The World is Full of Surprises by Chi


The World is Full of Surprises

Hey, this is my new story. I decided to try my hand at writing a Sesshomaru/Kagome. I hope that anyone who reads this story enjoys it. If you have any comments, questions or ideas for future chapters please let me know. Please review. Standard symbols used: “ ” = talking, ‘ ’ = thinking, bold = beast or inner selves/conscience. I do not own Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi does. Please enjoy the story.

“Kagome we are not stopping yet, there’s still some daylight left,” Inuyasha complained.

“We’ve been walking for five hours and the sun’s about to set. How are we supposed to set up camp if we can’t see,” Kagome argued with the half demon until the sun had set and they had to make camp.

“Stupid wench, how dare she complain about having no light to set up camp in then argue until there’s no light left,” Inuyasha hissed to himself.

“I heard that Inuyasha, sit,” Kagome’s voice rang throughout the clearing they had set up camp in.

The sound that followed was one that was heard often within their small group, a loud thud. The thud was caused by the half demon smashing into the ground at the miko’s command. As camp was st up kagome made dinner for everyone which consisted of what little ramen was left.

“I need to go home soon we’re almost out of supplies,” Kagome sighed watching as the half demon crawled out of his hole.

“You can’t go home. There’re only a few more shards left and you are not allowed to go home until we find them,” Inuyasha growled starting to become angry.

“I need to go home, NOW,” Kagome emphasized the now.

“I already told you that you will not go home until I say you can. Kikyo would never leave us alone, never let us run out of food and she would never abandon us for Kaede,” Inuyasha hollered.

“Are you telling me that you think that… that… walking dead, clay pot bitch is better than I am, that she means more to you then I do,” Kagome had not noticed the tears dripping down her face.

“How dare you say that about Kikyo. I’ll kill you, you disloyal whore,” Inuyasha’s eyes were turning red and his voice was becoming harder to understand as the seconds ticked by.

It was then that Sango noticed the tetsuaiga on the forest floor a few feet away.

“Kagome run,” Sango screeched.

Kagome looked at Inuyasha, turned and ran away as fast as she could. Inuyasha saw the movement and took chase after Kagome. As she ran Kagome vaguely noticed that she passed Sesshomaru’s group. While Kagome continued to run Sesshomaru watched as his brother passed him without uttering a single word.

‘Hmm, the whelp didn’t say anything to this Sesshomaru. Strange,’ Sesshomaru thought taking in a breath. ‘His scent has changed. It smells like a pure-blooded demon. That woman’s scent is filled with fear, shit. I will not allow the hanyou to disgrace this family further by harming a priestess.’

Sesshomaru turned from his current course and ran after his half brother. When he caught up to them he was slightly surprised at what he saw. The miko was lying on the ground covered in her own blood with Inuyasha standing over her ready to kill her. Just as Inuyasha’s claws were about to come in contact with Kagome’s slim, pale neck Sesshomaru had pinned him to a nearby tree.



“Damn it! Why did you stop me Sesshomaru? I was just about to get rid of the biggest burden in my life. Why do you always seem to pop up when she needs help? Damn you,” Inuyasha choked out as he was forced to abandon his actions of death towards Kagome.

Inuyasha clawed at Sesshomaru’s hand until it was covered in blood and you could almost see the bone. Sesshomaru realized that he had to let go or he would lose his other arm which he was not about to lose. As he let go Inuyasha bolted as fast as he could away from Sesshomaru and his prey. Once Inuyasha had left the demon lord watched as his skin re-grew. Once he saw that his flesh was back to normal he looked at the figure on the ground and mentally sighed. Her arm twitched and she tried to get up but ended up collapsing into the mud that had formed as it started to rain. Sesshomaru took the few necessary steps to reach Kagome and somehow managed to pick her up with his only arm. As he carried her through the freezing rain their clothing became heavy and the priestess started to shiver within the demon’s arm. After over an hour of the cold and wet Sesshomaru decided to find a shelter for the night. As he entered the cave he discovered he made a fire and set the shivering Kagome as close to it as he could without burning her.

He the realized that her wounds were still bleeding profusely.

‘I should wrap her sounds before she dies,’ Sesshomaru thought as he walked over to Kagome.

‘Heal mate. I not allow mate die now,’ Sesshomaru’s beast spoke to Sesshomaru(From now on Sesshomaru’s beast will be called Yokai.)

‘Yokai, she can’t be our mate she’s human and I have never had any intentions of finding a mate,’ Sesshomaru answered Yokai.

‘Heal mate now. I take over if you not heal mate,’ Yokai ordered Sesshomaru.

‘I’ll heal her but please allow this Sesshomaru to heal her in peace.’

‘I leave now but be back later,’ Yokai then went to sleep.

‘If I don’t heal her my beast will not leave me alone for the rest of my immortal life,’ Sesshomaru mentally sighed as he carefully but quickly stripped off Kagome’s clothing.

Once he was finished taking off her clothes he gently lowered his mouth onto one of the gashes on her back and started to lick it until, after a few moments, the gash was healed. He then moved onto the gash beside the now healed one and licked it until it was completely healed. He did the same thing to all the other large wounds that marred her porcelain skin. After he had healed her large wounds he healed the smaller cuts that littered her body. As he finished Sesshomaru removed his outer haori and placed it over Kagome’s shivering body.

For the rest of the night Sesshomaru watched over Kagome and the cave they were in until he too fell asleep.

The next morning, as thunder continued to boom Sesshomaru awoke and looked over at the small figure which was curled up in fear of the unknown noise that was starting to awaken her form her sleep. As Kagome opened her eyes she noticed two things, first was the she had no clothes on except for a male haori that barely covered her breasts’. Second was that she was in a cave with Sesshomaru staring blankly at her. After a few moments of contemplating the situation she was in Kagome decided to block out the thunder and ask Sesshomaru what was going on. She walked over to Sesshomaru and sat down beside him.

