Breakfast now, Lunch later by Walter205

What is for dessert?

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Note: This is an continuation scenario from Wiccan's story "Windows to the Soul"


 He gazed longingly into her cerulean eyes, his golden orbs looking straight through them and into her heart and soul.

Why would she admit that she was having these visions?

Perhaps, she wanted some of come true?

'Impossible' he thought to himself.

And yet...

Why would she be so nervous, why would she be blushing, if she just told him about the visions she was having, and perhaps wanted him to stop thinking about her?

It could be because she was untouched...

But, it could also be because...

Giving himself a mental shake to clear his mind, Sesshomaru came back to his gaze, only to see the miko's head craned downwards torwards the ground.

A slow smile crept up the side of his face. If Jaken were here, he would be sweating bullets before fainting right about now...

He reached his solitary arm out to cup her chin gently, before tilting her head up.

Stunned at the contact, Kagome could only stand there with a beet red face staring at the smile on his face with some trepidation.

Suddenly, that face began growing in size, and as it did so, Kagome's own eyes widened.

'No, surely he isn't going to...mph!' she thought before his lips came in contact with her own.

He was still smirking even as his lips pressed gently against hers. Her mouth opened to let out a 'gasp', but Sesshomaru took this as an invintation to press forward, his tongue darting inside of her mouth to taste her tongue and teeth.

'Why is he doing...why...wh...'..."oohhh," Kagome moaned as her trail of thoughts started to dissolve with heat beginning to spread through her body.

'She isn't resisting. Most excellent.' Sesshomaru broke the kiss then, albiet somewhat relunctantly.

Kagome's eyes, which had closed during the kiss, now opened, although they were much softer than before.

"Wh...what?" she asked in a throaty voice.

"We will finish this later. During the evening. Go to take a bath. I will depart to hunt," he said in a low husky almost growling voice.

Acting like nothing had ever happened, he turned and departed back torwards the group, leaving a blushing melty miko leaning against a tree behind him...

The End.

Or is it?


 A/N: Reward oneshot for Wiccan.