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Chap 2

Chapter 2

She looked more closely. She saw that his eyes seemed puffy and there was red around them as if they were irritated. Maybe they blinded him in order to capture him ? Most likely. They must have done something to be able to capture him...After all, he was the all mighty demon Lord of the West! How could that ever happen to someone as powerful as him?

She passed a hand in front of his face slowly and not too close. Hey, you can never be too careful! But he didn't even blink. Yep, he must be blind. Hm. Another thing that was currently troubling the young Miko, was that he didn't react at all at her proximity. I mean, he was a youkai, a DaiYoukai, and they had superior senses and all, so he should have been able to smell or hear her or something. But nothing. Strange.

She passed her hand in front of his eyes again, more rapidly. This time, she gained a reaction and almost jumped out of her skin, and reflexively, took several steps back. His eyes had moved! Even so, they weren't focusing on her, just looking everywhere else. After some reflection, Kagome deduced that he must have felt the movement of the air she'd created with her hand. At least, it seemed like his sense of touch was still working. Hm.

Wanting to prove her previous theory and being rather bold even in the situation she was in, she came just in front of him again. For now, she knew that something wasn't right with his eyes and apparently his nose too, or he would have reacted to her close proximity. He was a dog after all...sort of. So, he had a strong sense of smell, surely way more powerful than InuYasha's. She must confirm her suspicion. She knew she was playing with fire. Even chained to the wall, she better not anger the demon Lord. No, not a healthy thing to do. But her curiosity was too powerful.

« Sesshomaru. » she called softy. He didn't move, nothing to prove that he'd heard her. Consequently, she tried again, but this time way more forcefully. She yelled. « Sesshomaru !! »

This time, the response was almost instantaneous. A low threatening growl arose in the back of his throat. She "eep"-ed and ... Fell back on her rear. It was getting old. She was sore all over, her head was hurting, it was enough, right ? No, she had to play with a mortally dangerous demon, who was still an enemy to her or at least InuYasha's enemy the last time she checked, just a companion in a cell and made him angry. Yep, they must have hit her too powerfully or maybe she was turning suicidal, playing with fire like that.

« Do not come any closer, whoever you are. » Came the slightly throatily cold voice of the lord of the West. Even from her position, on the ground, she could see that speaking was hurting him. What did they do to him? His voice was so... so not like him. I mean, usually ok his voice was really, really cold but always a sort of silky cold, if you see what I mean ? Now, it was like speaking was scraping his throat raw. She felt almost sorry for him. He must really be hurting.

On another hand, anger rose inside her. She was of course frightened, who wouldn't be in her position, but she had a feeling of indignation too. Did he have to speak to her with so much venom? It wasn't like she was the one who'd put him in here!

Then, for the umpteenth time since she woke up in the smelly and moist cell, she had the urge to hit herself. Of course he spoke coldly, I meant colder than usually, he mustn't have know who was there in front of him. Good Guess dumb-dumb, he said so himself ! Hm. Again this stupid voice. Arr.

He must assume that one of their captors had come inside the cell and since nothing besides his hearing seemed to work slightly...It was a normal reaction.

So, she decided to leave him alone for now. She would go back to trying to speak to him when he was in a better...mood. If you admit that he could be in a good mood. Hm. She didn't like to see people suffer but for now, she knew that she couldn't do anything for him. He will just kill her if she came too close now that he knew someone was with him. Ally or enemy. If you took in consideration that he could consider someone an ally...

She suddenly felt really tired and her head was really throbbing more and more. She decided to leave him alone for now and went to sit down at the opposite side of the cell, close to the place she woke up not so long ago.


Since she didn't have anything else to do that was more important at the moment, she tried to remember how she came to find herself in this absolute mess. The last thing she remembered was... leaving the shrine for the Feudal Era. Yep, that was it. She remembered now.

She was even coming back two days before planned.

She came back in her time because some cousin she hadn't seen since she was still in diapers invited her and all her family to her wedding. The problem was that she wasn't living close to the shrine. In order to be present for the marriage, she needed three days: the first for the travel there, the second, the day of the ceremony and the third, to come back home. Yes, three or four days, that was all she'd asked.

Of course, InuYasha wasn't seeing things her way. He had the nerves to forbid her to go to her cousin's wedding! Grrr!! Just thinking about it made her angry. Insufferable jerk! So, of course, a dispute exploded between the hanyou and the young Miko.

That time though, Sango and Miroku tried to make InuYasha understand the reason. It was a really important ceremony in a family, and she must be present in order to honor it. However, the stubborn hanyou didn't want to see that. He was just seeing that they would have to stop the quest of jewel shards for a few days and that for him, was out of question. They yelled and yelled...


