The Lord and Ladies of the Western Lands by Niongi

Sweet Times

The Lord and Ladies of the Western Lands

Summary: Sesshoumaru and Kagome have been together for four years.  The Jewel had been used to give Kikyo her own soul, the Jewel used in a selfish manner returned to Kagome’s body tainted, making her unable to bear children.  Sesshoumaru has a solution, but wait Ladies?

A/N:  My new Beta-Reader: Litheral, we have been working on some of the major inconsistencies with this story.  That’s why I haven’t been working on this fic at all, because it in my opinion sucked it up and was dreadfully confusing.  Now I think we are doing very well and hopefully will have all the chapters edited/fixed/butchered to flow to the ending plot.  Much Love.


Chapter One: Sweet Times

`The sun is almost set.  In this warring era, most humans do not wander outside their villages at this time of day.  When the darkness nears, demons, and monsters, bandits of the most vicious kind, prey on those few human stragglers who stay out after dark.  The only protection we have is in numbers and through the priests and priestesses who provide a holy safeguard to the unholy devils.  But…who…a girl?  It’s almost sunset and she’s picking flowers?  Way out here?’ 

The houshi leaned against a knotted tree; he might as well wait and escort her home.  It would not hurt to let the silly girl finish picking her flowers.  She was a beautiful, young woman certainly not a peasant, but a noblewoman.  Strangely, she walked alone, not a single vassal or guard in sight to protect her, pitiful.  Any demon could come by and devour her, she was a classical beauty; her hair was dark as ebony, pale gray eyes and skin white as clean snow.  She leaned down and plucked another flower adding it to her already growing bouquet.

 'She is definitely a Princess of some neighboring castle.  In that silk lavender kimono, she’s even lovelier, but why…why would a Lady be out at this time of night?’  The young houshi lightly sighed, enjoying his private duty, watching the Hime-sama pick an armful of flowers.  The houshi rubbed his tired eyes for a moment and thought that perhaps the Hime-sama had best return on her way home.  ‘Her family must be worried sick.’  Giving his face a rejuvenating rub, the houshi looked up from his own hands and strangled his cry to a mental shriek, 'Oh Gods!  Who is that?’ 

 A tall man with pale moonlight hair and skin, his eyes piercing gold, with crisp red markings on his face and arms, appeared at the edge of the clearing, he called to the young woman.  She seemed unalarmed; she smiled and jogged over to him presenting the flowers, rather flamboyantly.

“Kagome, come.”  The man beckoned to the lady with a curt nod.  She walked closer to him smiling, “What are you doing?”  He stoically received the flowers, and looked back up to her his mouth partly open his wetted his teeth and nodded his thanks to the girl.   

The houshi gulped, ‘Fangs?  A youkai!’

“I'm picking flowers,” she caressed the bouquet thoughtfully, “Why? Worried Fluffy darling?”  Sesshoumaru, breathed in the scent of his mate, he raised an eyebrow at her unusual nickname.  She knew his distaste for such pet names they were undignified and annoying.  He humored her and breathed in the scent of the sadly wilted flowers, but his nose caught a different scent, masculine. 

A human, he glanced towards the general direction, it was a monk.  Sesshoumaru quickly assessed his age, he was young, and he couldn’t have left his master but a few weeks or so ago.  A wonderful thought crossed the mighty demon lord’s mind.  This would be very amusing.

The houshi gulped the urge to run for it, he knew it saw him; he could just feel those cold eyes bury themselves into his carcass it was terrifying.  The monk was at the peak of his physical prowess but he had not a chance in the seven hells to get away from a full-grown youkai.  The youkai had obviously seen him, but he hadn’t attacked him yet, so the best course of action was to just wait and pray they left soon; the houshi leaned against the tree gripping onto his prayer beads for dear life.

“Sesshoumaru, what are you looking at?”  Kagome glanced behind her, seeing nothing she turned back to him and raised an eyebrow of her own.

