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05/27/2016 21:45:41Sesshomaru violates IzayoiSearching for a Fic...718
05/28/2016 23:52:56Sesshomaru thinks he can get power from KagomeSearching for a Fic...809
04/24/2016 12:16:08Sesshomaru saves Rin and Kagome from NarakuSearching for a Fic...1021
02/17/2017 12:38:49Sesshomaru leaves KagomeSearching for a Fic...692
11/13/2017 05:50:53Sesshomaru kidnaps KagomeSearching for a Fic...598
05/13/2017 02:21:03Sesshomaru has to take a sexual harassment courseSearching for a Fic...227
01/07/2018 23:12:28Sesshomaru goes through timeRecommendations325
06/26/2017 02:26:42Sesshomaru gets help (Found, thank you)Searching for a Fic...570
05/17/2016 00:01:26Sesshomaru does different jobsSearching for a Fic...461
12/25/2016 20:31:01Sesshomaru buys KagomeSearching for a Fic...529
03/27/2016 21:53:21Searching....please help!Searching for a Fic...1911
10/09/2015 23:25:01Searching....please helpSearching for a Fic...612
01/16/2016 14:37:48Searching please help.Searching for a Fic...517
01/25/2016 20:55:49Searching once more.Searching for a Fic...595
12/11/2015 13:27:08Searching Again P:Searching for a Fic...436
10/28/2015 17:18:07Re:Who Am I?Forum Games52817
11/05/2015 12:10:10Re:Who Am I?Forum Games52817
11/06/2015 16:58:06Re:Who Am I?Forum Games52817
05/28/2016 08:08:58Re:Sesshomaru violates IzayoiSearching for a Fic...718
05/28/2016 15:19:12Re:Sesshomaru violates IzayoiSearching for a Fic...718

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Name Entry

Created On: 08/06/2016 04:01:04
Edited By Chie On: 08/06/2016 18:45:33

All 721?! Wow, that's some serious dedication, kudos to you!

I had a full pokedex in my Crystal version and even getting all the 251 pokemon was a pain in the ass, having to start several games in Red and Gold just so I could trade pokemon (like the other starters) into Crystal, borrowing my cousin's friend's game because he had a Mew and all such similar hassle. ^^; So to have caught all 721 pokemon is dang impressive!

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 03/27/2016 02:35:17

Happy Easter to you as well !!! ^_^

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 03/20/2016 22:54:46

Thanks for your Review on my fanfict To The Left! I'm glad it made you laugh! ^_^


Created On: 10/27/2015 23:22:52


I hope that was a good wow! Thanks for being a loyal reader and reviewer!!!


No Uta

Created On: 08/16/2015 04:02:42

Thanks again for reviewing Korekuta! Yup, you have a keen eye. History is repeating itself in a way.

No Uta

Created On: 08/08/2015 03:11:12

Oh wow!!!! Thank you so very much for the wonderful review of Korekuta - Origin 4. I'm thrilled you've enjoyed this chapter. I can't wait to until Inuyasha realizes Sesshomaru-sama is no figment of poor Kagome's imagination either. Gratitude for your support!


Created On: 08/02/2015 11:32:03

Thank you for reading and reviewing "Throw Stones." I actually have a number of other fan fictions for this pairing that I will slowly re-post.

Miss Elinor

Created On: 07/01/2015 22:57:31

I'm so glad you like the story! Thank you so much for the review. I hope you'll stick with me as it continues


Created On: 06/26/2015 15:51:25

Thank you for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed "Blue Eyes..."

No Uta

Created On: 06/24/2015 00:32:37

Thank you for your kind review of Korekuta!

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