I Can Hear You by LadyDaniTar

Chapter 1

Kagome watched as the combination of her sacred arrow, Inuyasha’s Meidō Zangetsuha, and Sesshoumaru’s Bakusaiga hit its mark. They all watched as Naraku opened his mouth and released a silent scream as he was engulfed in an array of light from the attack. It burned so bright that Kagome had to close her eyes and just as suddenly it disappeared. Opening her eyes again Naraku and his surrounding army had vanished. She and Inuyasha exchanged a worried look as she jogged up to the spot where the spider had been standing. 

A dim hum was building up in the air. Kagome spun around and looked back at her companions giving them a look of confusion. As she opened her mouth to ask what had happened when she noticed Sesshoumaru’s eyes widen. Before he or anyone could react, a massive explosion erupted in front of Kagome. The force of the detonation sent her flying followed by a sonic boom.

Sesshoumaru was the first to respond and jumped into the sky catching the priestess. Everyone else was far enough away to avoid the blast but still fell to the dirt. The demon lord landed behind them and watched as Inuyasha got back to his feet and rushed toward him. Looking down, Sesshoumaru noticed Kagome had been knocked out cold. He could smell blood but saw no wounds. Lifting her closer to his face he watched as her head lulled to the side revealing the red liquid seeping from her ear.

As Inuyasha reached for Kagome his half-brother took a step back. “Gather the Spider's jewel shards. The priestess needs to be taken to the old woman for medical treatment.”  

The half-demon stood still in shock as he watched Sesshoumaru take off into the air towards Edo with Kagome held tight in his arms.


Her head was throbbing. As Kagome was waking her body felt stiff and bruised. Sitting up slowly she finally dared to open her eyes. The light streaming in from a window in the hut was making her headache worse. Looking around she found her yellow backpack behind her, reaching over she dragged it into her lap. She dug into the endless abyss and pulled out a bottle of water and painkillers.

As she took the medicine her eyes caught movement at the entrance. Inuyasha stepped inside and couldn’t stop the look of relief on his face at seeing Kagome awake and moving around. He rushed over and knelt pulling her into a bone-crushing hug. She was equally as happy to see him but needed to breathe. Wiggling around she asked him to let her go, and when Inuyasha did he gave her an odd look.

“What?” Kagome asked. Her voice sounded faint and far away in her head.

Inuyasha wrinkled his brow and opened his mouth, but as he spoke no sound was coming out. Confused, Kagome tilted her head to the side wondering if he had lost his voice somehow during the battle. She tried to ask but the flap to the hut was pulled back once more as Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Rin all piled inside.

Kagome sat still on her futon and watched as they all seemed to be speaking to her at once, but she heard nothing. Panic was slowly rising in her chest. She thought back to the fight and the last thing she remembered was a massive boom and strong arms grabbing her. Touching her ears Kagome winced.

She could no longer hear.