“Nothing, important,” he said going toward his mate, the young lord pulled her hand with the lovely bouquet to his face, smelling the flowers.  “Their fragrance is nothing compared to your scent.”

“Oh it’s…oh…”  Sesshoumaru without so much as a warning, captured his mate's mouth, she moaned at his touch, leaning towards him.  Sesshoumaru tossed the flowers to the ground; he knew exactly what he wanted to do.  For the next few hours, he would seek the sweet fragrance of his woman, nothing but this woman.

“Sesshoumaru!”  Kagome jerked her head back, “We can’t, you said Sessh—”  Sesshoumaru grabbed a hold of her hair pulling her hard against him, tilting her head up, he covered her mouth with his own.  Searching the cavern of her mouth with his tongue, filling every known crevice, he glanced again toward the houshi.  Breathing in he could tell she was already worked up and he had barely touched her. 

He hadn’t touched her for a few days because of her incompliant attitude to any and everything he asked of her.  He was patient at first.  ‘She’s young, and rebellious,’ he told himself but after a few days of her whining, his patience had run out.  She had flaunted little phrases repeatedly to him, especially one ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’  This to Sesshoumaru-sama was ridiculous; why would loneliness make you love someone more?  He had accidentally confused absence with abstinence.  Sesshoumaru had decided to use her ‘theory’ temporarily, to see if her heart was fonder or more importantly, would her body be fonder for him."

`Oh Kami help me.  I can’t be watching this!’  The houshi bit his lip to keep from shuddering or moving unaware, he didn’t need the youkai to pay attention to him.  He remembered his master telling him something along the lines: ‘Youkai are the most fearsome with their mates, or when they are mating.  The only thing you can do is pray to god they do not come after you.’ He muttered a quick prayer under his breath, and slid his beads between his fingers, his hands regardless would not stop shaking.

Sesshoumaru pushed his mate against a slender tree nearby, the only one in the open clearing.  Gently licking and suckling on her warm willing lips, he opened her kimono to reveal her well-endowed chest. 

“Utsukushii and only, mine.”

 Sesshoumaru whispered hotly in her ear, sweet nothings in his own demonic tongue.  He greedily licked and suckled fiercely on one breast, slowly teasing the sensitive areole until it budded for him.  Sesshoumaru smirked, and opened his mate's kimono, jerking the obi out of the way; he let the silken band curl to the ground.  Kagome gasped as the cool air slapping against her heated skin.  Sesshoumaru licked his claws and sliding his left claw between their bodies, teased her sensitive pearl.  Kagome shifted slightly so that he could reach more easily, and was rewarded, when he rolled the spot between his fingers, causing Kagome to moan sweetly and grip his shoulders more tightly.  Little pulses of gratifying pleasure followed every movement made by his fingers.

Rubbing a bit harder with his thumb, he growled in pleasure at her moans.  Kagome leaned her head back against the slim tree and unknowingly bucked her small hips into Sesshoumaru’s hands.  She cried out in surprise as she slipped to the side of the small tree; the tree was much too slender to support their passion.  Sesshoumaru caught the movement easily and growled in irritation.  He moved away from his mate and she wined in protest at his absent presence on her heated body.

“Come,” Sesshoumaru whispered and walked towards the edge of the clearing where the trees were more abundant, he glanced at a rather tall tree that suited his needs.  The ancient tree; gnarled and twisted its branches seemed to have grown in random directions.  The roots of the tree, although the majority were deep underground, a few dozen were poking out of the earth, warping into odd shapes like fingers from a hand—most definitely the perfect spot for what Sesshoumaru had in mind.  Looking back, he saw Kagome pause, her kimono blowing gently with the wind giving Sesshoumaru an excellent view of her naked breasts; she walked to him and blushed as he ran a claw down the neckline of her kimono.  Sesshoumaru looked towards the young monk.  ‘Now he has the perfect view.’

