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Hi. I'm a person. Friends encourage me to write fanfiction. So I do it. I wrote a bunch of things people liked in college, and I never posted them to the internet. I never will. But now I'm out of college so I figure I'll come up with some new stuff and it will be a good way to kill time while waiting to get a job.

The funny thing is, I really hate the series Inuyasha. I was a total weeaboo for it until I was about fifteen, when I came to the conclusion that I couldn't stand the story. The fanfiction, in my opinion, has always been better than the actual manga/anime. Oddly enough, though, despite disliking the franchise, KagomexSesshoumaru has remained my OTP since I was 12 and stumbled upon A Single Spark. That's over 10 years of shipping, folks.

I tend to write Kagome OOC because I think her personality traits are a tad ubiquitous. They're like a list of qualities being rattled off by a teen running for student council: "Well, I'm brave and kind and a good friend and I have a strong sense of moral justice...blah blah blah..."
I think she's more interesting when one of those traits is the focus of her portrayal or when they're removed all together. I'm moving away from writing dark fics, though, so who knows; maybe I'll embrace her character in all her goody two-shoe glory.

Anyway, more about me.

I love suggestions for stories, pizza, sweets, old things, weird stuff, and the guy I've been boinking for a couple years. He's so hot, y'all.
When I'm not wasting my youth on the internet, I like to cook, cosplay, read musty books and comics, and spend money I don't have.
I'm a Gemini who lives in Texas and love it here.
Boy, I wrote a lot.

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“A bird may love a fish, but where would they build a home together?” Inspired by Anderson's The Little Mermaid.
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