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Name Entry

Created On: 07/16/2009 12:11:16

Dammit! Now you got me thinking about it... it would be interesting as a companion to my fic to detail how Kagome shares the books Sesshoumaru gave her mother (I made an edit to the end, in case you're baffled) with the past Sesshoumaru, putting her in place of Scheherazade and he in place of Shahryar. NOOOOooooo!!!!!


Created On: 07/16/2009 09:54:00

Marry you, eh? Well, we'd either have to move to another state, because where I am in good ole' sunny FL isn't on the equal marriage bandwagon yet, or you or I would have to grow a penis. Let's go with the penis. How far along are hormone injections these days, anyway? I swear, this comment must look so bizarre out of context, but SWEET GOD BLESS YOU for your stellar, jaw-dropping, heart-palpitating review of mah wee ficlet, "The Antiquarian". You really GOT it, I can tell, and it makes me swoon that the idea successfully made its way out of my brain and means something. Seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Dragon Wings
Created On: 07/15/2009 22:18:47

Your welcome! Hehe. Well, I'm glad i could set you down the right path. . LOL. Yeah, i really liked it! Keep the chapters coming! Woooo!


Dragon Wings
Created On: 07/15/2009 16:33:37

Yay! Im so excited! Wooo. And your welcome for the suggestion. I live to read your stories. hehe.


Created On: 07/15/2009 09:21:19

Mur!! Thanks for the heartfelt, in-depth review! It was almost as long as my chapters, and believe me, I really appreciate that! It can be a heinous pain in the butt corroborating the history, but I'm supremely anal retentive and my psyche demands it. It would bug me otherwise. I'm so insanely close to having chapter 4 finished, but I was honestly upset with myself for putting Sess in the position of hanyou, even though my more important goal was to make him fit with the romance novel characters I'm including. I know, it's my story, but still, the entire point of his character in canon is prejudice against mixed blood, and now he has it. Ah well, it's good to hear that change didn't turn you off. It concerns me that people may see it as too OOC. That said, ARRR-RROOOOO inDEED. I saw that movie in some artsy theatre when visiting a college friend in North Carolina (yeah... it's been awhile since I was in college...) and enjoyed it, mainly because of Mark Dacascos. Yeah... he and his character are The Sex®. And honestly, checking out pics, that's about right for most plains tribes' summer wear, or lack thereof! Breechclout, leggings, and little else. *orgasmdieswoon*

Thanks again, mah dear!!!!


Dragon Wings
Created On: 07/08/2009 14:32:40
Edited By Andi On: 07/08/2009 14:33:57

LoL. Your welcome. You are very talented and i love reading your writing. LOL. That sounded a bit weird. But it's ok if you don't expand on some of the stories, just keep the one shots coming! hehehe! LoL. Your stories make me all warm and fuzzy inside. LOL. Keep up the wonderful writing!

And thank you for the review! LOL! It made me laugh. Im glad you liked it. Haha.


Created On: 07/03/2009 14:30:11

Wow, thanks! I'm humbled... you've got some serious skills yourself. Your tropes send my head spinning sometimes, I love your style! Once I glom onto a story I'm compelled to review it practically to death, so be prepared! And thank you for your review of "Heaven's Gate".


Created On: 07/01/2009 13:57:49

Hi there! Thanks v. much for your review on 'The Ruins of History' - especially since you seemed to escape the dreaded 'blah', lol!

Your question about Naraku ruling a dead world made me chuckle. But also really helped me out in finding a possible motive for his 'OMGdestroytheworld' behaviour, so I definitely owe you one! *hugs*

Thanks again, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Dragon Wings
Created On: 06/27/2009 08:05:13

Your welcome! It was a fun story to read! I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read your next one. ^_^


Dragon Wings
Created On: 06/24/2009 04:29:14

I am the same way when it comes to the plot. It's not a big deal. And yes, you are a fantastic writer. I love the way you write. And if you think about it, every story has been written before. They are just different spins off Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Hanzel and Gretal, The frog prince, etc. What is important is how you write the story. How you make it alluring to the reader. That's what i like about your stories. You leave the reader craving more. ^_^. Keep writing. I look forward to all your chapters.

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