“Sessh…mmm,” Kagome moaned as Sesshoumaru pushed her against the larger ancient tree and shoved his tongue deep in her mouth.  `Her scent is intoxicating.’  He chuckled against Kagome's mouth, pulling easily away once more.  Kagome whimpered again at the lack of contact, giving Sesshoumaru a desperate look. 

“Sesshoumaru, stop it.  I’ve had enough teasing.”  Kagome whined taking a step toward him, her arm's reaching out to pull him toward her.  Sesshoumaru pulled her close to him leaning her back against the tree, slowly running his tongue over her collarbone and throat.

Sesshoumaru smirked at her discomfort, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  You’ve had enough?  Really Ka-go-me.”  Emphasizing each syllable with a tiny nip to her neck, he whispered hotly in her ear, “Your theory was correct as evident by your arousal.  I believe it was also you, not only an hour or so ago that said: We should do something else.”  Sesshoumaru looked at Kagome’s aroused body and held her away from him teasingly.

“Mouu…but I …oh…it’s, a theory?  You dummy…”  She said trying to come towards him.  Sesshoumaru conceded, releasing her arm, and allowed her to push forward against him.  He grinded his still clothed hips up against her, causing the silk fabric of his pants to rustle with excited movement, and lightly tugged at a swollen nipple.

“Someone has been watching us.”  He whispered in her ear.  Kagome groaned in protest, her cheeks turned a light shade of red; her heart was beating so fast in her chest it hurt.  Her head felt full of warm thick blood as she flushed in awareness; someone was watching them!  She could feel them now.

 A strong, warm breeze found its way through the forest, making the leaves above rustle loudly, as the wind tossed about Sesshoumaru's silky hair, and Kagome’s kimono.  Sesshoumaru pulled his hands up to hold her hips and leaned down for an open-mouthed kiss, letting Kagome's hand untie the belt of his under-robe.  His arousal was tight with excitement, and Sesshoumaru wanted nothing more at that moment than to be inside Kagome.  They didn’t have much time; they had to reach the manor within the next day.  ‘I need to go faster.’

Kagome straightened her arm as she shoved it farther down into her mate's clothing, seeking the flesh that she wanted to have within her own body very soon.  Finding it hard and erect Kagome removed his sash.  His swollen member, now naked, pointed straight out from his hips, Kagome hesitantly wrapped her fingers around it, not sure, if Sesshoumaru wanted this at the moment.  Sesshoumaru turned his head slightly, deepening their kiss as his hair cascaded down his shoulder onto Kagome.

 ‘Please, Kagome...’  She felt him widen his stance and push into her hand.  Feeling as if the tables had turned from the last time they were in this setting and situation, Kagome conceded and began moving her left hand, meeting his small thrusts.  Needing air, Kagome pulled away from his kiss, and instead watched Sesshoumaru's face. 

Rarely did anything get him as worked up enough to tint his cheeks a lovely shade of pink, but what Kagome was now performing was one of those exerting acts that Sesshoumaru couldn't quite keep his stoic expression.  She felt his heavy breaths against her cheek, avidly listening for every time the air caught in his throat.

“Enough!”  Sesshoumaru jerked her hand away and turned her around; bending her over a root, he rested her knees on the slope the root and positioned her hands to grip the rough bark in support.  He grabbed her hips to support her weight and tilted her parallel to the ground; the position was perfect for his member.  Kagome moved her legs wider as Sesshoumaru put his hands on the crown of her backside, and placed his throbbing, slick member into position.

"Please, Sesshoumaru," she begged, “Don’t tease me!”  She turned her head to look back at him and realized that he was just adjusting his position.  Kagome lowered her chest further towards the ground, brushing her breast against the root; she gripped the rough grounded root in support and raised her hips up.  “Sesshoumaru...please.” Kagome groaned, her voice raspy with need. 

