The Miko and The Messenger by tenchi no mai

Chapter 1

Authors Note:  This odd piece of storytelling emerged from the December Drabble/Drawble Nights in chat.  The drabbles have been expanded upon to create this double-shot.   The prompts from December 12th were: Season, Bravado, Tidings, Etheral, Tradition, Revolution, and Curiousity. 

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz Media.   Only the plot to this story and my original character, Takeshi, are my own intellectual property.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

'Italics' - Thoughts

 Chapter 1

Kagome slowly walked around the clearing, picking springs first blossoms with Rin.  Sesshoumaru-sama had sent Ah-Un trailing after them as guard.  She continued softly singing, “To everything, turn, turn, turn…” as she thought about the cycle of life, her strange life in particular. 

“There is a season, turn, turn, turn…”  The world never stopped revolving, and the Feudal Era and her time were so far apart.  Sometimes she felt that no one truly understood her, not even Inuyasha.  And he, more than anyone, knew first hand of the countless changes that had occurred in the 500 year span of time. 

“A time to be born, a time to die…”  Her thoughts suddenly twisted, and she reflected on Naraku and the battle to come.  She instinctively touched the small vial of shards that hung from the thin silver chain around her neck.  It wouldn’t be too long now, there were not many of the kakera left to find.  

Glancing back towards the other side of the clearing, she shivered in the cool breeze as she looked at her dear friends sitting near the fire. 

Rin ran back to the campsite, dropping her armload of flowers beside Sango.  Maybe the taijiya would help her and Kagome weave them into garlands. 

Kagome slowly trailed behind Rin as she continued to think about Naraku and his machinations.  The evil hanyou was on everyones mind lately, and was constantly the main topic of their conversations.  

Shippo had picked up a stick and was swinging it around like a sword.  He was stalking around the campsite stabbing the foilage with his weapon, while having a one sided dialogue about what he would do to Naraku.  

‘Such bravado!’ Kagome thought.   

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha had been arguing about something or other, when they both suddenly stopped and sniffed the air, cocking their heads to listen.                  

The humans immediately noticed and picked up their weapons, waiting to see what was happening.

After scanning the treeline, Kagome glanced towards the sky.  From between the puffy white clouds, she saw a large inu youkai in his true form quickly approaching from the west.  She didn’t recognize him, and anxiously waited to see who this youkai with the dark fluffy tail could be. 

He landed in the center of the clearing, immediately changing into his human form.  “My Lord, I bring tidings from the Fortress.” 

The large inu youkai bowed in front of Sesshoumaru, before handing him a scroll sealed with a wax impression of an inu. 

Kagome couldn’t help herself.  She knew it was impolite, but she was unable to stop staring at the ethereal male prostrating himself in front of Sesshoumaru. 

It wasn’t often that she got to see Sesshoumaru with someone from the Fortress.  At times, as much as she hated to admit it, she forgot he was a lord with important duties to perform; things other than hunting down and killing Naraku.  Glancing at Sesshoumaru, she took note of his annoyed expression. 

She had just turned back towards the messenger again, when she heard Inuyasha growl.    

Inuyasha glared at Kagome as she become enthralled watching the messenger.  He had known this youkai for a long time and knew he was not nearly as docile as he appeared. 

His looks were extremely deceiving.  Takeshi was first of all a warrior, trained in the traditional martial arts as well as espionage.  He was also a womanizer of the worst kind, even more so than Miroku. 

Sesshoumaru glanced over at Inuyasha as he continued growling, then raised an eyebrow as he took in the sight of the miko so frankly admiring Takeshi.  His possessive side immediately took offense at the perceived insult. 

Takeshi smirked as he felt feminine eyes openly appraising him.  He was used to it, but the overt consideration was surprising.  Females usually were somewhat more reticent and flirted from behind fans or screens.  

Kagome couldn’t have torn her eyes off the male even if she had wanted to.  He had the most amazing eyes she had ever seen.  Even more so than Sesshoumaru’s.  They seemed to hold her spellbound when he raised them to gaze at her.  

‘Oh, my God.’  When he smiled, a dimple appeared on his cheek, and his eyes twinkled.  Then he winked at her, and she was a goner.  

She was almost glad they were in the Feudal Era.  Kagome could only imagine the havoc this male would create in a world that had gone through the sexual revolution and had birth control at its fingertips.   Wow! 

Sesshoumaru moved so fast that Kagome didn’t know what hit her.  Suddenly there was a wall of silver hair, white silk, spikey armor and the fluff known as Mokomoko-sama between her and her current eye candy. 

Takeshi looked up at Sesshoumaru and, with a lopsided grin, shrugged his shoulders.  ‘Oh, well, this one was off limits for some reason.  Sesshoumaru-sama has never had a thing for human females before.  I wonder why this one is special?’ 

He would never outright disobey his Lord and alpha, but his curiouisity was now piqued about the little human female that was hidden from his view and who was trying to peek at him from around Sesshoumaru-sama’s substantial form.


 To Be Continued... 


End Notes: 

I do not own, nor do I have any financial interest in Pete Seeger, The  Byrds, or the lyrics and music of the song “Turn, Turn, Turn”.