« InuYasha stop being a stubborn jerk! I have to go!! » Screamed the young human woman-child in the green and white uniform.

They had stopped for the night in a little clearing, after having walked all day without a pause. Kagome was preparing the diner, boiling some water to prepare some ramen, when she decided that she had to say, to our famous temperamental hanyou, that she had to be away for a few days.

Since she came back from her time, two weeks ago, she was trying to find a way to tell InuYasha the necessity of her departure to the future to be there for her cousin's ceremony. Maybe she didn't find the best way to say it to him after all, since they were now screaming at each other. She was tired from their travel and others things, physically and mentally, she was hungry, she was dirty... To continue, she was feeling like shit and fighting against InuYasha wasn't what she had wished to do this night.

« No, you don't. You will stay right here and do the only thing that is important for you to do : detect shards! » InuYasha yelled back harshly.

« So, is that it?! For you, I'm just a shard detector?!? » She said, anger burning in her veins and uncapable this time at hiding her hurt at his words.

InuYasha hesitated a second, what to do, what to do... But he couldn't let her go to her time, so he screamed. « O-of course, you pathetic, useless, weak, human wench!! »

« What!!!!! » She yelled, outraged. Now, that was really hurting her. So I'm just a shard detector for him, not even a friend. Tears started to swell up in her eyes. Miroku approached her and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Nothing lecherous for once. Now, you could tell that the situation was grave.

At this moment, the demon slayer stopped polishing her boomerang and jumped up on her feet. « That's it. InuYasha if you don't close your big mouth full of shit right now, I will do it for you!!! »

« Are you threatening me now, Sango? » He said, growling low.

« Yeah, I am! We are all tired of your comportment. Kagome-chan does everything in our group and askes for very little. She doesn't really want to go to that wedding in the first place and... » She started to cry, her weapon in hand.

« Then, she will not go, and she will be happy! » He answered back, crossing his arms on his chest, praising himself mentally for his quick and intelligent repartee.

The anger that was currently boiling in her veins was making her see red now. Kagome left Miroku's side and walked towards the hanyou. « You insufferable jerk! I already said that I don't particularly wish to go but I HAVE TO GO!!! Can't you understand that?! Due to you and these stupid jewel shards, dishonor has already fallen on my family because I'm failing school and will not go to a university! I have to go! All my family has been invited, I can't cancel! »

« Of course you can! You just don't go!! And you will not go! We have more shards to find! That's final.»

Miroku decided that he had to intervene. He knew that Kagome wasn't right those days and their stubborn friend wasn't helping at all. « InuYasha, calm down. You have to understand that a marriage is an important ceremony in a family, Kagome-sama has to go. »

« So now you are all siding against me ! » Looking at them all as if they just stabbed him in his back.

Like always, the houshi tried to calm the already really tense problem. « We are not against you InuYasha. You have to try to understand the delicate position Lady Kagome is in right now. She has no choice but to go. It's her family. »

« I don't care!!! She will not go! » Crossing his arms again and turning his nose up, showing that for him the discussion was finished.

« InuYasha, you stupid baka! » For the first time the little orphan kitsune spoke. « because you don't have a member of your family who wants you, doesn't mean that Kagome has to lose hers! »

« Shippo! » Said Kagome, surprised by the venom in his words.

« What did you say, runt?! » Yelled the hanyou between clenched teeth, preparing himself to pounce on the kit. However, he was interrupted when Sango spoke again.

« No, Kagome-chan, he is right. InuYasha is always a selfish moron with you. He never lets you visit your family without a fight and now that something has come up and your family's honor is in line he is still playing the selfish jerk and won't let you go!»

InuYasha was seeing red. They were all behind the young Miko from the future but most importantly, against him. So he hit where he knew it would hurt... « She will not go! She has work to do, and we don't have time to waste with her visiting her time! If it was Kikyo... »

Sango was literally shaking from her anger and cut off his speech. « InuYasha, don't you even dare to speak about that clay bitch here, or it will be the last thing you will do! And it's not a threat it's a promise. » She turned around. « Come, Kagome, I will take you to the well. »

Kagome couldn't take anything more. It was too much. Now, she was blinking furiously as not to let her tears fall. She would not let the hanyou see how much he had hurt her. She wouldn't give him that pleasure. So, she did the only thing she could besides cutting him in half with his own sword. « OSWARI!!! Oh and InuYasha, not three days but a week! Sit! sit! SIT BOY!!! »

« Wench... » Came from the crater where InuYasha was currently occupying.