Sesshoumaru pushed her buttocks harder with his hips and reached down between them to move the kimono off her shoulders.  With expert skill, he allowed the kimono to spill off his mate and tugged it underneath her knees.  ‘She’ll cut her knees.’ he thought to himself.  Sesshoumaru pulled her hair to her left side and smirked, glancing to his right.

Sesshoumaru, gripping her hips firmly in his hands; he admired his mates beautiful curves, as he rolled his hips slowly forward, brushing his member against her.  Kagome gripped the dark root beneath her in anticipation.  He squeezed an inch into her body, but then pulled out, rubbing the tip over and between her lips.  He did this several times, each wresting out a frustrated moan from his mate.  Feeling his tip push inside her again, Kagome called his name, when the tip slipped out again.

"Do you want me inside of you, Kagome?  Tell me," Sesshoumaru purred, his deep voice tinged with a bit of huskiness.  Kagome bit down on her lower lip, feeling his length rubbing against the ache between her legs.

"S-Sesshoumaru!”  Kagome huskily said, looking back at him with a pained expression on her face, she blushed bright red and made a slight choking sound.  Looking ahead again, Kagome restlessly moved her rear, inviting Sesshoumaru to continue as she begged him to take her.  Kagome moaned, “Yes!”

He immediately drove into her and kept up a fast pace, leaning forward to taste the skin over her shoulder.  Kagome clutched the ground, breathing fast as her body jerked back and forth in the carnal force of his thrusts. 

"Sesshoumaru," Kagome sighed, her voice breaking with every jolt to her body.  The long, thick arousal pumping in and out of her body felt unquestionably sinful, and Kagome couldn't help but imagine how they must look from afar.  A demon lord mating with a human female --her body, naked and bent over a tree root as he shoved his way into her body.  Kagome held on for dear life, her climax was definitely at the edge of her mind and body, ready to take a hold of her and crash her against the waterfall of her mind. 

Sesshoumaru pulled her hips a little ways out from the trunk, finding a new slant and driving towards it.  His haori had fallen down his shoulders, and the added sensation of his own hair brushing against his shoulders only stacked on top of the feelings in his body, rather than distracting him.

"Sesshoumaru!  Uhhhn!”  Kagome cried out, knowing she would have bruises later.  Sesshoumaru only went faster, loving the sound of Kagome's breasts bouncing underneath her, and the slapping of his thighs on her buttocks.  This is how dog demons were meant to take their mates.

"Don't stop...ohhhh...don't stop, Sesshoum-!”  Kagome screamed.  She heard Sesshoumaru give a long rough growl, and his legs must have straightened themselves as his body tensed up because Kagome felt her chest push harshly against the tree, her hands lost their grip and slid across the rough bark scrapping her hands.  Her climax rushed at her from nowhere, and she felt a high, violent orgasm ripping down her body to the place between her legs where their bodies connected.  She heard him moan against her throat, his warm seed filling her body.  Kagome made a high, breathy moan, almost like an outward gasp, her lower body jerked involuntarily. 

Sesshoumaru thrust into her a few more times, working the last of essence out, Kagome could feel her leg muscles failing her, but Sesshoumaru pulled her away from the tree trunk to sink to his knees, setting Kagome on his thighs and wrapping his arms around her as he attempted to catch his breath.  Sesshoumaru’s armor and Kagome’s clothes littered the ground.  Sesshoumaru patted her rump, standing up; he set her easily on her feet and picked up her scattered kimono.

“Come we must bath, then be on our way.”

 “Ok, but what did you mean earlier someone was watching us?”  Kagome blushed, walking toward the river just around the other side of the tree.  Sesshoumaru glanced to where the houshi had been.  He had obviously fled.

