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Hello everyone.  I wanted to drop a quick line to let you know why I have been absent for the last few weeks.  Someone I loved very dearly died a couple of days after I posted my last chapter.  Their passing was unexpected and has been difficult to deal with.  So I have been taking this time just to re-center myself and allow myself to grieve naturally before continuing on.

Do not worry.  LAD WILL be finished.  I plan on working on the next chapter next week at the latest.  I do apologize for not letting everyone know sooner what was going on and for not updating in so long.  Please forgive the delay and thank you so much for your continued patience.

Much Love,










Hello Everyone!

First and foremost, I owe you all a deep apology for not getting anything out to you for over a decade. LAD has, and always will be, an integral part of my writing career and, unfortunately, a number of things happened over the years which prevented me from finishing it. As many of you have guessed, there are not many more chapters needed to finish this story. And seeing as how LAD is over 800 pages printed, it is only fair I do the fans and it justice by giving you guys your happy ending.

The pandemic has allowed me extra time to devote to such things, like fanfiction, even if I have not read any in a few years, at least. It doesn't diminish the fact that the fans of LAD have patiently awaited the ending all this time. I do not blame you guys! When I reread it recently (i have not read LAD in years) I, myself, was annoyed at where I stopped it. It was completely unforgivable, so again, I apologize.

It is only right I finish this story for you guys with all due haste while still maintaining the integrity of the story I worked on, and you have loved, for so many many years.

And yes, I am writing original romance novels. It is a paranormal romance series about dragon shifters and druids set in present day, just to name a few aspects of it.  I am hoping to launch my dragon tales, as I affectionately call them, by the end of this year with the first book called Smoke and Mirrors followed by the novella Ashes and Sin. The thought of dragons shifting down to the manageable size of people has always held a certain amount of appeal and with any luck will be well received by the public.

If you guys have any questions, comments, anything at all. Please feel free to reach out to me. Contrary to how it appears I have always read whatever you guys have sent me and am always appreciative for anything you guys tell me. Whether it is a helpful criticism or just to praise LAD, or even your favorite color, I love hearing from you guys.

Thanks again everyone!

Much Love,

Nostawen Allesiel

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