Dream Lover (or Two) by tenchi no mai

Dream Lover (or Two)

This oneshot was written for Sugar0o’s 2nd Grand Gutter Marble Challenge 2010, (Open Theme )

Due –June 20, 2010

Minimum – 1000 Words

Actual Word Count - 4826, Story Only

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz Media.   Only the plot to this story and my original characters, Gin and Kin, are my own intellectual property.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

'Italics' - Thoughts 

Dream Lover (or Two)

Sesshoumaru leaned back against the tree where he was sitting and monitored the miko closely as she stalked away from campsite in the direction of the hot spring.  She would not be that far, and he was aware that there were no dangers in the surrounding area.  She was absolutely livid, and he knew better by now than to approach her until she had calmed down somewhat.   

Smirking, he glanced over at the hanyou shaped opening in the ground.  ‘That has got to hurt; it must be at least 10 to 12 feet deep.’  Loud moaning and groaning sounds were floating up from the semi-conscious red clad body at the bottom of said hole.  ‘Inu-baka will never learn.  I would have thought after several years of being ‘sat’ he would be more careful when dealing with the miko and her bathing routine.’ 

A slight motion from the side caught his eye momentarily as the monk attempted to unobtrusively feel up the slayers derriere.  A loud scream of “Hentai!” and the swift swing of a clenched fist left the monk flattened on the ground with the probability of a large lump on his head and a  headache when he awoke.  ‘As many times as he has attempted to touch the slayers hind end and gotten knocked unconscious, I am truly beginning to believe he must be a masochist.’ 

Shippo looked up from the fire to make eye contact with Sesshoumaru.  “He’ll never learn, will he?” 

“Hn.  It seems that neither one of them has yet comprehended the importance of the art of self preservation.” 

“Sango, I’m tired and going to go to sleep now.”  Shippo yawned as he curled up next to Kirara, wrapped his tail around himself, and rapidly fell into a deep sleep, punctuated by little snoring noises. 

Sango turned to look at the demon lord with a sheepish grin, and blushed, shrugging her shoulders.  She didn’t know why she continued this farce, she was sure Sesshoumaru was well aware that she and her hoshi had consummated their relationship.  However, Miroku wanted to wait until after Naraku was defeated to get married, and wanted to keep their liaison quiet until then.   

Sesshoumaru watched the goings on and imperceptibly shook his head.  ‘This Sesshoumaru cannot understand how they think they are fooling anyone.  I can smell the change in their scents and have detected them on the rare occasions they have a chance to sneak off by themselves to go rut.’ 

The only one who seemed oblivious to the fact that the two humans were fucking was Inuyasha.  ‘Maybe the hanyou’s sense of smell is more compromised than this Sesshoumaru originally suspected.  He also seems to be unaware of the relationship between this Sesshoumaru and the miko.’ 

Once the slayer had laid out her bedroll on the other side of the nekomata and fallen asleep, Sesshoumaru unfurled his jyaki and decided to test the waters.  He grabbed his throbbing erection through the silk of his hakama and stroked it urgently as he gave in to lascivious thoughts about the little miko sitting in the onsen.  

‘Hn.  She is still upset.’  He winced when he felt her slam a barrier around the clearing surrounding the hot spring.  ‘She has gotten much better at creating the saku since she finally learned how to tap into her powers.’ 

With an evil grin, Sesshoumaru had another thought.  ‘There is truly no barrier that is totally resistant to my attempts to destroy it.   Not even my future mates.’  He refused to leave the immediate area and go pleasure himself, not when he would be able to shortly have the miko take care of his ‘Little Tensaiga’ for him.  

The ache in his groin intensified as his thoughts turned to the miko’s luscious lips wrapped around the thick girth of his cock.  He had never had that particular pleasure before meeting the miko.  ‘No matter how delightful, that is an activity that one does not indulge in with a female youkai with fangs and a nasty disposition.’ 

Giving his erection one more firm stroke, he decided to give the miko a little more time to herself, then join her in the hot spring, barrier or not. 