« Why can't you understand the importance of my presence at this ceremony? How can you ask me to turn my back on my own family? The same family that had opened their arms for you? I... » She couldn't stop them anymore. Her tears were now running freely down her cheeks.

He raised his head slightly from the ground just in time to see the hurtful face of his Miko friend. Now, he was feeling like shit. He just didn't want her to leave. He didn't want to make her cry. His heart clench. « K-kagome... »

However, she climbed on to Kirara and flew away. The moment he could, InuYasha jumped on his feet and looked in the direction she'd disappeared in a few seconds ago. « I... Feh. »

But this time, it didn't end there, InuYasha felt something hit him hard on his head. He turned around and saw Miroku with his staff in hand.

« Why did you do that Monk! »

The normally calm and composed houshi literally exploded. « How can you be asking me that, InuYasha ?! Did you have any idea what you have done ? »

« What are you talking about bozo ? It's not like it is the first dispute. » He was surprised by the sudden outburst of Miroku.

Miroku inhaled sharply and tried to calm down before he opened his Kazanna and absorbed the stupid hanyou. « InuYasha, what can you smell ? » Speaking as calm as he could.

« What? » Said InuYasha, looking stupidly at Miroku as if he sunddenly decided to walk on his hands.

« Just do what I ask, smell the air around us and tell me what you can smell. » Clenching his staff tigh in his hand to prevent himself of slapping his friend.

« What are you playing at, Miroku ? There is nothing here, just the woods, us, and... »

« And? »

« Kagome's tears. »

« Exactly. » He sighed. « InuYasha do you have any idea of what you did to her? After all we went through together, you had to hurt her, again. You couldn't stop yourself, hm? You had to hurt her and worst you had to put this... Non-living being in to the equation! »

« What does Kikyo have to do with anything ? »

« She has to do with everything!!! You are so blind and stupid that I'm sad for you InuYasha! You have no idea of what this... Corpse is doing to Kagome! »

« What are you talking about Miroku? Kikyo would never do anything wrong, she is... »

« Shut up, InuYasha ! It's not my place to tell you what she is doing, and I'm sure that I don't even know everything, but you have to realize that she is hurting Kagome, really hurting her, and in more than one way, my friend, and I don't know how long our young friend will be able to support it... On top of that, you are hurting her too by running behind the clay woman and compare her to her. The same woman who's currently hurting her. How can you ever, even just for one second, think that the ... dead one is better than the living and loving one? »

« It's not... »

« Let me finish. Ask yourself InuYasha : which one is always behind you and supports you? Which one trusts you with her life? Which one do you trust, really trust? Which one cares and takes care of you? Which one has never failed or betrayed you? Which one accepts you for what you really are? Which one is loving and a real pure being? When you can answer those questions honestly, InuYasha, you will see the horrible things you did to Kagome tonight. I hope that it is not too late for her to forgive you, once again. But, one day, she will not come back and on this day, InuYasha, what will you do? »

With that said, Miroku got up and left the area. InuYasha looked at the departing back of his friend, ears dropping on his head, whining. I'm sorry, Kagome.


Kagome whimpered and hugged herself tight. When she had left the camp that night, she had never felt so broken in her life. It was just too much. After all that the bitch was doing to her on propose, InuYasha had to... She shook her head, trying to erase all the images, painful memories.

After the marriage, she stayed at home to think. She was bored to death, she must admit. Being honest with herself, she realized that InuYasha didn't know any better than to act like he did and doesn't know the strain on her life and the pain she was reviving from her reincarnation.

She didn't tell him, she didn't tell anyone everything, so she couldn't totally blame him. With that in mind, the fifth day, so two days before planned, she decided to come back to the past.

However, when she went back, InuYasha wasn't there to greet her like always. She thought that perhaps they'd heard about a new rumor of a shard and went to hunt. So, with that in mind, she decided to walk to the village and asked Kaede. It was at this moment that she was attacked...She should have been more careful. She had felt like she was being observed in the clearing, but she couldn't see or really feel the aura of anyone.

Kagome curled up in the fetal position, close to one of the walls opposite to him, hugging her legs to herself. She whimpered a little.

Moving was hurting her, but she had to do that to try to find some warmth. The cell was so cold...

She took one last look towards the demon Lord. Sesshomaru had his head bent... was he sleeping? Not really wanting to get up and see if he was or not, she closed her eyes. She was very tired. Her head was hurting and throbbing so much. With very little difficulty, Kagome fell into a dreamless sleep.


End of the chapter 2

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