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So, basically life happened. Turning 26 this year. I have white bleached hair that I change the colors on with manic panic whenever I feel the need to. My daughter will be going to school this year in the fall. I am a Crazy Bird Lady, I have 8 budgies, and one peach faced lovebird, turquoise mutation.


I will have more soon, I have a pair that is breeding, that I will be hand taming and selling in my area. Still a gamer, but the difference is I have discovered the Dragon Age series. Is it ever amazing! I have also been playing Dungeons and Dragons. I am a vendor at the Northern Game Expo, and Both me and my best friend sell hand made plushies we have stitched together. This year is picketts, nifflers, and lumas.


I still come and read a lot here, but mostly, I game. At least when I am on the computer.... My daughter loves to play, especially the poke mommy game. Still a food loving person. Only difference, is that I am allergic to the color orange and anything derived from these orange things, as in, I can't eat them. I get severe migraine headaches the day after  ingest the orange thing. I think the worst is when there is something orange hidden within something, like carrots in a spaghetti sauce. Which sucks.


Anyways, just thought a little update would be good. Last time I updated it, my daughter was still a newborn.


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So anybody else play DnD?


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Created On: 03/31/2011 21:36:47

i tried giving karma, but there were no forum posts, so I'm loving your wall instead!!!


thanks again!
Feedback from Elehanna: aw thanks cake, i'll loves your wall too.

*loves and cuddles*

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