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Name Entry

Created On: 02/20/2010 00:00:15

you're welcome..I really like your art anyway


Created On: 02/19/2010 16:31:34

Lol, I've even started using those Korean exclamations in my everyday talk. I always crack up though when I go back and re-read the chapters. I love it how I blend the Korean with the Japanese. I'm such a dork.

Thanks so much for the lovely review my dear! I truly do appreciate it! And Coffee Prince...::dreamy sigh::...one of my absolute favorites!


Created On: 02/10/2010 13:07:45

you are very welcome, dear!! all of your art is quite lovely

Ko Torii

Created On: 02/01/2010 04:22:37

You are very welcome.

I actually found tamarind juice at my local food lion. you should really try it if you haven't before.


Created On: 01/22/2010 00:38:43
Edited By Aoi-Kaji On: 01/22/2010 00:38:55

You do a lovely job at portraying the right emotion into your artwork. That's what makes it so amazing to me and beautiful. Keep bringing us s'more great art!

Kira kuni

Created On: 01/12/2010 23:47:14

Why thank you very much! I'm still getting the hang of them, but they are really awesome. Hey, I may just stop digitally painting and go back to traditional art .

Kira kuni

Created On: 01/09/2010 07:06:58

Is a tablet difficult to use? I don't have one so I'm not exactly sure; I just assumed it would be easier... Perhaps I should just stick to finger painting then

Kira kuni

Created On: 01/07/2010 19:12:58

Hehe, thanks for the comment, I guess I'm an official member of the Finger Painter's Club !


Created On: 11/18/2009 22:08:13

I find the "antiques" to be better than the newer versions. But that's just me!

I noticed you're working on a lower resolution. Big resolution, to me with Photoshop is awesome when it comes to the little details.

You can always shrink it to a smaller size when you're satisfied with your picture.

I still love your coloring!


Dragon Wings
Created On: 11/18/2009 21:32:36

Doodling? That's what you call your beautiful work? Pshaw. I wish I had half the talent you do! lol.

And yes, she will definitely live on through our hearts. . Thank you for the well wishes. ^_^

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