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Real name is Michelle! Other Alias are LunaMichelle, LordMaru, and LordMaru4U. I'm an artist that loves to enjoy Fanfiction! Not talented in the writing skills, but I love to read and critique; though English is my second language. I love to cosplay, (when I can ;D) and I'm also a gamer! >.< (If you have Xbox One or Xbox 360 my user name, you guessed it! XD it's 'LordMaru'! neat! right?

What else? Ah! In December 2012 I finally graduated! Now, I'm a professional Conceptual & 3D Artist! yay! Currently trying to up my skill levels, so I can complete another dream of mine; also working with a studio in what I love doing most! But my true dream, is to work with Disney Studios or Pixar. ^_^/ My motto is always to stay positive and always look onward's!

If you're interested in becoming my buddy or want to look at my other art work you can find me on these links Facebook *~*~ DeviantArt *~*~ Tumblr ~*~* Twitter ~*~*

here's my official web site, keep in mined that it's old art mixed with new. enjoy!

One more thing! I procrastinated a lot in my drawings. Sorry. (But Now! I have a Manager, hooray for that! So give a big thank you to LadyMaru! whom happens to be my little sister :D)

(Trivia! I'm also a soprano singer too! :D)

IMPORTANT! FOR THOSE WHO WANT ME TO DRAW THEM A COMMISSION, THE PRICES ARE ONLY GOING TO BE FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY 2015. For those who want something different, this is the only month where I drop the prices.)

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Michelle here! But most you all know me by LordMaru or other alias!

I'm not a writer but an Artist.

This New Year's Resolution is going to be taking free request for 1 month starting February to writers that want me to draw them something based on their stories! If interested then send me a PM. This is a way for me to improve as an artist! Also read the link for the terms of 'do's and don't's'.

Here's a link if anyone has a Request or Commission!

Also, I will Only have 10 slots open:

1. Aria-Suna-Kunoichi

2. Chie

3. DelusionalPuffball

4. Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

5. MissKatt

6. Kagome Yuki Niwa

7. Aubrey Simone



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Created On: 09/07/2012 16:36:50

Thank you for your review on Paper Lanterns. I'm glad you are enjoying it.
Feedback from LordMaru: It's very beautifully written and composed! you got skills! XD


Created On: 04/18/2012 05:24:22

Thank you so much for your review! ^_^ I'm happy to know you enjoyed the chapter so much!
Feedback from LordMaru: I always do!!!


Created On: 03/14/2012 05:32:09

Hehehe! The girl will get that demon for sure! x3

Thanks for your review on Unforeseen, it really cheered me up! ^_^
Feedback from LordMaru: same here!!! ^w^


Created On: 03/06/2012 15:22:53

Thank you for reviewing Chain! ^_^

The chapter was pretty intense to write for sure, for them to deal with all those emotions so that they could finally move on with their lives. I'm so happy to hear you enjoy this story! :3

And I just need to say that I love your work as well! Your style is amazing! ^_^
Feedback from LordMaru: writing about that topic is never easy but you pulled off with so much intensity!!! Thank you! I should update more even if their just plain sketches. lol.


Created On: 09/16/2011 04:40:48

Whoohoo! First to post. Welcome to Dokuga, hope you'll have a great time here. I just wanted to say I absolutely ADORE your art
Feedback from LordMaru: Thank you!!! XD I'm still trying to get used to Dokuga, but i'll get used to it soon; hopefully! and thank you for welcoming me!!! >.

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