Kagome stomped away from camp, irritably kicking at every bush and clump of vegetation she passed.  She was absolutely furious and had sat the overbearing, ear twitching, watchdog of a hanyou until he was unconscious.  They had been through this routine every time she wanted to bathe and she was getting extremely tired of it.  

Arriving at the hot spring, Kagome finally got her furoshiki untied and piled her towels and clean night clothes on a nearby rock. Stripping off her travelling attire, she waded into the onsen with her shampoo, body wash and loofa.  

While she washed her hair and body, the steamy, hot water began to relax the tension that had built up in her muscles.  Sitting back against one of the large rocks that rimmed the edge of the hot spring, she was just beginning to unwind and calm down when she felt Sesshoumaru’s jyaki float across the water and bump against her aura. 

 She instantly sat up straight, becoming riled again, mumbling curses under her breath.  All she wanted right now was some peace and quiet, just a little time alone to get rid of her exasperation and irritation at Inuyasha.  

‘Inuyasha!’  At the mere thought of his name her anger and frustration returned full force, surging through her like a tidal wave.    She had wanted to take a bath for the last few days, but Inuyasha had pushed the tachi to keep moving long after they normally would have stopped for the night.  He sneered and claimed that there were only a few more shards to be found to complete the jewel, and that was more important than a bath.  

The loud, crude, arrogant hanyou had never come right out and actually verbally accused her of anything, but the suspicion was beginning to grow, it was there to read in the looks he had been giving her.  Sooner or later there was going to be a confrontation with Inuyasha, but she kept hoping he would remain ignorant of the facts until the jewel was made whole.  She wasn’t looking forward to his temper tantrum when he found out the truth about her relationship with his full demon brother. 

When Sesshoumaru’s jyaki nudged her again, she grimaced and raised a barrier around the clearing the hot spring was situated in.  She knew the saku wouldn’t hold against Sesshoumaru, but it would at least give her a warning of his approach.  

‘Please Kami, just a few more minutes of peace and quiet before I have to deal with a horny dog demon.’  Kagome grumbled under her breath.  Both of the inus, youkai and hanyou, were possessive, each in a different, yet overbearing manner.  

Kagome once more leaned against the warm rock at her back, laying her head on the pillow of soft moss covering the top of it.  The stars twinkled brightly overhead as the moon slowly climbed into the sky.  

Closing her eyes, she decided to try and not think about anything and rest quietly until Sesshoumaru made his presence known.  For these few minutes, she wasn’t the Shikon no Miko and belonged to no one save herself.  Falling into a light sleep, she began to dream… 


Kin and Gin had been sitting in the onsen, relaxing after stopping to bathe.  They were about two thirds of the way to their destination and had decided to take another break.  Gin was not that happy to have been sent on this diplomatic mission to their uncle’s territory in the far north of Nippon.  It was usually cold there, even in the summer, and they were used to the much warmer weather in their southern homeland.  

This hot spring was unusually large and Gin had been amused watching his twin brother swimming and diving in the warm water.  They had been getting ready to dry off and dress, then resume their journey, when the cutest little human female Gin had ever seen came crashing through the brush.  She appeared to be in quite a high state of dudgeon, and he had automatically thrown a kekkei around the half of the onsen they were currently in.  Not that the two youkai princes needed any protection from a human female, even in their current human form, but he didn’t wish to listen to her probably high pitched screaming when she spotted them.   Adding a sound barrier to the kekkei, Gin motioned for Kin to be quiet as he waded over to see what the problem was. 

 Peering through the reeds, Kin’s eyes widened as he saw the strangely attired girl.  Eyes automatically travelling back along the narrow path she had come stomping down, Gin waited, muscles tensed, to see who else would momentarily arrive at the onsen.  He couldn’t believe she would come here to bathe by herself with no protection.  The dragons both relaxed as it quickly became apparent that she truly was by herself.  

They knew that there were no villages nearby, the last one they had passed was many leagues back; she must be a traveler also.  No one journeyed by themselves, so there were probably others camped in close proximity.  Cloaking his aura even further, Gin expanded it and explored the nearby area, identifying several youkai, as well as humans, and a hanyou.  At least he now knew what he was dealing with. 

