The Clouds As Witnesses by Jojosephinesbizarreadventure


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I'm going to make a Spotify playlist to go along with the fic, this is also not my original idea. ForgettableFox wrote a fic called Calamity Tempest: A Miko's Melody (y'all should check it out it's really good!) and they had a playlist to go along with it! I loved their playlist and the idea!

This will be a hurt/comfort fic, there will be some dark moments but I'll be sure to put a trigger warning!

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Chapter 1: Peace

It had been six months since Kagome decided to join Inuyasha in the feudal realm, the hopes of starting a life together at the forefront of her mind. Kagome had moved in the small house Inuyasha had built in her absence, it sat right on the outskirts of the village. Not too far or too close, Sango and Miroku's hut was nearby as well. Their house was a bit larger, but it housed more people.

After the jewel shard was destroyed Miroku wasted no time fulfilling his previous promises of impregnating Sango. By the time Kagome returned Sango had already had three kids! Sango was fairly busy being a stay-at-home mother of three, so of course, she had help. Kaede and Rin helped a lot with the care of Sango's children before Kagome's return. Naturally, though, Kagome started helping as much as she could when she got settled. Kagome loved their kids and was thrilled to spend time around them, being their godmother was not a title Kagome took lightly.

Kagome seemed to slide right back into the swing of things! Thrilled as she was with Kagome's return, Kaede wasted no time continuing Kagome's priestess training, and since Rin was living in the village she was training as well. This versatile training entailed hours of meditation, studying local herbs, blessings, and purifications. All of these were paramount, Kagome was told, in advancing her priestess powers. Kagome did have a slight edge on the medical side of being a priestess. In the years after she was stuck in the future, Kagome became a paramedic. She had decided if she was going to stay in the future, she was going to keep helping people. So equipped with her knowledge of modern medicine, Kagome was able to teach Kaede and Rin a few things from her time. The land has fallen into a semi-peaceful era. Of course, there were still rogue demons scattered across, but they were far and few between. The use of holy powers was hardly needed, as most demons avoided the village. Rumors of the Shikon Miko residing within were enough to make most demons turn tail and flee. After a while this training became monotonous, day after day it was the same thing for Kagome. Treating colds, gathering herbs, meditating, rinse, and repeating. After a couple of months of this Kagome grew restless, she missed adventuring. She missed using her holy powers to ward off demons, but mostly she missed sharing these experiences with Inuyasha.

Miroku and Inuyasha often wandered the land, visiting other villages and offering aid, this aid seemed to come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they found themselves fighting off weak demons and bandits, while other times they simply helped with tasks around the villages. Protecting supply transports was the most consistent job they found themselves doing. Who would've guessed carriages full of grain would be such popular targets? Time after time Kagome would beg Inuyasha to let her join on their adventures, but he thought it was "too dangerous" for Kagome. Too dangerous! As if Kagome didn't help rid the land of one of the most dangerous hanyous they'd ever seen. For a while that answer, begrudgingly, satisfied Kagome, besides she knew she was needed in the village.

At first, everything was great. Kagome was happy with Inuyasha, she spent her days babysitting and providing priestess duties for the village. There were some drawbacks with Inuyasha traveling. Kagome wasn't used to not joining him on adventures, and quite frankly she was jealous she wasn't allowed to tag along. As anyone in love would, Kagome missed Inuyasha when he was traveling and was always looking forward to the days they had together. The couple cherished every moment they had together, though the goodbye seemed to approach faster each time. Everything was as she pictured it, save the lack of adventuring, until one day it wasn't.

There's no pinpointing when things started to fall apart, whether it was gradual or sudden, but there was a shift in the relationship. It started with Inuyasha, he would stay away for longer periods, staying with Kagome for only a day or two before taking off on to the next mission. The fleeting days Inuyasha was around he was almost unrecognizable. Cold and distant, Kagome brushed it off as exhaustion at first, who wouldn't be exhausted traveling that much? To her dismay, the behavior got worse. Inuyasha's behavior became such a problem for Kagome that nearly every visit between the two ended in explosive arguments. The arguments always ended with Inuyasha taking off leaving Kagome behind feeling shattered.

Summer was just starting to arrive, the weather was mild and life was erupting all around. Days like this Kagome snuck away from the village to take some time for herself. Typically she'd take a stroll through the forest, but today she decided to switch things up. Kagome sat idly on the bank of a flowing river, not too far from the village, but far enough to feel isolated. She sat with her legs outstretched, leaned back onto her elbows and tilted her head back. She savored soaking the warm sun into her skin, a small smile started creeping its way onto her face. It was peaceful listening to the birds chirp and the river run quickly by. The feeling the slight breeze move through her hair reminded her of home and the days she'd spent sitting outside the shrine with her friends. This was Kagome's haven today, her glimmer of joy in her otherwise dull life. It was away from the village, away from her duties, and most importantly away from Inuyasha. Not that the village life wasn't peaceful, it was more mundane than anything for Kagome at this point. Now Inuyasha well he'd just been insufferable recently. It had been a week since their last argument, which means it's been a week since Inuyasha had taken off. Kagome had honestly long forgotten what they even argued about.

Sighing Kagome flopped down to her back, she grabbed her iPod, one of the few things she brought with her from the future. Along with a pair of headphones and a solar-powered battery pack. Shuffling her music, she closed her eyes and continued to enjoy the nice weather.

I've got to get back to the village soon, maybe Inuyasha will be back, Kagome thought to herself, I can apologize and we can spend some time together. I think we're just having a rough patch, every relationship does. Especially in the first year of living together. It's perfectly normal for couples to argue. When we talk next I'll shoot some ideas his way about how to communicate better with each other. It'd help if he stopped acting like his brother though. I wonder if that cold behavior is genetic?