 “Perhaps I will tell you later.”  Sesshoumaru calmly gathered the layers of her kimono, evading her question.  Looking around, Kagome found her sandals and stood up, slipping her feet into the straps of her shoes.  Sesshoumaru handed her the kimonos neatly folded.  Making her way to Ah-Un with her bag in tow, Kagome slipped her soiled kimonos into the largest satchel, and then pulled out a plain cotton one, but it was a clean one.  She frowned at her hands, and they were bleeding a bit from the tree, she would definitely feel the bruises and aches later, she still had a bit of adrenaline left for now.

Putting a clean towel and the kimono into her bag along with some soap on a string and her brush, she slid her feet out of her sandals and then slipped out of her under-robe, folding it and setting it on the grass.  Finding the soap in her bag, Kagome slowly waded into the stream.  The current wasn't fast, but Kagome would have to pay attention to where she stepped.  Her teeth chattered at the temperature of the water, but she knew she'd be able to wash and get out before it mattered too much.  Turning to see Sesshoumaru still kneeling on the bank, Kagome pinched her lower lip between her teeth and braved a question.

"Could...could you bathe with me?  I'm a little cold," Kagome’s teeth chattered, looking down at the surface of the water.  Peeking up again, Kagome saw Sesshoumaru simply stand up and begin to remove his clothing.  Unable to take her eyes away, Kagome practically ogled every line of his body as he uncovered it.  Becoming aware that her mouth was open, once Sesshoumaru had removed his shoes, she snapped it shut.  They bathed in silence, and quickly. 

The temperature of the stream's chilled water versus the temperature of Sesshoumaru's much warmer body had created a bit of steam, which rose from his chest and shoulders.  His hair darkened by the water clung to his steaming skin; the water fell down his body in little rivulets.  He drew closer to her, their bodies almost touching; Sesshoumaru actually smirked, at Kagome’s yelp of protest.  He reached for the soap hanging from her neck, taking it out of the water with him.  Sesshoumaru dropped the soap onto the bank, and firmly squeezed the water out his hair.  Sesshoumaru shook the grass out of his kimono, watching Kagome also get out and get dressed.

“Come let us go home.”  Giving Sesshoumaru a pouting look, she leaned into his embrace rubbing her cheek into his tail.  Sesshoumaru easily flew into the sky, Kagome falling asleep in his arms.

-Five Hour’s Later-

`The Heart of the Western Land's my home…no…my manor…if only my father could see me now…the youngest Lord to ever rule one of the great lands.’’  Seeing his mate had wakened, “Good waking my little miko, we're home,” he gave his mate a small kiss, and kept scanning the ground for any lesser demons in his territory.

“Morning…how long have I been-,” smiling, she stifled a small yawn then noticing her surrounding, started yelling excitingly, “Oh, Sesshoumaru, look the manor!”

Sesshoumaru nodded and glanced over the wide expanse of his manor.  Everything was how they had left it over a year ago.  The manor’s high walls and gate kept other demons from entering.  It showed no damage, but the plant life had obviously taken over the wall; they would need to be removed.  He looked at the lack of activity on the ground; he needed to retrieve his vassals and servants to the household.  The upkeep of the manor needed to be attended to and the lack of vassals could lead to a disaster.  He could hear almost hear the reproach he would have received from his father; Sesshoumaru glanced down below.

Jaken was running out to the middle of the courtyard, gaily jumping up and down in excitement.  Sesshoumaru masked his expressions; as usual, he would never show any emotion in front of his vassal, at least not anything friendly.  He dropped onto the ground as Jaken came running up to greet his master and mistress.  `He reeks of his new wife Yoshika.  Disgusting you would think he would at least run through a scented room before greeting this Sesshoumaru.  Kagome feels warm in my arms.'

“My Lord you’re back,” jumping for joy Jaken grinned bowing several times, “We have been looking forward to your return milord.”

“Yes we are home.”  Sesshoumaru set Kagome’s bag to the ground, and glanced at Jaken, “You should have bathed.”

“Gomen nasai my Lord,” looking abruptly startled, Jaken immediately bowed low to the ground.  He had forgotten his lord's highly sensitive nose, a year alone in the manor he had stopped thinking of such things.  Ah-uh calmly walked away from the group, resting in the gravel of the courtyard, he chewed on some nearby roots ignoring them.