Kin snickered as he watched the human female struggle with the knot on her furoshiki; her ire only increasing when she had trouble getting it undone.  Gin poked him in the ribs, then cracked a grin himself.  He was curious to know what had stoked her displeasure to such a high level.  

As she stripped out of her odd clothing and splashed into the water, Gin let out a low whistle.  The female was truly beautiful, with long slim legs, nicely rounded curves and firm full breasts that just begged to be kissed.  Her midnight black hair glinted with blue highlights as it unfurled down her back to her waist.  They both unashamedly gaped at her as she cleansed herself then relaxed back against the rocks.  

Kin became anxious when they felt a powerful aura stretch across the onsen and push up against the female.  Seeing her reaction to it Gin snickered, then suddenly realized why she seemed unafraid to be there alone.  She was far from defenseless judging by the strength of the kekkei she had just thrown around the clearing.  Kin leaned into his brother and hissed.  “A miko!  We’re trapped inside a kekkei with a miko!” 

Gin attempted to calm his now aggravated twin.  “Don’t panic, Kin.  Remember she is a female first, a miko second.  What female has ever been able to totally resist a dragon?”  Kin shrugged his shoulders before making a face at Gin, then flopping on his back to float in the warm water.  Let his brother continue to leer at the woman, he was usually the hornier of the two of them anyway.  Glancing back he shook his head.  From the small ripples in the water and the movement of his elbow, it was obvious what Gin was doing.  As he watched his twin, Kin’s own arousal began to rise.  

When the female in question fell into a light sleep, Gin carefully expanded his kekkei and pushed it outwards until it was a few feet away from the edge of the onsen.  Slowly making his way towards her, he motioned for Kin to join him.  Knowing what his brother wanted, he warily followed.  Kin hoped that Gin knew what he was doing; he really didn’t want to get purified tonight.  To have some fun with a willing female was one thing, to possibly court death with a miko was something else entirely. 

Kin slid over and lifted the female onto his lap.  She laid her head back against his shoulder, then arched her spine.  Moaning, she raised her arms to wrap them around his neck, scratching gently the hairline at the nape of his neck.  Kin raised an eyebrow.  ‘Obviously she was expecting someone to join her in the onsen at some point… and she was not unused to a lovers touch.’ 

Gin’s eyes dropped to her breasts which were now so beautifully on display, as his breathing increased to soft pants.  He reached to spread her legs to straddle Kin’s thighs, then nudged Kin with his knee to open his legs.   Kneeling in front of the female, he pressed himself between Kin’s thighs and made a dragon sandwich with the female as the delectable filling.  Leaning down he captured her lips with his as he cupped her breasts and began to delicately trace designs on them with his pearly claws.  

Kin gently took her hands in his and moved them over to wrap around Gin’s neck.  Her fingers were tickling him, plus he didn’t want to be the first one purified when she opened her eyes and realized what was going on.  He had begun to kiss, lick, and nibble his way down her neck to her shoulder when he felt her stiffen up slightly as she came out of her slumber.  

Kagome opened her eyes and blinked, then blinked again.  The male in front of her was obviously a high demon, if he could assume a human form.  Feeling kisses being nibbled on her neck, she turned her head.  Two good looking demons?  Looking back and forth between them her sleep muddled brain finally made the connection.  Twins?  She had to be dreaming, that was the only explanation.  And since she was dreaming, there wasn’t any reason not to enjoy their attentions. 

Besides, they looked like they had been beaten within an inch of their lives with a gorgeous stick.  Maybe that’s why there were so few gorgeous men in her time.  The Kami must have somehow broken their gorgeous stick after they finished creating the youkai.  

They weren’t as good looking as Sesshoumaru, but came in a very close second, and she internally congratulated the creativity of her dream self.  She wasn’t sure from their auras what type of youkai they were.  Looking from one to the other she could see iridescent blue and green scale markings flickering over their skin.  Combined with the long blond braids and red eyes, they were certainly striking looking.

 “What’s your name, sweetheart?”  Gin asked, smiling and showing off his fangs.  