“Sesshomaru, why are we in a cave? More importantly, why am I in your outer haori,” Kagome asked politely.

“Do you not remember what happened yesterday? Don’t you remember that by half brother attacked you and almost killed you? As for your second question your kimono was shredded. It covered less that usual,” Sesshomaru answered kagome watching as she turned away from him and tied his haori closed.

Kagome felt much more comfortable now that Sesshomaru’s haori was tied closed. The haori now reached a little below mid-thigh on her seeing as Sesshomaru was much taller than Kagome. It was then that Sesshomaru’s words became clear within her head and she remembered that Inuyasha had almost killed her the day before.

“Sesshomaru, thank you for saving me from Inuyasha and healing me. I’m sorry if I caused you any problems,” Kagome watched as Sesshomaru turned his cold gaze onto her and spoke.

“I assure you that you have not caused this Sesshomaru any problems. It was my half brother that caused the problem and further disgraced our bloodline by attempting to killing a miko,“ Sesshomaru noticed her shivering due to the cold temperature the rain created.

“What do you mean that he disgraced your family by attempting to kill me,” Kagome inquired.

“The Inu clan has always had no dislike towards the mikos and they haven’t bothered us in return,” Sesshomaru answered. “Cease talking miko, the storm has lessened.”


Once they had finished their conversation Kagome turned and watched the flames flicker. Eventually Kagome fell asleep and toppled over, resting her head on Sesshomaru’s shoulder. The lord had almost slipped into a restful trance until he felt a weight on his shoulder. As he turned his head he saw the miko Kagome sleeping with her head on his shoulder.

‘Hn, it seems as though the miko was tired,’ he saw her wince in her sleep as she put pressure on her left arm, ‘and in pain. Yokai, do you think the half breed thought about what he was doing when he attacked the miko?’

‘No, Yokai no think half breed thought of hurting mate,’ Yokai answered.

‘I see. He doesn’t seem to have the brain to think of attacking her. The dead miko must have told him to kill her because she was in her way,’ Sesshomaru pondered the thought until he thought that he had a suitable answer.

‘Dead miko? She not smell like mate. Mate other miko, dead miko should smell pure,’ Yokai spoke as though he saw feral.

‘You’re right Yokai. All mikos should smell of holy energy but the dead one doesn’t. She must have traded her purity for something. I’ll ask the miko about Inuyasha later. We should get some rest. Goodnight,’ after that Sesshomaru fell into a restful trance.

Later in the day Kagome woke up and noticed that the sky was clear but looked a though it would rain again soon, so she lifted herself off of Sesshomaru’s shoulder and left the cave to gather food and firewood. After a couple of hours of foraging Kagome re-entered the cave and started a fire near the entrance so the smoke wouldn’t bother Sesshomaru but could not be touched by the drops of water if it started to rain once more.

After an hours of looking after the fire and making dinner for the two of them Kagome noticed that Sesshomaru was starting to wake up. When he first woke up Sesshomaru smelt the burning fire and the food tat Kagome had cooked but no Kagome. As he scanned the cave he found a note pinned to his inner haori.

Sesshomaru, I went to get water for the cave because it was getting stormy outside. I’ll be back soon.

P.S: Eat the food I made, it’ll help with the smell of the fire if you have something else near your nose.

‘So she went to get water, hm,’ Sesshomaru thought not hear Yokai answer him back.

After a few moments passed Kagome returned and set the jugs of water she had with her on the cave floor.

“Hi, Sesshomaru. Sorry for taking so long with the water. Did you sleep well,” she inquired.

“You did no take long. This Sesshomaru had a peaceful rest. Miko,” he was cut off.

“My name’s Kagome. If you don’t call me by my name I won’t respond.”

“Kagome, why did Inuyasha attack you,” he questioned.

When kagome heard that she dropped the empty bowl she was holding and tears started to streak down her now pale cheeks.

“He attacked me b-because I ins-sulted his precious Kinky-hoe.”

“I see,” the demon hummed.


“Yes, what is it mi-Kagome?”

“Does it make me a bad person to want Kikyo dead? I means he stole my soul but I managed to get most of it back and she steals souls from the dead women who have died in order to keep herself alive. She also wants to drag Inuyasha to hell with her and kill me before hand so that she can take her precious soul with her,” Kagome ranted and as she did she wondered why a great demon lord was bothering to listen to her.

“I do not believe that it makes you a bad person to wish for someone who should be dead to go back where she belongs. If she truly wishes you dead then you should not be going back to the half breed,” Sesshomaru responded to the rant.

“Yeah, you’re right but I don’t have anywhere else to go. If I go home he’ll follow me and kill my family and myself. I couldn’t put them in danger like that after all they’ve put up with,” Kagome sighed and wiped the now drying tears off of her cheeks.

“Rin needs a female model who can teach her to read, write and do other basic skills that a lady will need later in life. I refuse to have an uneducated ward. You may stay at my castle and travel with my group while you wish to stay away from Inuyasha if you teach Rin what I want,” Sesshomaru explained slowly watching as Kagome’s eyes brightened considerably at the mention of teaching Rin.

“I would love to Sesshomaru. I’ve met Rin before and she’s adorable.”

“We’ll leave for my palace when the weather is appropriate,” Sesshomaru stated while picking up the bowl of soup and gracefully swallowing its contents.

The rest of the evening pasted uneventfully until they both fell asleep.

Thank you all very much for reading this story. I hope that someone will review. I hope that you all enjoyed it. This is NOT a one-shot, I will update…eventually.