“Go bathe.”

Sesshoumaru paid no attention as Jaken's bobbed his head pathetically and small replies of, “Hai my Lord…never again…will Jaken…forgive me my lord!”  Sesshoumaru dismissed the lowly toad with a swift kick.  Jaken skidded over in front of the pack animal, and grabbed a hold of Ah-Uh’s bridle; he dragged the docile creature along with him muttering a list of tasks he needed to complete.

Kagome waited until Jaken had left to talk to Sesshoumaru.  He, had over the last years, explained several times that he would not discuss anything with her in the presence of a servant or a retainer; it was invasion of his privacy. 

“I can walk so could you put me down now?”  Kagome grinned; he looked like a spoiled child deprived of his toy.  He reluctantly set her to her feet.  Sesshoumaru inwardly berated himself for giving into so many of her whims now he didn’t even want to tell her.

“Kagome, you are going to stay in the manor for several weeks.”  Kagome blinked she had distinctly heard him say you, not we.

“What a minute, we just got back! What do you mean “you” where are you going?  Sesshoumaru ignored her questions, his jaw set in a firm line.  Kagome sighed, he usually didn’t answer anyway.  She walked into his embrace, breathing in his kimono.  ‘Is it because…’  Kagome tugged at his kimono softly, “Are you leaving today?”

“I will leave within the hour after you have eaten.  During the course of the next few days, vassals and servants will be arriving at the manor.  They have their instructions.  I need to bring vassals here and servants for the manor.  Jaken has seen to it that they would arrive later today.  He had also informed me before through a messenger, that there are still rogues on my land, and that some vassals have yet to reply to my summons.”  They had been walking down the large expanse of the hallway making their way to dining room. 

Sesshoumaru glanced at the dining room it had obviously been cleaned in a hurry; dust was still dancing in the air.  Sesshoumaru wrinkled his nose could detect Jaken’s wife nearby, Yoshika, with an inward shudder of revulsion.  Kagome hopped into her seat with Sesshoumaru kneeling in his, the manor was definitely big and she didn’t’ quite remember it being this expansive, but then again they had just gone to Sesshoumaru’s bedroom. 

“What's wrong Sesshoumaru?”  Kagome inquired, brushing her hair off her shoulder.

“Jaken’s wife Yoshika is coming with our food,” pausing slightly at her small laughter, “and… she is making me lose my appetite.”

“Do I make you lose your appetite?” She whispered seductively, although he heard his mate loud and clear he kept his face forward.  He didn’t have time, but Kagome crawled over to him anyway.

“No you don't.”  Kagome sat down in Sesshoumaru’s lap, twirling his hair in between her fingers.  Sesshoumaru against his better judgment roughly kissed Kagome, and lightly tugged at her obi. 

Yoshika came in with the food, her eyes downcast so as not to see anything she shouldn't, but of course she let out a small giggle.  Although still receiving a cold glare from Sesshoumaru, she quietly served the main dish.  Sesshoumaru let Kagome up and they both sat in their own seats.  A little disappointed in the timing Kagome gave the little toad wart a dirty look, Yoshika severed their moment, “Yoshika do you think…when you’re finished serving us you could go bath please?”  Yoshika glared at the little human, however, a quick glance from Sesshoumaru sent her into a clumsy bow.

“Yes Ma’am,” bowing to the floor although it was hard do to her obese figure, “Forgive me my lady.”  Turning and bowing in Sesshoumaru's direction, “My Lord,” Yoshika left the dining room.  Kagome and Sesshoumaru ate in silence; Kagome was very tired and already feeling the pangs of loneliness and Sesshoumaru was preoccupied with his own thoughts.


Sesshoumaru gave Kagome one last kiss, and then floated in the air, “I will return in three weeks.”

