little bland without ketchup.


Anyway, I'm SSS. Nice to meet you. I'm 22 and from NY but I live in ATL, GA. I live with two dogs and a cat. I've been writing Inuyasha stories since I was about 14 but took some long unpublished gaps in between.

My last story was Haunted By You (re-posted here from FF) and I was so proud of it because it entertained a lot of people, which is what writing is all about for me.

Now that I've began publishing again I hope that I can entertain you, my new friends at Dokuga, and that we can all have a fun time obessing over the same thing:

Sexy. Fluffy. Boas.



More to come. Enjoy!



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Automatic Stop is on Hiatus until Sweetest Kill is finished.

With love and devotion to my readers (yes, you!)

-SSS 8/17/2012





The Sweetest Kill--4 Chapters Left

And I'm in the middle of a huge writer's block because of the flow. Just stay tuned, it's coming.

IMPORTANT: This story gets dark. Please use your discretion. Thank you.



Automatic Stop- 1 Chapter Every Wednesday --HIATUS (until SK is completed)


LINKS-- -- Me on FF.NET

Other Stories There:

Toxicity- It's poison, this love. One shot. Naraku x Kagome

VoicesAnything could happen. Kagome learned that the hard way when Souta dissapeared. Now she has to get him back and with the help of a demon, in a world where things stay forgotten and voices go unheard. AU Inu X Kag (HIATUS)



Fun fact:

These stories below are inspired by the lyrics of songs. Therefore I name each story the title of that song.

The Sweetest Kill -- Broken Social Scene

Crooked Teeth- Death Cab For Cutie

Automatic Stop- The Strokes




Also a quick "OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH" to anyone who has added any of my stories to thier Favorite Story list or have added me to their Fav. Author's list.

It's nice to know that I have written something others may enjoy.



Dokuga Awards:

Wow. That's all I can say. I was quite surprised to learn that I had won something, I didn't even know I had been nominated.

Imagine my surprise when I was checking out the cool banners and I went "Heh, that almost looks like my story and name right...there...*squint*....HOLY #@$#%$%"

I'm blown away!

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Proud to present:


MyBanner MyBanner






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Koga the rugged. Sesshomaru the refined. Kagome the poor girl stuck in the middle. May the best man live! *Ahem*, Win. May the best man WIN...Or whichever comes first. [Temporary Hiatus.See Profile.]
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Duchess Of Darkness

Chicago, IL
Created On: 01/24/2012 10:20:16

Thank you miss lady...I needed that fan to writer boost. Now I will remember to keep writing with my perverted head held far and low in the gutter.
You make it worth writing again, yush you do.



Created On: 10/19/2011 13:11:00

lol I love it when I get e-notifications for Crooked Teeth. It's definitely one of my favorite stories.
Sesshoumaru playing reluctant protector and second-guessing himself in the recent installments. Kagome trying to be herself; I like that she knows when not to push his buttons. You're good at keeping them in character.
I always look forward to reading your updates! Keep up the amazing work!
- CA
Feedback from Silver Standard Society: Thank You *happy sigh* You made my month, I'm really glad you're loving it!

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