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08/23/2011 06:35:33Re:Glossary of Japanese ClothingAuthor's Tools28559
08/23/2011 00:43:51Re:Glossary of Japanese ClothingAuthor's Tools28559
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Name Entry

Created On: 05/29/2011 00:22:32

Gosh its been so long since I have been on here! Just wanted to say Hi and that I am good and I hope that all is going well with you!


Created On: 10/08/2010 06:34:13

LOL!! Tell me about it, dearie!! Go, go, load up on those songs!! Boy, am I glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that 'song' is cringeworthy. I saw a, well, couple of Caucasians giving each other the 'you've got to be kidding' face when the 'Give up your seat' song came on! LOL.


Created On: 10/06/2010 10:08:38

Hello sweetie!!

You're not slow at all! Don't worry about it. And sure, it's perfectly okay with asking about the job hunt! I was working temp at my aunt's workplace previously and I just started my full-time job today!! Everything's good; the colleagues are friendly, the pay is great (much better than what I expected for being fresh) and I am just pretty much liking what I've seen so far! The only problem is...*drum rolls* I live in Woodlands and work in Expo. *faints* So in short, the mrt is my best friend.

Thank you for the lovely reviews, my dear!

Anyway, oooh that's got to be the best and worst thing that you've ever recommended me! dances in glee* The prices are so reasonable too. I'm so tempted to buy now, and work is the perfect excuse to fill the wardrobe up.

LOL at the COE! Totally Singaporean lingo. Oh, have you heard the new MRT song? It's so disturbing. *shudders* I have nothing against songs for the train stations, but they could have had a better song it's bordering on being cringe-worthy.

Oh, you totally made a good decision there! A tuna croissant sandwich is so much better (in terms of nutrition), and guilt-free too. But while I say that, I have to add that I totally went ahead to try the peanut butter and chocolate waffle!! It was so awesome too. I didn't even split it into two...*sheepish look* Aww, you keep recommending me the good AND bad!! I totally love you for it~


Created On: 09/30/2010 22:19:34

Awww dearie, thank you for the kind words! I am just trying to write as much as I can for now before I get really caught up with RL and whatnot. It's just great to know that there are people who enjoy reading what I have to offer, and that's pretty much what keeps me going. I hope I'd never have to retire from writing SessKag though!

LOL the price of that kimono is totally out-of-the-world! As a person who totally digs those $10 free-size dresses at pasar malams, I can never understand wearing something so pricey! And to think the same amount of money can get a car... *sweat drops*

You are right, yukatas are not lined, and they are usually a thin layer of heavily dyed cotton. Of course, the quality of the cotton differs with the price, but I have never seen a silk yukata in my entire life. A silk sleeping yukata, yes, but not quite those which you wear outside. The texture of silk and the fact that it would probably cling to every curve on the body makes it impossible for it to be a yukata. The Japanese traditional dresses like yukata and kimono are stiff and are not supposed to flatter the wearer's curves too much, unlike say, our kebaya or cheongsam. So...I'd say, "silk" yukatas are something that generally exist in fanfiction.

WOW. Chocolate and peanut butter?? I MUST TRY IT!! XD There's a Primadeli ten minutes away from where I live!

Oh, don't worry about 'imposing', as you've put it! It's my pleasure and honor to help my friend! Just PM me anytime!


Created On: 09/29/2010 13:08:43

Hi dear! Thank you for the review on chapter 30 of Happily Ever After! I've just updated it again, and I hope you'll like the new progress in the story. A big thank you to you for reviewing 'The Butterfly Legend' too! KBS World rocks my world!! XD Yay for cable TV!

Yup, the yukata was approximately SGD18! I was totally caught by surprise, but it is the good kind of surprise. LOL. But what you've said is totally right! The material of the yukata matters greatly, and the print too. There are stunning hand-painted yukatas which can cost up to SGD1000, while I've visited a kimono factory and seen a SGD32K hand-painted kimono for myself. It had gold and red swirly waves on a white background, and there were these majestic Japanese cranes all over it. Some were flying and some were simply standing on one leg, and it looked really impressive. But of course, the price was 'lagi' impressive.

Oooh Primadeli! I love their waffles and this super colorful roll cake. You should try it if you haven't! XD

Well, while I can't say anything for how the story might turn out, I am 100% positive that I'd definitely read what you come up with! Sotong or not. LOL. Anyway, to be honest, I've never really beta-ed for anyone and neither have I sought a beta's assistance, but I'm definitely willing if you wish for me to beta your works!


Created On: 09/27/2010 10:19:18

LOL I totally adore your justification! That's true, mooncakes don't pop up all the time, and what's best is...I still have some in my kitchen!! My dad got them from Goodwood Park, but I think they're kinda overrated. The yolks are rather dry, if you ask me.

Oh yes, the snowskin ones are more for aesthetic value than anything else!! XD I keep getting the impression that I'm eating icing mixed with flour and it feels queasy indeed~ *shudders*

It's really cool that you freelance as a henna-ist! But I'm not quite surprised actually - you're so talented at art.

As for my yukata, I got it in Japan This cost me merely 1200yen, which was...ummm...S$18? I have another one which cost S$160, but that was a gift from my Japanese host family some years back. Awww you'll never botch the aesthetics, I am sure! If you ever visit Japan, I'd suggest places where you can find good deals for yukatas.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the Symbols Challenge! I've just posted my response to the third prompt, 'Butterfly', and the muse has just lapsed into a coma.


Created On: 09/26/2010 22:39:44

I have been good... Very very busy. LoL. Life is catching up and now it seems I hardly get a chance to just relax! LoL

How are you sweetie?


Created On: 09/23/2010 11:31:42
Edited By MissTeak On: 09/23/2010 11:33:33

Hellooooo dear!!! I'm glad you're doing well, and I definitely hope you've had a great Hari Raya with your loved ones! With all the festive preparations and whatnot, it's perfectly understandable that you wouldn't have time to log in! By the way, I am totally lovin' the henn!. Did you do it yourself? I once had it drawn on by my classmate during racial harmony day, but as much as I love her, that silly girl wasn't too much of an artist and the henna turned out all patchy.

Aww thank you for taking the time to read my humble little story! I'd definitely encourage you to give the 14 Symbols challenge a shot, just because it is so fun and it gives writers a chance to explore the themes freely The pretty tokens are incentives too!

Ooooooh yes, mooncakes!! I enjoy the ones with the yolk very, very much indeed. To help myself enjoy it better, I tend to block out the Health Promotion Board's attempts of warning us with the 'C' word. You know, the one that sounds like 'cho-les-te-rol'?? Are your mooncakes of the snowskin or baked variety?


Created On: 09/01/2010 22:18:12

Hey darlin'. Sorry I haven't been on all that much lately! Just wanted to say your art work is dazzling as usual!


Created On: 08/19/2010 08:43:57

eight? Hmm, I think I like their expression in 9 best. But I am glad you like it, thanks for the comment

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