“My name’s Kagome, what are your names?”  She whispered.  ‘Was that an ever so slightly forked tongue?’ 

“I’m Gin, and the gaki currently attached to your ear is my twin brother Kin.”  Raising his eyes to meet her questioning look, Kin grabbed her chin, turning her head to steal a quick kiss before returning to nibbling on her earlobe. 

“In case you’re wondering about our coloring, we finished our spring exuviate and are in our summer colors right now.”  Gin flicked his long blonde braid back over his shoulder.  “We will decorticate again in the fall.  In the winter we’re red and orange with black and red hair, probably closer to what you are used to seeing from dragons.”  

“Wow!  You have two different color schemes?  That’s too cool.”  Kagome had never ceased to be amazed at the many versions of youkai she met, and these two were no exception.  ‘Now what had Sango told me about dragons and dragon youkai?  Something about sexually promiscuous and being symbols of fertility?’  

Gin could see that Kagome was thinking about something that was distracting her from the two of them.  Pulling her into another heated kiss, he continued to tease her nipples into tight peaks. 

 Kagome broke off the kiss to take several gasping breaths.  Looking between them again, she giggled when she noticed their eyes.  They both had red eyes with small double oval pupils atop one another and thick bars connecting their pupils to the ring around the outside of the iris.  She noted that Gin’s pupils were silver and Kin’s pupils were gold.  ‘Okay, their names now make more sense.’ 

She jumped when she felt one clawed hand slide down her side, across her stomach, and comb through her curls heading towards her core.  Since Gin was still teasing her breasts, it had to be Kin.  As he started rubbing her clit, she could feel her arousal beginning to skyrocket.  When she moaned again, Gin gave a wicked smirk and lowered his mouth to her breasts, licking then greedily suckling first one then the other. 

Brushing his long bangs up off his face, Kagome threaded her fingers through Gin’s hair, running one finger across the tips of his pointed ears.  Trying to hold him in place, her hands found purchase above his ears.  ‘Oh, he has horns underneath all that wild hair.’  Reaching up with one hand, she carefully touched Kin’s ear and then found one of his horns.  Tipping her head back, she pulled Kin down into a kiss, moaning when he slipped his tongue into her mouth.  

Feeling one heavy erection pressed into her abdomen and another between her thighs, Kagome rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her core against Kin’s thick cock.  ‘Oh, Kami!  That feels so good!’  Reaching between herself and Gin, she carefully touched the tip of his cock then wrapped her hand around the throbbing girth.  

Gin smirked wickedly against her skin, they had her now, she was curious.  The only thing he needed at this moment was to get the three of them out of the water without breaking the erotic thrall that Kagome was wrapped up in.  Deciding the easiest way was to just stand up, he reached down and wrapped Kagome’s legs around his waist.  Tapping Kin’s hand, he motioned for him to exit the onsen and sit on the grass.  Kagome’s hand never left his cock as he stood up then strode out of the hot spring.  Sitting her on Kin’s lap again, he knelt in front of her, then sat back on his feet. 

Kagome’s eyes widened as she got a good look at the cock in her hand.  It wasn’t as long or as thick as Sesshoumaru’s, but it had small ribs on each side.   Leaning down she examined the ridges, then ran her tongue across them.  ‘Was this where the guys that were into body mods got some of their ideas?’  Gin drew in a deep breath as she laved his cock with her tongue, then enclosed it within her hot little mouth.  As she bobbed her head up and down, sucking on the rigid length, her little round ass rose in the air, and Kin could resist no longer. 

Kin kneeled behind her running the pads of his fingers along her wet slit, then sunk one finger in her sheath up to his knuckle.  Groaning at the tightness, he removed his finger, licking her essence off it, before sinking it once more, then offering it to Gin.  She tasted heavenly, but he wanted to be inside that tight heat.  Gripping his throbbing erection in one hand, Kin grabbed her hip with the other, then lined up his cock and thrust it home.  

