Behind the Curtain by MissKatt

You'll Be in My Heart

A/N: This story...erm, is going to be very different in my opinion. This story is going to touch base close to me and my heart based on my past experiences. This story is to educate people based on something I have been judged for.

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Behind the Curtain

By MissKatt

You'll Be in My Heart

Kagome inhaled deeply and held it for a moment as she mentally braced herself. She released it slowly and opened her eyes to stare at the gleaming metal of the hospital elevator doors. Much to her dismay, her blurred reflection stared back with moist, solemn eyes. No, this look wouldn't do. She had to be happy for him; had to show hope that he would get better.

He would, wouldn't he?

The elevator dinged with her arrival to his floor and she stepped out onto the immaculate tile when the doors slid open. The entire wing was cold and smelled sterile; it made her feel awkward as if her very presence would soil it. She put a smile on her face and headed down the hall towards a pair of beige hospital doors. She moved towards the call box and pressed the pound symbol.

"Pediatrics Cancer Ward, who are you here to visit?"

She cleared her throat twice. "Higurashi, Souta. He is in room 204." She replied hoarsely.

"Ah, Higurashi-san. Welcome back," the nurse replied cheerily as she buzzed her in.

Kagome didn't bother with a reply as she walked through the doors. She waved at the nurse who let her in and made her way to Souta's room. She took in another shaky breath and released it as she opened the door. She looked at the first bed closest to the door and gave the sleeping girl a smile. She was glad Souta finally received a roommate; maybe it would help him pass the day by.

She then let her eyes fall on her little brother and saw him reclined back against the pillows, his headphones stuffed in his ears. The sight of the machines and monitors around him pulled at her heart. The way the tubes were stuffed up into his nose made her eyes water, she wanted to rip out the IV that left his skin horribly bruised and take him back home to the shrine that used to be their home. She knew she couldn't or he would die. Right now, this hospital and its treatments were the only things keeping him alive…or so they said.

She made her way over to him and he pulled out his headphones with a grin."Kagome-neechan!" He said enthusiastically and reached over to hug her.

Instantly, the machines started buzzing as his finger heart monitor fell off. She hurriedly clamped it back on and gave him a small smile. "You can't move too fast, Souta-chan; these things are fragile."

He frowned and slumped back against the pillows. "I can't even hug my sister without something going wrong."

The miko furrowed her brow and sat next to him on his bed. He sounded so bitter, like a completely different person compared to the bubbly child she grew up with. She would always remember him as the carefree little boy who was obsessed with soccer and made her life hell every other day. She didn't want him to become someone else just because of this condition.

"Don't talk like that, Souta-chan," She scolded gently. "This is just a fickle machine. It has nothing to do with you."

He cocked his head at her. "What does that mean?"

Kagome gave him a smile, she'd forgotten he had been out of school for the past two years. "It means it's a stupid little machine that's moody and easily upset."

Okay, so that wasn't the exact definition of fickle, but it would get her point across and when he smiled, it made it worth it.

"You can be fickle sometimes, Kagome-neechan." He pointed out with a wicked grin.

She suddenly grew serious as her brows raised up. "Oh, can I?" She asked as she brought up her hands in a threatening manner.

His white skin paled more at the impending doom behind her action. "N-no! Kagome-neechan! I'm sorry! You're not moody! No! Don't! Ahh!" He then broke into a fit of squealing laughter when she began to tickle his sides.

"Moody and easily upset am I? I'll show you!" She teased and continued tickling him until he began to wheeze.

When she stopped, he sat there against the pillows holding his sides as he wheezed to get his breath back. "Oh-kay," He rasped. "I des-erved that."

She smiled and smoothed his thinning hair. "It's okay, I forgive you." She watched as he breathed noisily, trying to regain his breath.

She clenched her hands on her leggings. It was so unfair that her brother suffered from Leukemia. Two years ago, she and Kikyou had taken him to the hospital for a cut he got in soccer that wouldn't stop bleeding. The doctor had told her and her sister that he was simply anemic and would need iron supplements. Thinking nothing of it, they did as the doctor told them. He took iron supplements twice a day; one during breakfast the other at dinner.

Things were okay for a while until he started bruising easily. When their fat cat Buyo slept on his leg or if his socks were too tight around his ankles it would cause faint bruises. They upped his iron supplement as well as started giving him potassium pills. When he started losing his appetite, Kikyou had assured her it was because of the vitamin intake. With their mother no longer there for advice, she trusted her sister.

He then began to complain about his legs hurting him and even began to limp around the house. Kikyou said he was faking it and disregarded him. But, when he cried to Kagome, she began to pay more attention to it.