“Please come back safe, I love you,” blowing a kiss in his direction and he was gone.  `I love you, please return safely.'

Sesshoumaru thought as his young mate watched him,  `I know she can face any youkai but I…’  The thought left him as he smiled at her retreating back.  Kagome turned and walked to the pond with clear water and koi; She sighed sadly as she walked by a massive ancient tree in the middle of the courtyard.

“Don't worry Kagome-sama, you know as I do, Lord Sesshoumaru always comes back to us,” Jaken said walking up behind her, “Why don't you, practice your archery, me Lady,” bowing low to his mistress, he hated humans but maybe this one wasn’t so bad.

“Thanks Jaken, but I think I’ll just go bath.  Tell Yoshika not to bother with me I’ll bath myself.” Kagome stood up and headed to the bathhouse, humming to herself, it was going to be a long three weeks.


There was a single clap of thunder, loud enough to vibrate the walls of the mansion.  Kagome jerked awake, her heart fluttering inside her ribs.  She looked to the window, and saw the darkness of the night, from the slits in the window's shutters; it had to be about midnight, flashes of lightning intermittently interrupted the night air.  The sound of thunder and pounding rain indicated a heavy downpour. 

Well she couldn’t sleep now…Kagome quietly slipped through the manor, several servants had already arrived.  She covered her mouth and gripped on to the wall.  The next hall was filled with youkai warriors, all of which were fast asleep, or at least pretended to be.  Slipping past them she finally made it to the bathhouse without another incident.  Closing the door behind her, she dropped her kimono to the ground a little flustered that was there already a big white towel off to the side. 

'Sesshoumaru was right they did get here.’  Kagome leaned down and ungracefully slipped into the water.  ‘I guess one of those servants left me the towel.’  Glancing at the lanterns already lit she assumed they had lit those as well.  ‘Well Sesshoumaru will be gone for about a month, to fetch his rouge vassals...and settle the rebellion of humans running unchecked throughout his lands, and I’m here…alone...’  Kagome sighed and leaned against a rock in the water, the beautiful bathhouse had once been a hot spring out in the weather, and the Lady of the house a long time ago had enclosed it as a bathhouse. 

'Well those servants kinda creepy me out, all of them are demons, and most of them kinda just ignore me.  It’s been a long day, ah...finally a nice bath, but not nearly as comforting as when I was with Sango.  Sango...Miroku, Shippo, Kirara, and Inuyasha, it’s been four years since I went with Sesshoumaru, three since we defeated Naraku.  Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga disappeared after Naraku was defeated, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha they were both quite devastated.  Three years, three years ago is when Inuyasha revived Kikyo with the sacred jewel.  Shortly after we had all finally settled down, Sesshoumaru and I found out I can’t have children by him.  He brought a demonic witch to find out why; she said I had a darker presence around me.  Even though Kikyo got her soul because of the jewel she now has three children by Inuyasha, one child, and then twins.’

Tears welled up in Kagome’s eyes, ‘I remember what Sesshoumaru said though I can become a full demon …I won't be the same I will be unknown to myself, like when Inuyasha became a demon.  After everything, Sesshoumaru said that it was all right that I couldn’t have children, he would do something...but he never did say what.

 Huh…well anyways, Sesshoumaru’s vassals had left the castle all of them, without his permission when his father died, I remember it being very strange when I came to this huge mansion and no one was here but Jaken, and his wife.  Rin had been moved to a small house full of human servants; Sesshoumaru would make her a mate to one of his vassals, when she reached sixteen.  The house is still so huge and empty, the only rooms I’ve seen is the one Sesshoumaru and I share, the dining room, and the bath.  Other than that all the rest of the manor was clouded in old dust and faded memories.  Sesshoumaru…please come home soon.’  Kagome leaned back in the water closing her eyes, picturing Sesshoumaru flying through the sky, with the pack animal Ah-Uh flying dutifully behind nearby.

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