Kagome squealed at the abrupt insertion, but then began to moan as Kin’s cock rubbed all the right places.  Gin quickly decided to strengthen the sound barrier in his kekkei in case Kagome turned out to be a screamer; he didn’t want any unnecessary interruptions before they were finished.  He couldn’t take much more of her attentions to his cock, and didn’t want to cum in her mouth, so he gently pulled her away and lifted her into a sitting position on Kin’s lap as he sat back and spread his legs.  Kin, with a blissful expression on his face, continued to drive his cock in and out of Kagome’s pussy.  Gin moved forward between Kin’s thighs, then reached down to rub Kagome’s clit.  She immediately arched up and screamed as her orgasm unexpectedly released.  Kin grunted and pulled his cock out of her rippling sheath, he was so close and he didn’t want to cum yet either.  Wrapping both arms tightly around her waist and burying his head in her hair, he gasped as he tried to regain his composure.  

Gin had his throbbing cock tightly gripped in his hand and was trying to avoid stroking it; he was still too close to releasing.  After a few minutes, when Kagome’s breathing began to return to normal, he rubbed the head of his cock along her dripping slit, then slid himself in to the hilt, groaning as the still undulating muscles tried to pull him in deeper.  Waiting another minute or so, he then grinned at Kin as he began to flex his hips, Kagome’s moans driving him to increase his speed.  After bringing Kagome to another shrieking orgasm, Gin slid his cock out of her pussy.  

Leaning over, he licked and placed open mouthed kisses across her shoulder and up her neck to then whisper in her ear.  “Kagome, we both want to be inside you at the same time.  Will you let us?”  Waiting to see her expression, he grinned at her, flashing his fangs. 

“Won’t that hurt?”  Kagome was alarmed, Sesshoumaru had wanted to have anal intercourse, but she was still very hesitant and they hadn’t gone there yet because of her fear. 

“No, it won’t hurt, we have a trick I know you haven’t ever seen before.”  Gin nodded to Kin and he slid her up his chest a foot or so.  Kagome was now face to face with Gin and he leaned over and kissed her with every bit of passion he had in him.  He reached underneath her, flicking her clit with a claw, eliciting a gasp, which he took advantage of to deepen the kiss.  He grasped his and Kin’s cocks in his hands, locking their ribs together.  Using a firm grip, he began to stroke upwards.  When a female dragon demon was fertile, her sheath lengthened, and a male had to be able to increase the reach of his cock in order to fertilize her eggs.  Their cocks began to extend, the girth slowly tapering, until their combined circumference was only slightly more than either one was individually under normal circumstances.   Kin used one hand to wrap Kagome’s legs around Gin’s waist, then slowly lowered her onto their temporarily locked cocks.  

Kagome threw her head back against Kin’s chest and grasped Gin’s shoulders tightly as she was stretched to her limits.  ‘This is what it feels like with Sesshoumaru!’   

Knowing they had to be cautious not to go too deep and harm her, Gin kept one of his hands wrapped around each cock at the point he felt was the limit.  Slowly withdrawing, then pushing back in, the twins carefully matched their movements, the pleasure intensifying with each stroke.  Giving a slight twist, Gin unlocked the ribs in their cocks, allowing them to each move independently.  With Kin keeping Kagome firmly pulled to his chest, they stroked first in unison, then in alternating strokes. 

Gin bared his fangs and watched as Kagome had another orgasm, flushing a bright pink down across her breasts and reaching to her stomach.  He could feel his own release beginning to boil up and glanced at Kin.  He appeared to be in the same condition, and they once more matched their strokes, slowing down to give Kagome time to catch her breath.  Speeding up again, Kin reached around Kagome’s hip, to alternately rub then press her by now overly sensitive clit.  As her internal muscles once more clenched tightly onto their cocks, Kagome shrieked her release; growling and hissing loudly, the twins joined her. 

They all collapsed into an exhausted heap beside the onsen, Gin and Kin groaning as they withdrew from Kagome’s tight pussy.   Picking her up, Gin waded back into the hot spring, with Kin following him.  Careful to not wake her up again, they vigilantly washed the slight trace of their scent from her, then lay her on the grass, where she curled up on her side with a big smile on her face. 