"Kagome-neechan," Souta whined from his spot on the bed, drawing his sister's attention to him as she set out his outfit for the next day. "I swear to God, I'm not lying."

Kagome moved to his bed and sat down on the edge of it. "I believe you, Souta-chan," She said truthfully and then pushed his covers back. "Tell me where it hurts okay?" She put her hands on both of his legs and slowly applied pressure as she moved down his legs.

He winced a little each time she grabbed him but cried out when she touched his ankles. "There! It hurts there!" He cried and began sobbing.

Concerned, she pushed up his pant legs, but there weren't any bruises visible. "Did you hurt it in soccer? Maybe you twisted it or stepped on it wrong?"

He shook his head. "I don't think so."

She put his pant legs back in place and put her hands on his face to wipe away his tears. "I will talk with Kikyou, okay? For now, just get a good night sleep," She tucked him in and kissed his forehead. "I love you, Souta-chan."

He sniffled and nodded. "I love you, too."

Kagome insisted on taking him to the doctors, but Kikyou again reassured her that it was probably just a twisted ankle. They didn't have much money to spend on hospital bills, she knew, but if he was seriously hurting then he needed to be looked at. Still, Kikyou refused.

It wasn't until Souta was head butted in the face during a soccer game did Kagome finally take him to the hospital despite their sister's protests. He had gotten a bloodied nose, but it didn't stop after a few minutes. It had last so long that he had eventually fainted from it. That was when Kagome panicked and took him to the emergency room.

That was when they found out he had cancer.

"This is so stupid!"

She blinked and looked down at her little brother as he shouted. "What's wrong?" She asked worriedly. Was he okay? Was he in pain?

He lifted his arm where the IV had dug into the skin and showed that a new bruise had formed on the side of it from their 'roughhousing'. He lowered it back down and stared into his lap as tears flooded his eyes. "When am I going to get better, Kagome-nee?"

Her heart clenched painfully and she felt her own eyes moisten. She wrapped an arm around him and drew him to her chest. She hugged him tightly and willed her voice to stay steady as she spoke. "You will get better, Souta-chan, she promised. "You will."

His tears soaked her shirt. "When? Why haven't I yet?"

She didn't have an answer. What could she possibly say? "The Gods are waiting for the right time. They're making your soul stronger while your body catches up."

He sighed heavily and leaned against his sister. "I don't feel very strong," He whispered as tears continued to spill down his cheeks.

She frowned for a moment before she suddenly smiled when she remembered his favorite song. She hadn't sung to him in so long, so why not?

"Come stop your crying.

"It'll be alright." She sang and smiled wider when he perked up to look at her. She took his hand in hers and gave it a squeeze.

"Just take my hand,

Hold it tight.

I will protect you

From all around you

I will be here

Don't you cry."

He sniffled and curled into his sister. Leave it to her to remember his favorite Disney movie. She always knew how to make things better for him. After their mother died when he was three, she always sang him to sleep to soothe him. He looked over at his roommate when she began rousing and gave her a small smile when she sat up and rubbed her eyes, listening to the girl's signing.

Kagome wrapped her arms around him when he cuddled up to her. She saw the little girl's curiosity and ushered her over with a kind smile. She waited until the girl climbed out of bed and put her IV bag on the portable hook. She then skipped over, her orange night dress dancing with her, and climbed onto the bed, making sure her tubes weren't in the way of anything else. Kagome smiled again once she was comfortable and put her cheek on the top of Souta's head as she continued singing.

"For one so small,

You seem so strong

My arms will hold you,

Keep you safe and warm

This bond between us

Can't be broken

I will be here

Don't you cry."

The girl laid down on her stomach and put her chin in her hands as she listened to the pretty lady sing. "Oh! I know this part!" She said when they reached the chorus.

"Then you should definitely sing with me!" She said and tightened her arms around Souta. "You too, Mister. Don't tell me you're too old to sing with your sister."

He smiled embarrassingly and shook his head. "Of course not," He mumbled.

"'Cause you'll be in my heart

Yes, you'll be in my heart

From this day on

Now and forever more," They sang as a trio. Kagome looked up when a silver-haired man came into the room, no doubt there for the little girl, and gave him a small smile as he looked at them when they continued on with the second part of the chorus.

"You'll be in my heart

No matter what they say

You'll be here in my heart, always."

A/N: I did not intend for this to turn out as a songfic chapter lol I promise this isn't a songfic. While there will be music in this story, it usually won't have the lyrics written out as it was here. IF you guys did like it, since I didn't write the whole song, let me know and I'll consider putting more in. (:

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