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UPDATE 2016:

I've graduated with my BSN in nursing and I've also passed my NCLEX-RN boards--so that goal has been met! Currently awaiting the results of my job interview (fingers crossed).

It's funny that I've returned to most of my pre-college habits...mediaminer, deviantart, HERE... somethings are just too good to forget!

If I've read any fics, I will leave a review because I know that they inspire us to do better.



I used to write Sesshoumaru & Kagome fan fiction before there was a dedicated site to them YEARS ago. Since then I've been in college to attain a BS in Nursing and I'm currently in my final year; graduation May 2015! I have not been able to keep up or read for leisure for the past few years, mandatory text book chapters in no fun!

Even though I've been forcibly kept away from my favorite pairing, I always return! It's Christmas break and I plan to fill my brain with wonderful fics on the wonderful site to sustain me until I can return after graduation and NCLEX board successfully passed.

One of my favorite writers was Rinseternalsoul and she went poof sometime after I did. She was truly talented! I've also noticed another divaXeyez on here but I'M THE REAL DEAL!


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