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What will the mural say when the tradition cannot be ground? A generation lost to the knowledge they seem to throw around.

I work endlessly towards a goal that continues to change. I am the tired student who sleeps prudently in the front seat of her car during breaks as a treat. I survive off trail mix and Goldfish crackers and I love nothing more than to find that nestled few hours to myself to escape into a tasty Fan-fiction. When I'm not spending money on caffeine, or memorizing protocols, I'm here, devouring this timeless couple.

A faithful reader for 6 years, there are many things I have phased in and out of since high school, but something always kept me coming back.

Thank all of you, for continuing to support.

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Created On: 09/08/2011 00:21:57

Welcome to Dokuga and thank you for reviewing Voluntary Obligation. And lol to each his own I guess . I can't stand when people use more than one color for a character's eyes in one story and I guess some can't stand when they use one lol.

I'm glad you are enjoying the story so far and hope you enjoy the last chapter as well, once I post it that is. And if you haven't already, you should check out Balance, one of my best pieces so far .

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