Quickly washing themselves, they were just finished getting dressed when Gin could feel an impressively strong youkai aura approaching.   Hurriedly gathering their possessions, Gin left a small gift in the pocket of Kagome’s sleep pants.  Lowering his kekkei, Gin motioned for Kin to follow him as they left the immediate area.  


Sesshoumaru was becoming extremely impatient as he continued to push against his miko’s saku, which was still raised firmly around the onsen.  Glaring, he decided that enough was enough, and he stalked from the campsite towards the hot spring, withdrawing his Bakusaiga.  He was going to join the miko in the onsen, and that was his final thought on the matter.  Her saku suddenly wavered as he approached, then slowly reformed itself.  

Poking at it with the tip of his sword, Sesshoumaru cocked his head.  The saku felt considerably weaker than it had just a few minutes ago.  Walking through the barrier, he sheathed Bakusaiga and removed Tensaiga from his obi.  Using two hands, the stabbed the sword into the ground, watching with a satisfied smirk as it created a barrier, merging with his miko’s saku and strengthening it. 

Turning on his heel, he surveyed the clearing and hot spring for any disturbances.  Noting the miko was not in the onsen, he slowly approached her sleeping form and his nose went into overdrive.  The scent of her arousal hung over the clearing like a dense fog, making his erection throb and pulse.  Kneeling beside her, Sesshoumaru noted one of her hands between her legs and smirked.  Gently pulling her hand away from her crotch, he ran a finger along her slit, smirking again when she rolled from her side onto her back and spread her legs for him.  Quickly divesting himself of his clothing and swords, he continued to rub her clit.   

She breathed raggedly, then began murmuring.   “Oh, Sesshoumaru!”  Her eyes flew open as he sunk a finger into her sopping wet pussy.  After glancing around the clearing, Kagome tried to focus her eyes on him.  Raising a hand to touch the stripes on his face, she was relieved when he was not a figment of her imagination.  ‘Yes, it’s really Sesshoumaru.’  Once more clearing her throat, she whispered, “Was I dreaming?”  

Sesshoumaru positioned himself over top of his miko.  He was so horny, and since she had obviously been having some erotic dreams and was already nice and wet, he quickly slid into her tight sheath, then flexed his cock.  When she gasped, he decided to tease her.  Flashing his fangs, he asked, “Were you dreaming about me?”  

Blushing, Kagome buried her face in his shoulder and nodded her head.   There was no way she was going to tell him she had dreamed about someone else.  Picking up his speed, he knew this was going to be a quick one.  That was okay, they had all night. 


Several hours, and many satisfying orgasms, later, Sesshoumaru knew they were in trouble.  His knot had formed with his last release and they were still locked together.  He had wanted to wait until after the jewel was completed and the final battle was over before taking her as a mate and pupping her.  He knew no one else would be able to discern it yet, but he could smell the miniscule change in her scent.  ‘So much for the well laid plans of this Sesshoumaru.’ 

Kagome wiggled in her sleep, and he grunted when she inadvertently tugged on his knot.  He put a hand on her abdomen and pulled her closer to his body, covering them with his Mokomoko.  Another hour or so and his knot had relaxed.  Withdrawing from Kagome’s body, he grimaced as his now very overly sensitive cock slid free. 

Putting a hand on her shoulder, he gently shook her.  “Kagome, wake up.”  Waiting a minute, he tried again.  “Kagome, koi, we must get back to the campsite soon.” 

Slowly sitting up and rubbing her eyes, Kagome blinked at him.  “Oh, okay.”  Looking up at the sky, she noted that while it was still dark, dawn was beginning to lighten the sky in the East. 

Sesshoumaru led her over to the onsen where they quickly washed, then got dried and dressed.  Kagome pulled on her tee-shirt and sleep pants before putting on her sandals and bundling up her belongings.  Feeling the drag of a weight on her right side, she slipped her hand in the pocket of her sleep pants.  Her brows furrowed as she wrapped her fingers around an object.  Pulling her hand out, her mouth dropped open as she gazed at the extremely large teardrop shaped pearl that almost filled her palm.  ‘It had been a dream…  right?’





Decorticate – to molt or shed

Exuviate – to molt or shed

Gaki – brat or punk