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'Me' not speak English D:
Hohohoho~ I'm too lazy and vague to practice it correctly.

I barely speak my language on my little focus to be social and survive in the world :D

But this place is a slice of heaven!!
And I could not stay away from it without disturbing and leave my poorly written comments.
Please bear with me~


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05/10/2020 20:29:50Re:Official Inuyasha sequel and I'm crying insideGeneral Discussion28448
05/10/2020 20:17:59Re:Official Inuyasha sequel and I'm crying insideGeneral Discussion28448


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Created On: 06/11/2020 08:58:07

Thank you so much for the lovely reviews you have left on The Young Master so far! I'm excited to see how much you enjoy this story. Chibi Seshhoumaru is just something else, right? I hope this story will continue to make you happy.

Thanks again!


Created On: 04/14/2020 23:47:14

Thanks for your review! And no, I didn't kick him to the couch, simply because I'm watching Netflix still - on the couch, sippin' my wine


Created On: 03/26/2020 22:19:49

So glad you liked the little scene!

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