Not long after Kagome laid down, she felt a small hand shake her shoulder. Opening one eye and pulling out her headphones, she saw Rin crouching beside her.

"Are you okay Kagome-sama? Rin didn't interrupt your nap did she?" Rin questioned, a frown forming on her youthful face. Rin has aged much since Kagome first met her, she's blossoming into a beautiful young woman before Kagome's eyes. The talking in third person thing was something Rin picked up that from Sesshomaru. A funny little habit Kagome was sure Rin would eventually grow out of, nevertheless, the gesture was amusing.

Rin worships the ground Sesshomaru walks on. It's sweetina way, honestly, I mean in a twisted way he's a fairly good role model. He's not running around killing people anymore, so there's that. And I mean he always keeps his word, even if his word is he's gonna kill you.

"Oh no you're fine sweetie, I was just enjoying the weather." Kagome replied, "Would you like to join me?"

Rin's face lit up, "Oh yes Rin would! If Rin may ask, what is that you have?" She asked as she got settled next to Kagome, laying down as well. She was pointing at the iPod and headphones that now rested on the ground in between them.

"Oh these, these are from my home. It's complicated, but they let me listen to music anywhere! Here put this one in your ear!" Kagome handed Rin an earbud, which Rin studied for a moment before cautiously placing it in her ear.

"This is music? Rin has never heard anything like this before." Rin mumbled to herself. Rin was a sweet girl, she's almost too curious for her own good. In a lot of ways Rin reminds Kagome of Shippo.

I wonder how kitsune academy is going, I hope they're treating him well. Shippo should be coming back to visit soon, I wonder what new tricks he's gonna have to show me!

She turned her head to see Rin resting just as she was, laying back with her eyes closed, enjoying the new music Kagome was showing her.

The pair lay together for a while, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere around them. It was nearly sundown when they felt the breeze pick up, but just as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

"Rin." A voice came from behind them.

Oh joy, the ice prince has decided to grace us with his presence today. I mean I guess he's not unpleasant with me, I just hope Inuyasha isn't around, I don't think I can diffuse an argument right now. Kagome groaned inwardly as Rin jumped up with excitement.

Over a month had passed since Sesshomaru's last visit to the village. Kagome knew Rin missed him, the way her face lights up when he arrives shows it all. Sesshomaru is her world, he's her family, Rin would never outright say it, but she considered him a father. The connection between the two is quite touching, Kagome could see the slightest softening of his features when he would visit her.

"Sesshomaru-sama! Rin is so happy you've visited again! Rin has been improving on her priestess skills! Kagome-sama also showed Rin how to sew! Rin will go grab the kimono she made to show you! Stay right here please!" Rin took off toward the village, Sesshomaru stared after her for a moment, before looking back towards the river.

Guess I should make some small talk, he probably won't answer me but I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

"Sesshomaru-sama how have you been? It's been a while since you visited Rin." Kagome sat up, turning her head to observe him. He simply stared at her, the same cold stare he always has plastered on his face. The breeze seemed to caress his perfect silver hair, allowing it to flutter beautifully around him.

It's honestly a shame someone so cold holds such an unworldly beauty.

Huffing a bit Kagome stood, brushing pieces of grass off her red and white priestess garb. The wind didn't like Kagome as much it seemed, her hair flew unruly about her, causing her to pause to brush the wild strands out of her face. She turned to face Sesshomaru, only to find him staring off in the distance.

"Good talk, you know you really should visit Rin more, she misses you." Kagome fussed, putting her hands on her hips. Sesshomaru kept his attention elsewhere, as if the forest was most interesting than anything she had to say.

I wonder if he ever looks at anything with a shred of interest.

"Hnn" was the only reply he offered.

"As talkative as ever, well I won't waste any more breath. I just hate seeing Rin unhappy." Kagome remarked, walking past Sesshomaru and back towards the village.

"Miko." The sound followed after her, she almost didn't believe Sesshomaru was addressing her.

"Uh, yeah?" She asked uncertainly.

"Is Rin truly unhappy?" Sesshomaru questioned, still not looking at Kagome.

The question caught Kagome off guard, was he asking about someone else's feelings?

"Well I wouldn't say she's unhappy all the time, " Kagome started, "but she misses you, more than you probably realize. Rin is thriving in the village, she's learning a lot from Kaede and myself. But Rin views you as a father you know, and every kid needs their father." She finished. The words flowed out like word vomit and she almost regretted them, the few moments of silence that passed in between were deafening. And if she hasn't seen his lips move, she would've sworn this conversation happened in a dream.

"This one will take your words into consideration Miko."

"It's Kagome. You can call me Kagome. Not that you care, but I think you've done well so far. At being a father that is. Even if you're not around much, you always make sure she's taken care of. That's more than some others can say." Great more word vomit, Kagome cringed internally.

Externally however she smiled and bowed her head a bit. This was the longest conversation they'd shared in a while. Sure Sesshomaru comes to visit Rin (not nearly as often as he should) but he never addresses anyone else. Spare a few taunting comments thrown Inuyasha's way from time to time. Kagome was the only one he occasionally shared conversations with, if the few sentences he uttered counted as conversation.

"Hn" Sesshomaru dismissed, turning his nose up towards the sky.

Kagome spun on her heel, heading back towards the village. Her small smile returned, she was quite content with his response. As she was making her departure, Kagome saw Rin heading her way, kimono in one hand, a small package in the other. Rin skipped past Kagome happily, barely even acknowledging Kagome was even there, beelining towards Sesshomaru.

What an odd, but cute family they make. Who would've thought the man, well demon, who tried to kill me would have his own human daughter. Speaking of family, maybe I'll eat with Sango and the kids tonight, we haven't shared dinner in a while.